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Julian the jonah: God the giver; Observations.


"AT WHAT point," someone asked me kindly on the evening of Arc day "did you realise your beloved Deep Impact was stuffed?" The answer may have surprised him. I knew it when, while waiting in the stands to witness his coronation, I found myself joined by Julian Muscat of The Times. The last time Julian and I had watched a race together we'd managed to stop Cigar at Del Mar when he was going for a 17th straight victory to break Citation's record. As a fanatically superstitious punter, I realised the game was up.

The Lord, however, occasionally giveth as well as taketh away. The other day, having nothing much else to do, I glanced at a bank statement and soon realised I'd been paying home insurance for several years to two sets of bookmakers (sorry, I mean insurers).

Glumly, I worked out how much this must have drained my already meagre resources. Imagine the joy, therefore, when I phoned one to tell them they were sacked, only to be advised that, if doubly insured, you're entitled to a full refund on one. According to my calculations, six years at more than 50 quid a month more than covers my stake on the Japanese wonder horse. Atheism? Pah! What about that for evidence, Richard Dawkins?
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Title Annotation:Sports
Publication:The Racing Post (London, England)
Date:Oct 8, 2006
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