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Jumblatt warns of politicizing international tribunal.

Head of the Democratic Gathering deputy Walid Jumblatt warned on Thursday against the politicization of the international tribunal but stressed that he still support the court. Speaking at a press conference, Jumblatt also voiced support for the Lebanese army which repulsed an Israel attack along the joint borders and backed plans to acquire more weapons for the army to enable it carry out its duties.

The MP assured that integration between the army and the resistance is natural. "The army fulfilled its duty according to the Taif doctrine and the weapons of resistance are crucial until the army has been properly equipped to repulse the enemy," Jumblatt said. Jumblatt added that Prime Minister Saad Hariri was right to purchase weapons for the Lebanese army. But he cautioned that that the support for the army is attached to treaties and "we should be very cautious of Western assistance.

These weapons are not for free." He urged the government to allocate more funds for the army to buy weapons. Jumblatt indicated that he still supports the international tribunal but feared that it may be politicized. "When we hear the talks of the Israelis and some media we can't help but feel that some circles want to trigger civil strife in Lebanon," Jumblatt said. He confirmed that his relations with Hariri is still sound. Jumblatt said that he will meet the Prime Minister soon when he returns from his trip in order to reach an understanding on how to encounter the Israeli-Western schemes that aims to foment differences in Lebanon.


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Publication:National News Agency Lebanon (NNA)
Date:Aug 5, 2010
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