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Journey for Horn and Piano by Paul Basler.

Journey for Horn and Piano by Paul Basler. Available from James Naigus basler.html, 2017, $15 PDF. Demo: youtube/oSzZ6a667uA

Journey was composed in April of 2017. It is one movement, written for and dedicated to James Naigus, who with the composer performed the premier at the 2017 Kendall Betts Horn Camp.

A succession of dramatic gestures gives the hornist and the collaborative pianist ample opportunity for creative artistic expression. The opening 28 measures are precisely prescribed with a variety of tempo indications and forceful dynamics. The remainder of the piece explores an ever changing palette of time signatures and rhythmic and dynamic figures. The performers will recognize familiar contemporary influences given a fresh treatment.

The piece is nicely paced for the hornist with ample short rests to keep the embouchure fresh. The melodic writing for the horn stays primarily in the treble clef with one melodic high a" toward the end. The piano part is in an accessible style and does not present insurmountable obstacles for an advanced player. It would be a worthy contemporary addition to a college recital program, containing plenty of material for the performers to polish, but not a serious threat to the hornist's endurance.

Horn players familiar with Paul Basler's compositions will recognize the composer's style and will appreciate his careful creative craftsmanship. The horn and piano part fit together logically with ample opportunity for the performers to communicate expressively. Wallace Easter, Virginia Tech

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Publication:The Horn Call
Date:Oct 1, 2018
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