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Illinois Supreme Court OKs video jury selection for civil cases -BYLN- By SARAH MANSUR Capitol News Illinois SARAH MANSUR Capitol News Illinois Oct 30, 2020 678
Death Qualification and the Right to Trial by Jury: An Originalist Assessment. Colby, Douglas Jun 22, 2020 11577
JURY selection is scheduled [...]. Jan 6, 2020 105
Jury Selection as Election: A New Framework for Peremptory Strikes. Leshem, Ela A. Jul 1, 2019 25813
Jury selection and the message of 'Williams'. Mulvey, Elizabeth N. Mar 14, 2019 1636
Jury and jurors - Peremptory challenges - Discrimination. Feb 12, 2019 521
Jury selection for harassment cases in the #MeToo era. Kappelman, Lynn A.; Solowey, Dawn R. Jan 25, 2019 1081
Jury selection for harassment cases in the #MeToo era. Solowey, Dawn R.; Kappelman, Lynn A. Jan 10, 2019 1082
Jury selection begins in Manafort case. Jul 25, 2018 361
How to Get on a Jury: WHAT YOU DO ONCE YOU'RE THERE IS UP TO YOU. Bennett, Mark W. Jul 1, 2018 2589
Jury selection begins in trial of Missouri governor. May 11, 2018 239
Conviction overturned on jury selection error. May 9, 2018 600
Jury Selection Handbook: The Nuts and Bolts of Effective Jury Selection. Book review May 1, 2018 139
Justice in the Jury: The Benefits of Allowing Felons to Serve on Juries in Criminal Proceedings. Scott, Sharion Mar 22, 2018 11046
CANADA TO REFORM JURY PROCESS. Brief article Mar 22, 2018 168
Jury Selection Begins In Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Trial. May 22, 2017 518
Dylann Roof's Federal Case Begins Final Jury Selection. Nov 7, 2016 388
Justin Ross Harris Trial Jury Selection Begins. Sep 13, 2016 337
No cents in doing it again: the importance of disclosing insurance coverage at discovery. Carmon, Whit Apr 1, 2016 8186
The big data jury. Ferguson, Andrew Guthrie Mar 1, 2016 7971
The big data jury. Ferguson, Andrew Guthrie Mar 1, 2016 31343
Jury Selection Begins For First Trial In Freddie Gray's Death. Nov 30, 2015 349
Social media selection: how jury consultants can use social media to build a more favorable jury. Nance, Ashley R. Jan 1, 2015 6242
NAN takes jury initiative to northern communities. Shields, Geoff Dec 1, 2014 1130
Second-order diversity revisited. Abramson, Jeffrey Mar 1, 2014 7022
Second-order diversity revisited. Abramson, Jeffrey Mar 1, 2014 20185
Can we calculate fairness and reasonableness? Determining what satisfies the fair cross-section requirement of the Sixth Amendment. Fitzharris, Colleen P. Dec 1, 2013 16114
The star-spangled chamber: the venire's role in satisfying the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution. Walz, Eric J. Mar 22, 2013 11385
The propriety of peremptory challenges for perceived personality traits. Girvan, Erik J.; Cramer, Robert J.; Titcomb, Caroline; Neal, Tess M.S.; Brodsky, Stanley L. Jan 1, 2013 13793
Alvarado revisited: a missing element in Alaska's quest to provide impartial juries for rural Alaskans. May, Jeff D. Dec 1, 2011 14937
A fair and impartial juror. Levco, Stan Oct 1, 2011 622
A second degree murder. Brief article Apr 1, 2011 220
The proper remedy for a lack of Batson findings: the fall-out from Snyder v. Louisiana. Burgess, William H.; Smith, Douglas G. Jan 1, 2011 12980
Ten rules for great jury selection: with some lessons from Texas case law. Harrison, Cliff Jan 1, 2011 9702
Jury selection not prejudicial. Narine, Shari Brief article Oct 1, 2010 145
Stan speaks out: comment. Levco, Stan Apr 1, 2010 1198
Federalism by jury in United States v. Fell. Lopez, Miguel A. Jan 1, 2010 5207
Re-justifying the fair cross section requirement: equal representation and enfranchisement in the American criminal jury. Re, Richard M. May 1, 2007 20503
Terrorism and trial by jury: the vices and virtues of British and American criminal law. Donohue, Laura K. Mar 1, 2007 20637
