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Jungman, Ann: Barmy Barney Barn Owl.

Jungman, Ann

Barmy Barney Barn Owl

Illustrated by Marion Lindsay

Troika Books, 2013, pp96, 5.99 [pounds sterling]

978 0 95730 135 1

Despite the rather off-putting title, Barmy Barney Barn Owl has a strong conservation message which deserves to be heard.

Barney is a talking barn owl who lives in an ancient barn, as have generations of barn owls before him. The barn is no longer useful to the farmer and when an estate agent offers the farmer a large sum of money for the barn, intending to redevelop it, making a lot more money and evicting the family of owls in the process, the farmer is tempted. Barney has to think of a way to stop him. The story moves at an exciting pace and has a positive and happy ending.

Ann Jungman says 'In 1932 it was estimated that there were 12,000 pairs of barn owls living in Britain. By the late 1990s this had dropped to only 4,000 pairs.' It is so important that the effects of unsympathetic redevelopment in the countryside are kept in the public eye and who better to carry the torch for our wildlife but the next generation?

Barmy Barney Barn Owl is suitable for confident readers of 7 upwards and would make a good storytime book at the end of the day, having short chapters which could be read a day at a time, over a week.

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Author:Morpurgo, Clare
Publication:School Librarian
Article Type:Book review
Date:Mar 22, 2014
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