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Jump start your career with the 'Black Collegian': you've got the power - go for it!

African-American collegians, you've got the power!--the power to accelerate up the on-ramp to the highway of career success, to weave your way into the fast lane, toward the best jobs, and to cruise down the yellow brick road to the Emerald City of life success.

But sometimes even the finest motor cars equipped with the most powerful engines need a book a jump, to get them started. Perhaps you left your lights on overnight or maybe you've overlooked some routine but important maintenance. At any rate, no matter how powerful your engine, no matter bow great your potential to speed and jockey your way into the fast lane, if you can't get enough spark to get that bad boy to turn over, you won't go anywhere.

That's where THE BLACK COLLEGIAN Magazine comes in. We're the maintenance manual that you keep in your glove compartment, packed with the right information just when you need it most. We're that set of jumper cables that you've dutifully kept in your trunk ready to help you get going just at the right time.

Even in the best of job markets, finding the career and job that's best for you takes time, effort, savvy, and persistence. In today's tight job market, the intensity of the job search process increases substantially, with a considerable amount of anxiety and stress thrown in.

Over the past 23 years, THE BLACK COLLEGIAN has gained some unique insight into the roller coaster fluctuations of the job market for entry-level grads. We've learned that, whatever the job market, the best jobs go to the best prepared candidates. As the old saying goes, "If you fail to plan, then plan to fail."

And we've learned that the best-prepared candidates are the one's who start early, stick with it, and maintain the drive all the way to the finish.

In today's high-stakes job arena your degree is merely a place in line at the ticket window and not a seat in the stands, much less a spot on the field of play. You've got to keep that powerful engine fine tuned, gassed up, and ready to sprint for the pole.

That's why THE BLACK COLLEGIAN has developed its various career-planning and job-search services designed to bridge the gap between collegians with talent and skills and employers with jobs and career opportunities.

JASS (Job Assistance Selection Service)

JASS was developed to assist our readers in finding the right job to match their skills and desires. JASS consists of the Job Index and the JASS Reply card. The Job Index gives you the name of the recruiter, the name and address of the company/organization, and the jobs available or majors recruited. You should carefully review the listings in each issue to identify the employers recruiting in your field.

Refer to the display advertisement of the employers (the page number of the ad is given in the Advertisers Index) and then get additional information on these employers from the career counseling or placement office on your campus. The JASS Reply Card is a mini-resume that you should fill out and send, preferably with your cover letter and full resume, to the employers that best match your skills and needs. Additional JASS cards are available at the placement office or from THE BLACK COLLEGIAN.

The "Employers Index," on page one, gives you up-front, direct exposure to those recruitment advertisers who are looking to recruit and hire the best--that's you!


With The Job Finder, a new FREE service offered by THE BLACK COLLEGIAN, the only thing you have to spend is a little bit of your time. The Job Finder is our exciting new employment database--speeding you to the fast lane of the electronic highway.

The Job Finder works for you. The Job Finder will electronically put your credentials in front of hundreds of hiring managers at major companies and government agencies nationwide.

The Job Finder's computerized service allows employers with jobs to fill to rapidly access your qualifications and career information. It maximizes and multiplies employment opportunities while saving you time and costing you nothing. See The Job Finder application form on page 132 of this issue.


A virtual catalog of the hottest job openings nationwide, Job Opportunities '94 is designed to help the Class of '94 fine tune their identification of employers who are actively recruiting college students for entry-level professional positions. This special supplement to THE BLACK COLLEGIAN will tell you who is hiring, give you basic information about the organization and give you exclusive job-search tips to help you get do dream job. Each employer listing provides information on special employment programs, grade point average requirements, and how to apply to each particular employer. Job Opportunities '94 is your passport to employment success!


There's no getting around it. If you want to be well-prepared you must be well-read and well-informed. This is the Age of Information, and there's no better source of information on career and job preparation than the pages of THE BLACK COLLEGIAN.

Our "Career Planning & Job Search Guide," a four-part series, tells you every step you need to take in a successful job search and when to take each step. From "Self-Assessment and Constructing a Resume" to "Preparing for and Excelling at On-Campus Interviews"; from "On-Site Interviews and Accepting Job Offers " to "Making the Transition from College to the World of Work," we've got all the bases covered.

Our "Career Reports" give you specialized insight into career trends in a host of fields and industries--Business, The Professions, Education, Engineering & Computer Science, Mathematics & Science, and Liberal Arts--complete with role model profiles of African-American professionals who are "making it" in all of these areas.

We've got networking opportunities galore in "Bulletin Board" and "What's Happening"--notices of conferences, scholarships, resources, and current events of interest and impact to today's collegians.

And just to make sure we never forget who we are, where we come from, and where we are going--key elements in the persona of a well-prepared collegian--we offer the writings of some of the most respected scholars in African World History and in the social/political struggles of our people for self-determination and justice.

So, you've got the power; we've got the spark--let's get this bad boy running on the road to success!
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Author:Kazi, Kuumba Ferrouillet
Publication:The Black Collegian
Date:Sep 1, 1993
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