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Jupiter marketing gains critical visibility.

Jupiter Marketing, a leader in distributing fresh produce, is to invest in a warehouse management system (WMS) solution that offers greater control and visibility of stock. This comes as recent growth and expansion has prompted the organisation to take on new facilities to accommodate the increase in supply and demand.

Jason Whittaker, Management Accountant for Jupiter Marketing, explains, "We have recently gone through a period of growth and have built new packing and storage facilities as a result. The ability to manage and control our product lines and have full operational visibility is vitally important as we're handling products with a short shelf life. Having an efficient stock control process incorporated into our business is crucial to reduce risk and inefficiencies, such as, wastage."

"We previously did not have any stock control in place, so we needed a system that could meet our requirements - especially with the recent expansion. We needed complete control and visibility over our products. Having invested in the WMS solution, Access Delta, we are looking to automate processes. This will offer us greater visibility and control, whilst ensuring that our procedures are as productive and efficient as possible."

Jason continued, "We will also use Delta to make full use of our warehousing space. With the warehouse-mapping feature we can ensure that we have greater access to higher priority stock. Again this will help us reduce wastage, thanks to enhanced visibility of our inventory.

"We'll be removing manual worksheets in favour of automation, using tablets throughout the warehouse to monitor and report stock, and to enhance FIFO procedures and the sales process. This will enable us to accurately report on stock for both expiration and sales purposes. We can then make informed decisions on any action to take."

Jason elaborated, "For example, if a container of product arrives today and another one in a week's time, we can use Access to better prioritise deliveries, ensuring that the older stock is being moved first."

"With our recent growth, Access Delta will become a crucial aspect of our businesses," as Jason highlighted: "We will be able to reduce the amount of time and resource it takes to control stock with the implementation of Access Delta. This will save staff having to manually report on stock, as the process is automated, making it invaluable when dealing with fresh produce."

Ian Roper, SCS Divisional Director for Access explained, "With bar coding and automation Jupiter Marketing will be able to utilise Delta's warehouse mapping, to know exactly what they have arid where it is located in any given location, in real-time. This will enable them to spend less time looking for product as Delta is able to tell staff where inventory is, again, further removing manual processes. This will streamline the business allowing for greater customer relations and will help secure deliveries and produce competitive orders. Access Delta will help the business to operate at maximum efficiency."

Jason concluded: "We chose Access because they understood our requirements. We felt comfortable when we met Access because they presented their understanding of our requirements during their detailed demonstration."

Contact Access Group on tel 01206 322575 or visit

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Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Jul 1, 2014
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