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Judge dismisses arsenic lawsuit.

A headline-grabbing lawsuit over arsenic in wine has been dismissed on the grounds that consumers already know alcohol is a risk to their health. A Los Angeles Superior Court judge decided that the claim lacked merit. The action named dozens of vintners including Sutter Home Winery, The Wine Group Inc. and Treasury Wine Estates Americas Co., among others. The law firms that brought the action on behalf of the plaintiffs don't plan to let the matter rest, however. "These warning labels are not a reasonable deterrent for consumers when the toxicity levels in these products are so out of line from the majority of wines on the market," attorney Brian Kabateck of the Los Angeles firm Kabateck Brown Kellner LLP said in a statement.

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Title Annotation:Top Stories: The month in perspective
Comment:Judge dismisses arsenic lawsuit.(Top Stories: The month in perspective)
Publication:Wines & Vines
Date:May 1, 2016
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