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Juniper Networks Announces Router Deployments in Internet2 Network GigaPoPs.

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SUNNYVALE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 11, 2002

M- and T-Series Routers Provide Leading-Edge Technology for

Advanced Applications in Research and Education Market

Juniper Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq:JNPR), a leading provider of trusted infrastructures for the New Public Network, today announced new M-series and T-series router deployments at four Internet2 GigaPoPs (Gigabit Points of Presence). Internet2, led by more than 200 U.S.-based universities working in partnership with industry and government, is developing and deploying advanced network applications and technologies for accelerating the creation of tomorrow's Internet. Juniper Networks partners with Qwest Communications to provide research and education customers with a single point of purchase for both leading-edge services and routers, along with several service and support programs for the Internet2 community.

With Juniper Networks routers deployed in the Abilene Network backbone, GigaPoPs, and individual campuses, researchers have access to a nationwide network that is capable of supporting cutting-edge research applications, such as HDTV over IP, data mining, 3D visualization, and telemicroscopy. The GigaPoP router deployments being announced today include: the Front Range GigaPoP in Colorado, the New York State Education Research Network (NYSERNet), the Pacific Northwest GigaPop and the Texas GigaPoP. These GigaPoPs serve the university and research members in their respective regions.

"We selected Juniper Networks routers for the reliability of the JUNOS Operating System, as well as its superior IPv6 and IP multicast support," said Bill Owens, network development manager at NYSERNet. "Our routers have been amazingly stable, while running protocols that are at the cutting edge of Internet development."

Internet2's Abilene network is an advanced backbone network that connects the GigaPoP regional network aggregation points. The Abilene network is currently being upgraded to OC-192 with Juniper Networks' T-series routers, creating the most advanced and far-reaching research and education network in the world. The GigaPoPs serve as high-performance Internet connection points for universities and research centers in the regions they serve.

"With Juniper Network routers deployed in the GigaPoPs, academic researchers have the infrastructure they require to better leverage advanced, high-performance applications and deploy next-generation protocols such as IPv6," said Pradeep Sindhu, vice chairman, chief technical officer, and founder of Juniper Networks. "We're excited to be working with research and education customers who are pioneering the deployment of these protocols in production networks today."

About Juniper Networks, Inc.

Juniper Networks leads the industry in turning network innovation into the reliable delivery of core, edge, mobile and cable Internet services at scale for the New Public Network. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Juniper Networks offers additional information on its product and service offerings at

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Date:Nov 11, 2002
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