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Journalistic yes-men.

This summer is horrific for media in Macedonia, says Sefer Tahiri in his today's commentary. According to the author, journalists are being made redundant as those that kept their work posts are in constant fear they might get the boot.

"For production of journalists that suck up to their superiors, ideal environment was the financial crisis in the media. Before the elections, some media worked following external instructions and some journalists buried this profession, otherwise highly respected in the world. And so, in these conditions, no one can argue that professional standards, ethical norms and the employment relations law are honored. It is not only politics but other factors too to blame for putting journalists in this poltroon position. Ownership coupled with politics turned journalism in a laughingstock. Therefore, the owners of the media in Macedonia say that 'journalism is sold at a high price only when it is subjugated'. Long live yes-men but their end will come too," Tahiri says, (end)

- After meeting Ambassador Dong Chufeng, PDSH leader Menduh Thaci reiterated that both the former and the new government are hypocritical in relation to the keeping of their promises and said his party was going to act as a corrector of the government policies.
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Publication:Albanian Press in Macedonia
Date:Jul 19, 2011
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