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Just Joan : It's my only chance of sex, so don't judge me.

Byline: Joan Burnie

Q I HAVE read your vice series with interest. In your eyes I am the lowest of the low because I am a punter.

But before you condemn me, let me tell you a bit about me. I have a bad stutter. This makes talking to women impossible. also have a limp and I am on invalidity benefit. All my life have been bullied.

haven't a chance of getting a girlfriend, but I heard about a woman who would oblige freaks like me and, when I am with her, just for few minutes I feel like a normal person.

So please, don't condemn all of us or the girls.

A I think it's a shame you've never had the opportunity to have a normal relationship, but sadly I also have to accept that your disabilities have made it well nigh impossible.

But prostitution is still a desperate trade rather than a social service.

When it is also run by thugs and gangsters, it becomes something much worse.

But I accept this isn't your fault although your money supports them. However, those of us who enjoy normal, loving relationships shouldn't rush to judge you.

Q I MET an American woman in a chatroom. It was like meeting my other half.

am married, but it is in name only. We barely even talk to each other and sex is a distant memory.

My lover fixed a holiday in the UK, but she wouldn't have sex with me either because am married.

She wants me to divorce and join her in the States. I want to but am worried if it doesn't work out I will have given up everything.

A IF you want to settle in the States, you'll probably have to discuss visas with the immigration authorities, as well as divorce with your own lawyer.

But first things first. You end the marriage. If it's as dead as you allege, that should be relatively easy. Then get to know your American chum a lot better before you burn your boats.

mean, it's an awful long way to go for another sexless relationship.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Feb 18, 2004
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