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July 2016-ANPD Conference, Pittsburgh PA.

The 2016 Association for Nursing Professional Development (ANPD) conference held in Pittsburgh, PA, July 19-22, 2016 offered many opportunities for networking and nursing professional development (NPD). Nursing professional development specialists came from all over the United States, with representation from several representatives from MT organizations. Nursing Professional Development is a nursing practice specialty that facilitates growth and development of nurses and other health care providers. These nursing specialists act as catalysts for learning and advancing the development of nursing practice, from novice to expert. The advanced skills of this specialty include curriculum development, educational design, and teaching/learning theory.

The conference introduced the new Scope and Standards of Practice for Nursing Professional Development. The Scope and Standards of Practice direct the specialty of nursing professional development and act as a template for high quality professional development courses. These standards will be incorporated in the development of high quality continuing education courses. The conference also showcased new and innovative ways to offer continuing education. Several of the participants from Montana were Primary Nurse Planners, nurses that oversee the assessment, planning, developing, and evaluation of courses offering contact hours. The conference was a great opportunity to network with other professionals and share best practices.

As Primary Nurse Planners for Approved Provider Units, information obtained from the conference was shared with local organizations:

1. Incorporation of the new Nurse Practice Development Model to department operations, job descriptions, and organizational goals. In this new model, the expansion from 'educator' to the seven identified roles of NPD practitioners was emphasized.

2. Completion of return on investment for educational programs provides rationalization for the addition, maintenance, and discontinuation of activities.

3. Inclusion of best-practice educational methods to promote learner engagement, memory retention, and ultimately, behavior change. One of the courses highlighted 'flipping the classroom' which includes the completion of work prior to attending a program to begin a program with a common knowledge base. Promoting learner engagement during and after educational programs with the inclusion of interactive teaching methods helps learners retain information.

4. Identify ways to get involved: Become an ANPD member, achieve certification, complete a profile on ANPD website, publish, participate in research, create a poster highlighting evidencebased practice/performance improvement, share resources, network with other professionals.

The single biggest reminder as Primary Nurse Planners is that the obligation to the learner so that quality healthcare and patient outcomes are improved. The Nurse Practice Development Model illustrates our roles and responsibility to the public. We would strongly encourage nurses to participate in this robust conference next year!

Caption: Mandy Pokorny, Pam Dickerson, Sherri Zimmerman, Nicole Price, Cheryl Richards, and Kristi Anderson

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