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Jun. 4 - council.

* Mayor Eddy and Randy Papple, Brant County Ambulance Operations Duty Manager, presented Jason Brinson with a certificate in recognition of him receiving the 2012 Joan Harvey Award from the Red Cross for significant volunteer contributions as an emergency services instructor.

* John Wehrstein, on behalf of the South Dumfries Historical Society, provided information on the events planned for Canada Day in St. George, and in particular, the rededication of Memorial Park and the restored cenotaph. He played a video of Terry Kelly performing A Pittance In Time, noting that Kelly would be a special guest at the Canada Day festivities and at the rededication ceremony. Although they have applied for a grant from the federal government towards the expenses for the rededication ceremony, the South Dumfries Historical Society asked that the county of Brant provide $2,500 in funding for the event. The grant was approved by council.

* Paul Emerson, C.A.O., advised that he and Brantford C.A.O. Ted Salisbury held a telephone conversation with provincial development facilitator Paula Dill on May 31. She advised that she was working on draft terms of reference for the meetings, communication protocol, etc. The Ministry of Infrastructure sent letters to Six Nations Council, Mississaugas of the New Credit Council and the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council advising them of the process and requesting their input. Dill will be meeting with county and city representatives separately on Jun. 11, and two all-day sessions were scheduled for Jun. 25 and 26. Brantford C.A.O. Ted Salisbury advised that the city was currently reviewing the principles approved by Brant County Council. Coun. Chambers pointed out that the process for participation by councillors who were not members of the negotiating teams needed to be clarified, as the process differed between the city and the county. In response to questions regarding the county's position, it was noted that it was proposed that the negotiations be principle-based rather than position-based. Mayor Eddy pointed out that the county and city had received requests from individual property owners who wanted their properties involved in the negotiation process.

* Lisa Dalpe of the Paris Business Improvement Association asked for a designation that the BIA 4th Annual Summer Time Street Fest was an event of municipal significance in order to obtain a liquor license for a beer and wine tasting tent. Council voted in favour of the request.

* Brian McRae, Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, wrote a letter asking that council not approve By-law Number 112 - 13 to amend the Discharge of Firearms By-law. The letter was received as information.

* Mayor Eddy recommended a response to a newspaper article regarding the O.P.P. detachment building and suggested that a list should be prepared of county sites that had been offered for a new detachment location, but deemed unacceptable by the O.P.P. due to their risk assessments. It was agreed that this matter would be discussed at an upcoming meeting of the Brant O.P.P. Detachment Sub-Committee.

* The media in attendance at a meeting were asked to leave the chambers immediately when an in camera session was declared.

* The council meeting schedule was amended to hold one council meeting per month on the fourth Tuesday, effective July 2013, for a trial period of six months.

* An in camera was held to discuss Staff Report COU-13-09 - Matter Relating to Litigation or Potential Litigation affecting the municipality and advice that was subject to solicitor-client privilege regarding TimCo Foods.
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Title Annotation:Council briefs
Publication:Paris Chronicle (Paris, Canada)
Date:Jun 28, 2013
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