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Just 20 by 40 feet, but it doesn't fell small.

Flexible interior space and a structure that didn't disturb its site were architect Patricia Scarlett's requirements for the house she designed for herself near Woodside, California. Inside, the 20- by 40-foot house doesn't feel small becauser the bathroom, kitchen, and sleeping loft are grouped at one end, leaving a large open space for the living-dining room.

The unbroken roof line, the ridge skylight running the length of the house, and quarry tiles used everywhere underfoot all contribute to the sense of spaciousness. In addition, the side walls rise a full 10 feet, theridge another 3 feet. A woodstove in the living room not only heats the house but emphasizes the room's volume with its tall stack.

For the outside walls, Scarlett mixed local soil with stucco to make a brown exterior that blends with the wooded site.
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Date:Feb 1, 1985
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