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July imports to US drop eight percent.

July imports to US drop eight percent

Following in the footsteps of the year's downward sales trend, July, 1989 beer imports into the U.S. dipped 8.6 percent to 26,459,518 gallons as compared to July 1988's 28,962,810 gallons. Showing only a slightly better outlook, imports were down 7.5 percent through the first seven months of the year, posting 161,297,749 gallons from 1988's 174.4 million gallons.

Bucking the trend, the United Kingdom showed a tremendous surge in sales to the U.S. as it boasted a 75-percent increase to 750,375 gallons in July, up from 428,124 gallons a year ago. The Netherlands also showed a modest 0.4-percent rise from July 1988's 8.42 million gallons to 8.46 million gallons in July, 1989.

Australia again led the way with a 75-percent sales decrease, dropping from nearly 1.5 million gallons in 1988 to only 350,960 gallons in July, 1989. West Germany showed a 7.9-percent decrease in its July exports after sporting an increase in June.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Oct 2, 1989
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