Can juries be unbiased? Fink, Paul J. Apr 1, 2006 1841
Judging panel for the Orange Prize for Fiction announced. Brief Article Dec 19, 2005 110
Pretrial publicity, presumed prejudice, and change of venue in Alaska: public opinion surveys as a tool to measure the impact of prejudicial pretrial publicity. Curtner, Rich; Kassier, Melissa Dec 1, 2005 14871
One angry man. Transcript Nov 1, 2005 414
Tips for weeding out juror bias: targeted questions will help you determine which jurors will assess your client's case fairly - and which harbor prejudices that must be eliminated before trial. Perdue, Jim M., Jr. Jul 1, 2005 2766
How much should lawyers know when picking a jury? Smith, M.B.E. Essay Jun 22, 2005 2475
Texas juror-bias decision troubles plaintiff lawyers. Ertel, Karen Jun 1, 2005 722
Defuse an awkward voir dire situation. Barnhart, F. Gregory Feb 1, 2005 250
High-profile cases. Brief Article May 1, 2004 178
Court: jury selection should've been open. Brief Article May 1, 2004 200
Make the most of your jury questionnaire: a good questionnaire can reveal valuable information about potential jurors and help you choose a favorable panel. Hirschhorn, Robert May 1, 2004 3359
The futile quest for racial neutrality in capital selection and the Eight Amendment argument for abolition based on unconscious racial discrimination. Howe, Scott W. Apr 1, 2004 36182
Select the right jury for your case: here's how to root out bias among potential jurors during voir dire to strengthen your client's chance of a fair trial. Christensen, Dan Apr 1, 2004 3420
"A jury of our peers": is that right? The IADC A Jury of Our Peers Committee reports on projects around the United States to improve the workings of the civil jury system. Mooney, Harry F.; Chen, William; Kraik, Spencer J. Apr 1, 2004 8020
Weed out pro-doctor jury bias. Bartimus, James Nov 1, 2003 229
European ethnic groups win protection from bias in jury selection. Jurand, Sara Hoffman Nov 1, 2003 531
Make jury selection more colorful. Lee, Larry D. Aug 1, 2003 174
Jury selection in connective tissue injury cases: think of voir dire as a conversation with the people who will decide the outcome of your client's case. Make the most of this opportunity to discover what they really think about connective tissue claims. Cowen, Michael R. Feb 1, 2003 3016
Jury nullification. (Editor's Note). Gillespie, Nick Jan 1, 2003 544
Courting stupidity: why smart lawyers pick dumb jurors. Olson, Walter K. Cover Story Jan 1, 2003 5073
Voir dire necessities: the Florida Supreme Court clarifies when trial counsel's investigation of the venire must be undertaken. Waldman, Glenn J.; Trigoboff, Craig J. Oct 1, 2002 3052
Overcoming jury bias: trial advocates must understand it and cope with it: there are several methods that can be used to deal with the long-held beliefs and dangerous biases held by jurors. Pruitt, Lyn P. Jul 1, 2002 4348
An overview of current law impacting jury selection in civil cases. Neiser, David D. Apr 1, 2002 2623
Voir dire in the age of juror bias: don't tiptoe around attitudes potential jurors may have--find out what they think. Asking the right questions can make or break your case. Kosieradzki, Mark R. Oct 1, 2001 2820
Stereotypes Defied in Second Tolliver Trial. Ong, Ellyn M. Jul 1, 2001 1083
The art of trial advocacy. Jun 1, 2001 1242
GA: ER Nurse on Jury Knew Defendant Doctor: Court Rules Juror Should Have Been Excluded. Tammelleo, A. David Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 477
"Death-Qualification" Leads to Biased Juries. CONRAD, CLAY S. Statistical Data Included Mar 1, 2001 2946
Massachusetts lawyers seek voir dire. Magnuson, Carolyn Feb 1, 2001 397
Challenges for cause in New York criminal cases. Abramovsky, Abraham; Edelstein, Jonathan I. Dec 22, 2000 23920
