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Judaism and Hellenism reconsidered.


Judaism and Hellenism reconsidered.

Feldman, Louis H.

Brill Academic Publishers


950 pages



Supplements to the Journal for the study of Judaism; v.107


This collection of 26 previously published articles is accompanied by a lengthy new introduction by Feldman (classics, Yeshiva U., Israel) reviewing the state of research. The articles have been divided into major topics: Judaism and Hellenism; anti-Semitism, Philo-Semitism, conversion to Judaism; studies in Philo; Josephus (on whose work there are 13 articles); and rabbinic insights. An exhaustive bibliography, and indexes of passages from ancient texts, names and subjects, foreign terms, and modern scholars are included. The articles, which were initially published in the late '90s and early 21st century, appeared in such publications as the Jewish Quarterly Review, Studiea Philonica Annual, Journal for the Study of Judaism, and in publications by multiple authors.

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