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Just Joan: Acne pill is really a contraceptive one.

Byline: Joan Burnie

Q:MY 15-year-old daughter was very depressed about her acne. She tried all the creams but nothing worked, so she went to our GP who recommended some pills.

I thought nothing of it and after three months there has been some improvement. But I now discover that this pill - given to an underage girl - is really a contraceptive. am horrified and think the GP acted irresponsibly.

It has also caused a big problem because I have thrown the pills away and she is now blaming me because her acne is bad again. She refuses to go back to the GP because she says I have embarrassed her.

A:WHAT you have to understand is that it was prescribed for her acne, not as contraception.

It's like all medications. Most of us think aspirin is purely for headaches, but it's also used by those with heart conditions.

What matters is that it's helping the acne, and denying your daughter it isn't fair. It's also insulting as you're implying that if she takes it, she's going to start sleeping around
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:May 4, 2005
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