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Just Joan: Husband has been tricked by his ex.

Byline: Joan Burnie

Q WE'VE been trying for a baby. We were tested and it turns out my husband has a very low sperm count.

That's not the biggest problem as we can get round it. What's wrong is my husband has an eight-year-old by his ex. He doesn't see his son often but pays for nearly everything.

It seems to me this ex has tricked him into paying for another guy's kid and I am so annoyed as my husband says he won't do anything because it isn't fair on the boy.

But if have a baby we will need every penny and it won't be fair on our real child.

A AS I am sure you were told by your doctor, low sperm count doesn't mean NO sperm count.

So your husband's son could and very likely IS his child. I'm sure he's ample reason to believe it is - and if he accepts the boy as his, so too should you. A man who doesn't try to dodge his responsibilities to any of his kids is a good man and one well worth holding on to.

Q I HAD sex with my ex in the back of his car. We'd met at a club and the old feelings suddenly flooded back, so we couldn't control ourselves.

We agreed it was a one-off because we were both with other people. Then I got a hysterical phone call from him. I'd left my bra in his car. It wasn't deliberate, but he seems to think it was.

Now his girlfriend has left him and he says he's going to tell my boyfriend. He's in the army and due home for Christmas and if he finds out he will be really upset.

A YOU should have thought about upsetting him before you got your kit off in the car, shouldn't you?

Fortunately, it's still almost a month until Christmas and, with any luck, your ex will have cooled down by then or found a new girlfriend. But you'll just have to sweat it out.

You deserve all you get, but am sorry for your boyfriend. For that reason alone, I hope the ex keeps his trap shut.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Nov 30, 2004
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