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Junior mining companies in Northern Ontario.


Ranked by Funds Spent on Exploration in 2005

Company Name                                             Joint ventures
Contact name/title         # of Northern Properties      Minerals
Address                    Prop. Owned                   Explored in
City/postal code           # of Properties actively      North Total
Shares                     explored                      Number of
Phone/Fax                  Exploration Techniques        (Approx)

FNX MINING COMPANY INC     5                             Dynatec Corp
Dave Constable VP Exp      4                             Nickel, copper,
Suite 700--55 University   Drilling                      platinum,
Ave                        12.5                          pallasim, gold
Toronto/M5J 2H7               55.2 mill
Rubicon Minerals Corp      15                            Goldcorp, Kings
David Adamson Pres & CEO   10                            Bay Gold,
1540-800 West Pender       Drilling, soil sampling,      Redstar
Street                     geological mapping            McCraig
Vancouver, V6C 2V6         4.2                           Gold
604-623-3333/623-3355       58 mill
Wolfden Resources Inc.     7                             Sabina
Ewan Downie Pres & CEO     5                             Resources,
309 South Court St.        Drilling                      Plaoer
Thunder Bay/P7B 2Y1        4.2                           Dome,
807-346-1668/345-0284      Cangold,
                                                         Bema Gold
                                                         copper, zinc,
                                                         gold, silver
                                                         51 mill
Spider Resources Inc.      3                             LWG Resources
Neil Novak, VP             3                             Inc
Exploration COO            Surveying, Drilling           Diamonds,
Suite 700-347 Bay Street   4                             copper, zinc,
Toronto, M5H 2R7        gold, silver
416-815-8666/416-815-1355                                195,000
Metalcorp Ltd.             8                             Goldcorp
Aubrey Eveleigh VP         6                             Gold, copper,
Exploration                prospecting, mapping,         nickel,
309 South Court Street     Airborne mag surveys,         platinum, group
Thunder Bay P7B 2Y1        geophysics drilling           metals
807-346-2760/345-2769              27 mill
Contact Diamond Corp       1                             n/a
David Smith,               1
145 King Street E. Suite   Soil/airborne survey,
500                        drilling, prospecting
Toronto, M5C 2Y7           3.9 mill
Pacific North West         7                             Anglo American
Capital Corp               12                            Farm Platninum
John Londry VP Exp         Testing bulk samples,         Corportation
2303 41st Ave West         mapping drilling etc.         Ltd, Goldwright
Vancouver, V6M 2A3         4.5                           Explorations
604-685-1870/604-685-8045            palladium,
                                                         platinum, gold,
                                                         group, metals
                                                         35.1 mill
Conquest Resources Ltd.    1.7                           Prism Resources
Terrence McKillen          6                             Inc.
Pres/CEO                   4                             gold
201-347 Bay Street         testing, drilling, sampling   59.9 mill
Toronto/ M5H 2R7 
Tribute Minerals Inc.      16                            gold, coppers,
Ian Brodie_Brown Pres/CEO  sampling, geophysics,         silver, zinc
808-67 Yonge Street        drilling, downhole pulse      indium
Toronto, M5E 1J8           1.5                           39.6 mill
URSA Major Minerals Inc.   2                             Nickel, copper,
Richard H Sutcliffe        Drilling, airborne/ground     paltinum group
Pres/CEO                   geophysical surveys           metals
1300-8 King Street East    1M+                           21.2 mill
Toronto, M5C 1B5 
Platinum Group Metals      8                             Platinum,
Ltd.                       Drilling, geophysics          palladium,
Darin Wagner, Mngr Expl    4.8                           nickel, copper,
328-550 Burrard St.  gold
Vancouver, V6C 2B5                                       49.3 mill
Freewest Resources         7                             Teck Cominico,
Canada Inc.                15                            Sparton
Don Hoy VP Exp             geophysics, geochernistry,    Resources,
615 Renee Levesque         drilling, prospecting         Noront,
Blvd W 1200                1.9                           SouthernEra
514-878-3551/878-4427              Resources,
                                                         & KWG jnt,
                                                         Ventures Ltd.
                                                         gold and base

no = not provided na = not applicable nfp = not for publication Northern
Ontario Business makes every attempt to publish accurate information.
Accuracy cannot be guaranteed as we rely on the listed companies for the
information. Others may have qualified for the list, but did not
provide, information. For inclusion on the list, contact
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Date:Mar 1, 2006
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