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Real World Experience: University of Kansas journalism students provide coverage for a city without a newspaper. Mateos, Evelyn Jul 1, 2019 450
Silenced Student Paper Rescued by State Law. Massey, Kyle Dec 10, 2018 738
STUDENTS REPORT THE NEWS. Brief article Jun 1, 2018 112
The Changing Landscape for Aspiring Black Journalists: The latest on campus news media's diversity efforts. Stuart, Reginald Feb 22, 2018 1299
Covering controversial issues on campus: with an extended reach online, newly energized college journalists are facing off against university administrators. Marcus, Jon Jun 22, 2017 3376
Will hyperlocal news work this time? Miller, Ron Mar 1, 2016 715
First amendment fighters get trigger-happy: SPLC hunt for lawsuits is irresponsible. Davidson, Sandy Jul 1, 2013 721
Lawsuits wanted: Student Press Law Center is pressing the issue when it comes to students' First Amendment rights. Wolper, Allan May 1, 2013 1093
The classroom as newsroom: leveraging university resources for public affairs reporting. Francisco, Tim; Lenhoff, Alyssa; Schudson, Michael Case study Nov 15, 2012 10737
University news sites: investments in civic entrepreneurship. Schaffer, Jan Critical essay Nov 15, 2012 974
Promise, peril of "teaching hospitals". Newton, Eric Critical essay Nov 15, 2012 1715
21 Big journalism on campus: J-school students are producing high-level reporting that often makes its way into major news outlets. That's a welcome and important development at a time when the traditional media have reduced their staffs in the face of stiff economic pressures. Downie, Leonard Viewpoint essay Dec 22, 2011 3514
10 Supreme Court cases every teen should know: part 2: more of the Court's most important rulings--from drug testing at school to teen rights at home. Jacobs, Tom Sep 19, 2011 2076
A wordsmith's future? Many HBCUS must contend with limited resources and students who have little desire to write as they fight to keep print and digital media alive on their campuses. Stewart, Pearl Aug 4, 2011 1444
Going Pro: more and more student-produced Journalism is being showcased by professional news outlets. Damstedt, Andrew Mar 22, 2011 1231
J-Schools open other doors. Holcomb, Erin Mar 22, 2011 454
Disappearing ink: what happens when the education reporter goes away? Petrilli, Michael J. Sep 22, 2009 1223
Self-censoring limits student reporting. Brief article Jul 1, 2009 225
Fighting censorship on campus. Brief article Mar 1, 2009 302
The Austens and student journalism of the 1780S and 90s. Geng, Li-Ping Critical essay Jan 1, 2009 4507
The hidden treasures in the inner city. Frazier, Kevin Oct 1, 2008 649
SLU student editors back Avis Meyer. Malone, Roy Sep 1, 2008 1007
UWIRE College Journos Blog Politics For 'Wash. Post,' CBS Web Sites. Strupp, Joe Aug 21, 2008 380
Young Journos Do Have a Future -- If They Are Nimble. Carberry, Maegan Aug 12, 2008 890
Higher Ed journalism: new realities: how media coverage has evolved--and how campus administrators should respond. Ekman, Richard Essay Aug 1, 2008 935
Lee Quarles. Brief article Jul 1, 2008 97
J-School Confidential. Strupp, Joe Jun 1, 2008 2237
UWIRE's 100 Top Student Journalist List Unveiled. Strupp, Joe List May 21, 2008 780
Collegians Win SPJ Awards for Covering Va. Tech Massacre, Other Topics. Staff, E&P May 19, 2008 350
J-Students to Retrace Ernie Pyle's Path. Mar 9, 2008 451
Freedom Forum Will Host 102 Student Journalists at D.C. Conference. Brief article Mar 5, 2008 210
Ordinary assignment teaches frightening lesson. Young, Nerissa Mar 1, 2008 819
Childhood memories kindle hyperlocal strategies: 'trust me, this ain't new. If anything, it's old school local journalism.'. Curley, Rob Dec 22, 2007 2669
Student Journos Cry Foul Over Paper Seizure At Clinton Speech. Fitzgerald, Mark Jun 15, 2007 416
Uneasy truce at SLU: U. News gets charter compromise. Malone, Roy Jun 1, 2007 642
Author of 'Monkey Fishing' admits fabrications in story. Brief article May 1, 2007 103
March Madness Hightlights Problems for College Sportswriters. Wolper, Allan Mar 16, 2007 1143
Who's a Journalist These Days? Phillips, Mark A. Mar 9, 2007 778
Naked men get hype, but little respect: student publications must adhere to strict journalistic standards. Denwalt, Dale, II Jan 1, 2007 695
Student makes mark covering national stories. Thoreson, Bridget Dec 1, 2006 1315
Meet the (student) press: as school publications struggle with the age-old issues of limited resources and censorship, many students may be losing interest in the power of the press--and their own rights. Weber, Rebecca L. Oct 1, 2006 1921
Students' work gets statewide exposure thanks to SPJ adviser. Thoreson, Bridget Oct 1, 2006 520
No hosty for Supremes. Corrigan, Don Brief article Apr 1, 2006 193
Using the power of the press to teach history: Grades 4-6. Brief Article Mar 1, 2006 168
Journalism student goes AWOL to Iraq. Brief Article Mar 1, 2006 234
Keeping the faith on campus. Hofler, Robert Jan 9, 2006 917