What, me? Prejudiced? Absolutely not! Jensen, Gretchen Dec 1, 2000 4131
The racial origins of modern criminal procedure. Klarman, Michael J. Oct 1, 2000 24288
Gay and lesbian jurors are a cognizable group, appeals court rules. Reichert, Jennifer L. Apr 1, 2000 554
Defendants may ask jury panel about racial bias, Maryland court says. Gelhaus, Lisa Apr 1, 2000 390
Sex and the peremptory strike: an empirical analysis. Hightower, Susan Statistical Data Included Apr 1, 2000 16348
Religion-based peremptory challenges are unconstitutional, Connecticut high court says. Hellwege, Jean Jul 1, 1999 875
Letting focus groups work for you. Barnett, Kathryn E. Apr 1, 1999 1499
Practical concerns keep citizens away from jury duty, survey shows. Gelhaus, Lisa Brief Article Mar 1, 1999 649
Jury aversion and voter registration. Oliver, J. Eric; Wolfinger, Raymond E. Mar 1, 1999 5180
Seinfeld syndrome: the indifference of otherwise nice jurors. Vesper, Thomas J. Oct 1, 1998 2599
Screening jurors in the age of tort reform. Blue, Lisa Apr 1, 1998 2225
AI, decision science, and psychological theory in decisions about people: a case in jury selection. Lachman, Roy Mar 22, 1998 9977
Second Circuit broadens standards for dismissing prospective jurors. Dilworth, Donald C. Brief Article Jan 1, 1998 519
Ending the U.S. jury system circus. Herman, Jeff Sep 1, 1997 2341
Overcoming juror bias in voir dire. Wenner, David A. Jul 1, 1997 2573
Jury rigging laid bare. Jun 1, 1997 610
How to prove jurors will be on your side; surveys of potential jurors can help prepare attorneys for trial and can serve as effective catalysts for settlement. Singer, Amy Jun 1, 1997 2343
Hiding the identity of potential jurors. Kirtley, Jane Jun 1, 1997 824
Illinois attorneys, judges vie to conduct voir dire. Dilworth, Donald C. Brief Article Apr 1, 1997 409
Arbitrary rationality. Magliocca, Gerard N. Apr 1, 1997 3031
Selecting a jury for a complex trial. Cappello, A. Barry Oct 1, 1996 1318
A jury of our peers. Gore, George President's Page Oct 1, 1996 778
Unlocking the jury box. Amar, Akhil Reed; Amar, Vikram David May 1, 1996 4806
Selecting jurors: what to do about bias. Singer, Amy Apr 1, 1996 4614
New York voir dire rules require judicial supervision. Dilworth, Donald C. Brief Article Jan 1, 1996 494
Getting the edge. Dec 1, 1995 244
Religion-based peremptory challenges after Batson v. Kentucky and J.E.B. v. Alabama: an equal protection and First Amendment analysis. Barton, Benjamin Hoorn Oct 1, 1995 14458
Federal, state courts struggle with juror privacy. Dilworth, Donald C. Sep 1, 1995 647
My peers? Yeah, right. Cockburn, Alexander Brief Article Jul 31, 1995 181
Four New York courts to test civil voir dire changes. Dilworth, Donald C. Jan 1, 1995 866
Techniques for targeting juror bias. Lilley, Lin S. Nov 1, 1994 4121
Questionnaire raises juror privacy issue. Dilworth, Donald C. Brief Article Sep 1, 1994 503
Simpson's fair trial right: impartial, not ignorant, jurors. Sableman, Mark Jul 1, 1994 1432
A proposal for measuring underrepresentation in the composition of the jury wheel. Detre, Peter A. May 1, 1994 13587
High court asked to bar gender-based jury strikes. Shoop, Julie Gannon Jan 1, 1994 518
Partial blindness no bar to jury duty. Sargeant, Georgia Brief Article Jan 1, 1994 417
Excuse me, your honor. Dec 1, 1993 715
Press right of access outweighs juror privacy; Louisiana Supreme Court rules press can see voir dire questionnaires in jury selection. Buckman, Robert Aug 7, 1993 928
The social psychology of selecting jury forepersons. Deosaran, Ramesh Jan 1, 1993 6276
The social psychology of selecting jury forepersons. Deosaran, Ramesh Report Jan 1, 1993 6206
Punishment first, sentencing after. Reisig, Robin Dec 15, 1984 2588

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