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Juliette is streets ahead in love tale.


CERTIFIED COPY (12A) Verdict: COMMON sense tells you that Julia Roberts' Eat Pray Love is going to hoover up a certain type of cinemagoer this weekend.

But smart couples should avoid that overlong nonsense - and try to see this film first instead.

It's 'only' showing at the Electric Cinema in Station Street and the Warwick Arts Centre.

But don't let the fact that the multiplexes haven't picked it up put you off.

Although Abbas Kiarostami hasn't directed film outside of his native Iran before, on this evidence we'll be certainly be seeing a lot more of his work.

Certified Copy has much in common with Richard Linklater's widely-admired 1995 film, Before Sunrise, in which Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy met on a train with both knowing it would probably be their only night together.

Here, British author James Miller (played by opera singer William Shimell who could easily make the grade in acting) has just finished a lecture in a small village in Southern Tuscany when he meets gallery owner She (a career-best Juliette Brioche).

In Eat Pray Love, Julia Roberts has to go round the world to try to find herself.

Here, the opposite is true as James and She quietly get to know each other in situ.

A film about originality, authenticity, form and shape, this beautifully-crafted study should appeal greatly to anyone who has ever found their true love. And it will resonate deeply amongst the widowed.

And, if you've yet to find your own soulmate, it should inspire you to believe that he or she could be just around the corner.

Indeed, at the Electric, which is an intimate, old fashioned cinema like no other in Birmingham, he or she might even be at the same screening as you.

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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Sep 24, 2010
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