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What is the difference between a long ton and a short ton? F. Brown, Portlethen.

These two imperial units of weight come through a slight difference in systems used in the UK and America.

In both countries, an imperial ton is defined as being equal to 20 hundredweight, but the problem is that each country has a different definition of a hundredweight.

In the UK, there are 112lb in one hundredweight, while in the US, there is exactly 100lb.

So a UK ton, known as a long ton, is 2240lb, while a US ton, known as a short ton, is 2000lb.

Weights for things such as ships will often be quoted in both long and short tons in order to avoid confusion.

Both terms are different to a metric tonne, which measures 1000kg. This is equal to 2204.6lb.

Are there still British soldiers based in Cyprus? C. Allan, Glasgow.

Yes. When Cyprus became independent in 1960, free from our control, a treaty was agreed that allowed the UK to retain two bases at Akrotiri and Dhekelia and remain British Sovereign Territory.

British forces have had a permanent presence on the island ever since, with about 3500 personnel serving there at any one time. This includes two infantry battalions and the RAF, who regularly use the base at Akrotiri to support operations in Afghanistan.

It was also strategically important during the Iraq conflict as well as being used for fast jet weapons training. Also, there are British soldiers who serve with UN forces in Cyprus, maintaining the buffer zone that exists between Greek and Turkish Cypriots.

Can you give me some information on director Peter Bogdanovich? W. Ireland, Falkirk.

Born in New York in 1939 after his Serbian father and Jewish Austrian mother fled the Nazis, Peter Bogdanovich has enjoyed a career that has included acting, writing, producing, film criticism and, most notably, directing.

He formed part of the wave of "New Hollywood" directors, which included Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola, with his most famous film being the 1971 drama The Last Picture Show, directed when he was just 32.

It got eight Oscar nominations, winning two, and he was likened to Orson Welles.

He had an affair with young star Cybill Shepherd, costing him his first marriage. His most notable acting role was as Dr Melfi's psychiatrist in The Sopranos.


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