Shut Up! Student journalists suffer censorship, but help is on the way. Simpson, Michael D. Jan 1, 2006 638
Threats to campus newspapers. Corrigan, Don Dec 1, 2005 393
Reporting out of the comfort zone: setting college students loose in a low-income neighborhood doesn't quite inspire the enthusiasm Syracuse professors hoped it would. Davis, Steve; Hatcher, John Dec 1, 2005 846
From the newsroom of GW's The Hatchet: Washington student journalists in the thick of it. Costa, Brian Oct 1, 2005 921
Student press gave hunger strikers short shrift. Moon, Jill May 1, 2005 692
Working up a sweat to expose sweatshops. McLendon, Kathy Brief Article Apr 1, 2005 117
The wrong lesson: teaching college reporters to be meek. Wallis, David Aug 1, 2004 627
Student reporters denied press passes. Brief Article Jan 1, 2004 219
Spanish tab thrives in Columbia ... Missouri. Israel, Benjamin Oct 1, 2003 837
Student newspaper looks back at a high-achieving century. (Views You Can Use). Brief Article Jan 1, 2003 136
Getting It Right. Hentoff, Nat Brief Article Jul 29, 2002 853
Hazelwood happens. (Off the Record). Corrigan, Don Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 221
Eager students a treat at Columbia. Taylor, John H. Jr. Brief Article Mar 22, 2002 421
New graduates: prepare for 'techno-shock': There are big differences between the technology in classrooms and some newsrooms, but basic skills apply to reporting from both locales. (Developing Minds). South, Jeff Mar 1, 2002 1540
How do I keep my writers writing?: (and other tips for student journalists). (Developing Minds). Kim, Connie Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 907
Inspiring words for educators. Brief Article May 1, 2001 571
Put student newscasts online. Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 186
More than `Life's Pretty Parts'. Brief Article Feb 1, 2001 230
SCHOLARSHIPS. Brief Article Oct 1, 2000 161
Collegial fellowship whets appetite. CAVETT, VAN Brief Article Sep 22, 2000 654
A grade for the graduates. Geimann, Steve Aug 1, 2000 1804
So your high school can't support a student paper? LATTIMORE, LAURIE A. Jul 1, 2000 1089
Specialized journalists in demand. ROTH, RICHARD J. May 1, 2000 1579
A valuable lesson learned. NIEDERPRUEM, KYLE ELYSE Brief Article Apr 1, 2000 909
A new media curriculum. LANGER, RALPH Brief Article Mar 1, 2000 416
Student reporters embarrass Schnucks. Corrigan, Don Feb 1, 2000 1249
Riding the Digital Wave Into Journalism: Is It the Best Wave for Students to Catch? Isaacs, Stephen D. Mar 22, 1999 1449
Mark of Excellence winners honored. McCrum, Virginia Oct 1, 1998 423
Journalism's new voices: students redefine traditional news values in publications at universities in Texas, N. Dakota. Balough, Maggie Cover Story Jul 1, 1997 1594
Knight adds talent and clout on campus. Cleghorn, Reese Column Sep 1, 1996 481
Administrators as censors: Student Press Law Center director Mark Goodman warns student journalists to monitor their Internet copy. Wolper, Allan Jun 1, 1996 545
Missouri supporters hope for passage of Student Free Expression Bill. Corrigan, Don Feb 1, 1996 1662
J-school faculties get F in diversity. Hernandez, Debra Gersh Sep 9, 1995 751
College newspapers face attempts at content control by campus groups. Goldstein, Claire Jun 1, 1995 693
Campus adviser seeks help from publishers. Stein, M.L. Apr 29, 1995 331
Certification sought for campus newspaper advisers. Garneau, George Apr 8, 1995 482
Student press supporters hope to end officials' abuse of Hazelwood ruling. Corrigan, Don Feb 1, 1995 2176
Why we cover campuses. Editorial Sep 3, 1994 397
Increased interest in print journalism; but annual j-school survey shows that salaries of graduates are no longer keeping pace with inflation. Stein, M.L. Sep 3, 1994 722
Michigan j-school sued under whistleblower law; master's program director says his contract was not renewed because he helped uncover misuse of funds from j-school endowments. Fitzgerald, Mark Sep 3, 1994 549
Good citizens make good reporters; that's the message delivered by Washington Post syndicated columnist William Raspberry in speech to journalism educators. Stein, M.L. Sep 3, 1994 751
Survey examines extent of professionalism in sports journalism. Salwen, Michael; Garrison, Bruce Jan 15, 1994 1456
How free is the student press?. Simpson, Michael D. Nov 1, 1992 959
Campus press under fire. Goodman, Mark Oct 1, 1991 876
Student newspaper dispute settled in Arizona. Fitzgerald, Mark Apr 27, 1991 449
Sex still a dirty word at school. Hartman, Mitchell Nov 1, 1990 689
The superman syndrome: j-school super-hero fantasies meet the real world. Horn, Daniel Oct 1, 1990 2508
Free discourse vs. 'civil discourse.' (free speech in student codes of conduct) McMasters, Paul Apr 1, 1990 1197
A messy affair. Mar 1, 1989 546
Regaining sanity: to do it, we have to move beyond 'refereed' publications. Berkman, Dave Mar 1, 1989 1743

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