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Judah herds the ball.

Judah is Joel's border collie. Judah loves to run and herd [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED]. When Judah visits Grandma's farm, he helps herd [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] into the barn. Judah chases the [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] and brings in the [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED]. Judah makes Grandma smile when he helps her on the farm.

At home, there are no farm [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] so Judah runs and tries to herd [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED]. Judah loves to play sports with Joel. Judah likes to stop the ball before it goes into the goal. Judah tries to stop the ball before it swishes through the hoop. Judah wants to get the [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] before it gets kicked off of the tee. Judah makes Joel smile when he chases [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] in the yard.

Joel has to practice to get a [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] around Judah. After all that practicing, Joel has become good at playing sports, and so has Judah.

Illustrated by Chad Thompson
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Author:Naberhaus, Sarvinder
Publication:Humpty Dumpty's Magazine
Article Type:Short story
Date:Jan 1, 2009
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