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July imports increase, but down for year-to-date.

July imports increase, but down for year-to-date

Imported beer shipments into the United States during July totaled 27.4 million gallons, marking a 3.6-percent increase over July, 1989. However, for the first seven months of 1990, imports to the States have dropped off 1.8 percent to 158.4 million gallons as compared to last year's 161.3 million.

Canada reported exports of 7.1 million gallons compared to 1989's 5.8 million, a 22-percent gain during July over the corresponding period in 1989. Nonetheless, the country's beer shipments were down 6.2 percent for year-to-date.

Like Canada, Mexico's July exports to the U.S. increased 5.3 percent to 6.17 million gallons; however, over the first seven months of 1990, it notched a 9.7 percent decrease.

On the Continent, the United Kingdom saw July exports to America drop 2.5 percent when compared to a year ago. But, over the entire year, England reported a 6.4-percent export increase across the Atlantic.

The Netherlands slated shipments of 7.7 million gallons during the month; an 8.8-percent fall from July 1989's numbers. For the year-to-date in 1990, Holland has remained relatively unchanged, dropping only 0.1 percent to 47.7 million gallons from 47.8 million.

Showing increased shipments to the U.S. during both July and all of 1990, West Germany slated increases of 13.4 percent and 5.7 percent, respectively.

In the Pacific, Australia continued its strong comeback from a year ago, posting shipments of 517,470 gallons, a 47.4-percent increase from last July's 350,960 gallons. Keeping with that trend, Australia reported a 40.3-percent rise over the first seven months.

Japan's shipments, on the other hand, fell off 16.2 percent during the month, when compared to 1989's corresponding period, and remained down 10.1 percent for the year-to-date.

New Zealand reported U.S. imports of 128,539 gallons, a 6.4-percent decrease from July 1989's 137,295 gallons. Through the first seven months the country is up 31 percent to 942,120 gallons.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Oct 8, 1990
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