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Articles from Journal of the Mississippi Academy of Sciences (April 1, 2014)

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A comparison of decellularization methods applied to porcine osteochondral xenografts for articular cartilage repair. Mosher, Mark; Butler, Ryan; Elder, Steven; Claude, Andrew; Cooley, Jim; Gilbert, Eric; Gottipati, An Report 1959
A quantitative evaluation of FRET-based cAMP measurements. Webb, Kristal J.; Leavesley, Silas J.; Rich, Thomas C. Report 1471
Amino acid coated UHMW-PE implants modify neovascularization in the tissue-implant response. Butler, Kenneth R.; Benghuzzi, Hamed A.; Tucci, Michelle; Puckett, Aaron D. Report 1816
An excitation-scanning hyperspectral microscope for biomedical imaging of GFP in highly autofluorescent lung tissue. Favreau, Peter; Rich, Thomas; Stringfellow, Ashley; Alvarez, Diego; Prabhat, Prashant; Leavesley, Si Report 1244
Androgen administration and fibroblast behavior in the tissue-implant response. Butler, Kenneth R.; Benghuzzi, Hamed A.; Tucci, Michelle; Puckett, Aaron D. Report 1921
Assessing the morphology of human gingival fibroblasts upon exposure to dental adhesives in the presence of porphyromonas gingivalis lipopolysaccharide. Garner, Angelia D.; Tucci, Michelle A.; Benghuzzi, Hamed A. Report 1656
Cardiovascular response to two and four minutes walk using a standard walker and/or platform walker with wheels in one foot non-weight bearing individuals. Adah, Felix; Greenwald, Neva; Kuebler, Joy; Pearson, Becca; Hamadain, Elgenaid; Slaughter, Janet; Hu Report 1982
Design and implementation of EMG/EEG finite state machine for prosthetic hand controlling. Alfatlawi, Mustaffa; Aslam, Dean Report 1507
Development of a novel bench-top model to mimic the lower extremity arteries and stent mechanics. Carroll, Nicholas; Yazdani, Saami K. Report 1456
Development of a three-dimentional digital image correlation for displacement and strain measurement of seeded endothelial cells. Gould, Emily; Carroll, Nicholas; Jefferson, Gail D.; Yazdani, Saami K. Report 1637
Development of silicone coronary bifurcation models for in vitro flow evaluation. Parks, Alex; Yazdani, Saami K. Report 1462
Differential biotherapeutic advantages of honey in targeting the Warburg effect and survival of MRC-5 and A549 cell lines. Farah, Ibrahim O. Report 2606
Effects of genipin on decellularized porcine cartilage. King, T.; Elder, S. Report 1619
Elastin like polypeptide-collagen composite hydrogels for drug delivery applications. Amruthwar, Shruti S.; Janorkar, Amol V. Report 2184
Electrical and magnetic parameters as a predictor of rust score for fracture union. Gupta, Kanika; Singh, G.K.; Gupta, Pravin; Verma, Vikas; Kumar, Santosh Report 2196
Endothelialized in vitro tubular silicone scaffolds. Atigh, Marzieh K.; Smith, Kristen; Yazdani, Saami K. Report 1236
Epileptic focus connectivity patterns during seizures in temporal lobe epilepsy. Adkinson, Joshua; Liu, Rui; Vlachos, Ioannis; Iasemidis, Leonidas Report 1492
Ethical challenges in biomedical research. Saha, Subrata 3690
Finite element analysis of arterial vessel wall stiffness. Huot, Angel; Yazdani, Saami K. Report 1270
Fractal dimension based detection of architectural distortion anomalies in mammography. Sarigul, Erol; Agyepong, Kwabena Report 1435
Highly sensitive continuous flow microfluidic chip sensor with integrated BI/SB thermopile for biochemical applications. Kopparthy, Varun; Nimmala, Joshua; Guilbeau, Eric. J. Report 1675
Hyperspectral FRET imaging and analysis approaches to determine cAMP compartmentalization in PMVECs. Annamdevula, Naga S.; Britain, Andrea; Rich, Thomas C.; Leavesley, Silas J. Report 1536
Identification of epileptic brain states on the basis of matching pursuit decomposition of EEG. Liu, Rui; Vlachos, Ioannis; Adkinson, Joshua; Iasemidis, Leonidas Report 1641
Impact of hearing aid use in individuals with unilateral sensory hearing impairments. Bishop, Charles E.; Hamadain, Elgenaid Report 660
Induction of interleukin-6 upon the sustained delivery of Danazol using adult rats as a model. Benghuzzi, Hamed; Tucci, Michelle; Mohamed, Adel; Cameron, Joseph A. Report 2720
Inflammatory response to trauma: a prospective clinical study. Aneja, Arun; Yang, Edward; Xiang, Lusha; Liu, Boshen; Mittwede, Peter; Walker, Clark; Hester, Robert Report 2520
