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Jovian (Flavius Claudius Jovianus) (c. 331-364).

Roman emperor. Principal war: Persian War (363-364).

Born at Singidunum (Beograd) about 331, the son of Varronianus, the comes domesticus (head of the imperial household); prefect of the imperial guard to Emperor Julian the Apostate during his expedition against Persia; following Julian's death (June 26, 363), Jovianus was acclaimed emperor after the praetorian prefect Salutius Secundus declined the honor; he quickly made peace with the Persians, surrendering to them the lands annexed in Diocletian's time, together with the cities of Singara (Al Badi) and Nisibis (Nusaybin), and so extricated his army intact; when he reached Roman territory he restored Christianity and forbade pagan practices; on his way to Constantinople he fell ill and died at Dadastana on the Galatian-Bithynian border (north of Ankara) (February 17, 364). <BL>

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