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Junipers can cause division; ATOZ; Gardening.

LAST time in my A-Z of plants we looked at Ilex. Today we turn to J - juniper.

J Common juniper, juniperus communis, is a slow-growing evergreen with aromatic pointed leaves in an array of beautiful grey-green colours and a range of shapes and sizes.

A member of the cypress family, it will grow in almost any welldrained soil and needs little if any pruning, making it ultra lowmaintenance.

It is especially useful in hot, sunny sites where other plants may wither so it's common in Mediterranean countries.

Depending on the variety, it can be bushy or columnar, cover ground or grow up to 25 feet. All types carry small green fruits that ripen to black. Squash one under your thumb and you'll enjoy an instant scent of pine.

A stately row of junipers is perfect for dividing a garden, marking a boundary or simply adding a classy feature.

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Title Annotation:Features; Opinion Column
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Sep 6, 2015
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