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Jurassic field trip.


It all started out as a class field trip to the zoo.

The bus took a wrong turn. Debby, our driver, didn't notice. She drove to a time portal and fell into the Jurassic time! I saw a ... Tyrannosaurus rex! Luckily, the T rex didn't see us. I got out and ducked because a pterodactyl swooped down. I was officially scared. I saw dinosaurs everywhere.

The bus broke down at that moment. We were stuck in the Jurassic time. The teacher picked me to find shelter. I heard squawks and roars and screeches. I came back, and the bus was as good as new. I got on, and we left.

Oh no! Another field trip. Guess what--Debby is the bus driver again. I hope she has directions this time.

The End

ROAR! Oh no! Not again!

Danny Perkins, Age 8

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Title Annotation:Your Own Stories
Author:Perkins, Danny
Publication:Highlights for Children
Article Type:Short story
Date:Jul 1, 2008
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