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Judi Rajala: 1964-2013: Judi was a force in the universe, and we will miss her.

WE HAVE LOST a very important person in our T.H.E. Journal family, Judith Rajala. Judi was our executive managing editor and founder of EduHound, lovingly referred to by our team as "the dog."

Judi became a part of our group back in 1999 after developing this great online resource for education. The first of its kind, EduHound gave teachers and students the chance to find on one website a trove of online content resources that she personally reviewed for quality and relevance to various subject areas.

EduHound was a roadmap for educators who wanted to use the web to open the doors to the world outside the classroom. Jud had a vision of what the internet could mean in the classroom, and she built the original version of her site through tremendous sacrifice, hard work, and tenacity.

I witnessed a living testimony to Judi's vision at this year's FETC, which 1105 Media produces each January in Orlando. At this year's show, it was so clear that the tide has turned for digital content and resources. For today's teachers, the internet and digital apps are the curriculum and they are finding these resources and using them with a creative ferocity that I am sure is fueled by Judi's spirit. When I look back on Judi's early work in this area, I am newly in awe of her foresight.

Over the years, we found that Judi's vision and talent would serve us well on our editorial team. As a former library media specialist and a school board member for 10 years, she understood the challenges that districts, schools, and instructional staff faced every day, and she worked feverishly to find resources to help them in the quest to deliver better instruction to their students.

In mid-January, Judi passed away at the very young age of 48 years. She will be remembered for her contributions to our common mission of promoting best practices in teaching and learning; those who knew her best will be forever indebted to Judi for her enormous energy and passion for all things and people. She was a force in the universe. She always found the glass half full and met even the most difficult of challenges with a smile and determination.

We will miss her. As one of our colleagues said of her passing, today our world is less and heaven is more.

Wendy LaDuke

President and Publisher

1105 Media Education Group

Wendy La Duke, President & Group Publisher


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Date:Feb 1, 2013
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