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Judges. By J. Clinton McCann (Westminster John Knox, $24.95). M. notes that the issue throughout the book of Judges is whether Israel will be faithful to the covenant, and the book is largely a rehearsal of the people's failure to worship Yahweh alone, ending in the utter chaos of chaps. 17-21. But God also repeatedly delivers an unfaithful people in Judges in what amounts to a series of new exoduses. The book of Judges joins other prophetic books in warning the people of God in every age of the deadening results of unfaithfulness. Its call to repentance is grounded in the conviction that God will be lovingly faithful to unfaithful people. Part of the Interpretation commentary series, this volume fulfills its promise to help the church with its preaching and teaching ministries with chapter headings such as "Samson and Culture Wars, Then and Now" and "Chaos and Crisis, Then and Now." RWK
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Date:Oct 1, 2005
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