Intelligent medication dispenser. Mohammed, M.H.; Ahmedhassan, W.M.; Ali, K.S.; Skelton, G.; Hamadain, E. Report 412
Intercellular signaling by cyclic AMP-containing microparticles. Scruggs. A.K.; Sayner, S.L.; Bauer, N.; Rich, T.C. Report 1570
Keratin as a novel drug carrier for drug coated balloons. Turner, Emily; Tomblyn, Seth; Burnett, Luke; Yazdani, Saami K. Report 1956
Markov chain based predictive (BCI) speller. Wang, Jenny; Spoonamore, Janet Report 1433
Morphological changes to LNCaP cells subjected to treatment with epigallocatechin-3-gallate, thymoquinone, and tannic acid. Moore, La'Toya Richards; Benghuzzi, Hamed; Tucci, Michelle; Hamadain, Elgenaid Report 1522
Morphological effects of genistein, thymoquinone, 5-FU, and laser therapy on laryngeal carcinoma cells. Adah, Osasu; Wilson, Gerri; Adah, Felix; Tucci, Michelle; Benghuzzi, Hamed Report 2207
Morphological evaluation of adenocarcinoma human alveolar basal epithelial like cell line upon the exposure to omega fatty acids on in culture. Bagwell, Jana; Tucci, Michelle; Benghuzzi, Ham Report 1640
Morphological evaluation of kidney following Cyclorsporine administration. Vance, Stacy Hull; Tucci, Michelle; Benghuzzi, Hamed Report 1350
Novel application for monitoring compliance with hand hygiene and isolation attire at a university hospital. Ghonim, Elham; Benghuzzi, Hamed Report 2986
OCT imaging for small animals--a swept source platform. Domingues, Jose P.; Silva, Susana F.; Morgado, Antonio Miguel; Bernardes, Rui Report 1417
Osteoclast-mediated demineralizing of medial vascular calcification. Grant, Joshua; Simpson, C. LaShan Report 1629
Small clinic data management system. Chandrashekar, Vikasini; Humos, Ali Abu-El; Kim, Hyunju; Pei, Tzusheng Report 1584
Spectral- and time-domain analysis of heart rate variability signals from multiple photoplethysmographic (PPG) sensors. Verma, Ajay K.; Cabrera, Sergio D.; Nazeran, Homer Report 1486
Spheroid organization and adipogenesis on copolymers of elastin-like polypeptides. Turner, Paul A.; Janorkar, Amol V. Report 1676
Stress-strain alterations in the myocardium induced by microgravity: a finite element model of the heart. Summers, Richard L.; Smith, Weston; Gilbrech, Ryan; Liao, Jun; Weed, Benjamin C.; Patnaik, Sourav Report 2680
Synthesis and characterization of an elastin-like-polypeptide-polyarginine conjugate for three-dimensional cell culture. Weeks, C. Andrew; Janorkar, Amol V. Report 1479
Targeted therapy to treat cardiovascular calcification in ESRD patients. Cunningham, Janice; Simpson, C. LaShan; Vasquez, Erick S.; Walters, Keisha B. Report 1673
The correlation between neovascularization and macrophage populations under the influence of androgens. Butler, Kenneth R.; Benghuzzi, Hamed A.; Tucci, Michelle; Puckett, Aaron D. Report 1736
The effect of mannose-6-phosphate in reducing transforming growth factor proliferation of McCoy fibroblast cells. Wilson, Gerri A.; Black, David A.; Tucci, Michelle A.; Benghuzzi, Ham A. Report 2612
The effect of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation at acupuncture points on spinal motor neuron excitability in people without known neuromuscular diseases. Huang, Min; Liu, Howe; Gu, Jian-Wei; Benghuzzi, Ham; Wang, Xuexiang; Hayes, Antonio V.; Pearson, Reb Report 2490
The effects of sustained delivery of antioxidants on LPS stimulated raw 264.7 macrophages. Wilkins, Renee; Tucci, Michelle; Benghuzzi, Ham Report 2660
The effects of thymoquinone and green tea extract on LDL modification in human aortic endothelial cells. Tardy, Felicia M.; Benghuzzi, Hamed; Tucci, Michelle Report 1530
The role of the hyoid apparatuses of woodpeckers for energy dissipation. Lee, Nayeon; Prabhu, R.; Williams, Lakiesha N.; Horstemeyer, M.F. Report 1227
The use of antioxidant loaded TCP devices to suppress the metabolic activity of SK-OV-3 ovarian cancer like cells. Harpole, Jennifer L.; Tucci, Michelle Report 1616
The use of antioxidants to suppress the SK-OV-3 cell line in ovarian cancer. Harpole, Jennifer L.; Tucci, Michelle; Benghuzzi, Hamed Report 1805
Tracking of HMSCs preconditioned with 0.5% [O.sub.2] in association with stroke utilizing 1H and [sup.23]NA MRI at 21.1 T. Rosenberg, Jens T.; Leftin, Avigdor; Bejarano, Fabian Calixto; Davidson, Michael M.; Baird, Michelle Report 1324
Transverse relaxations of selectively excited metabolites in stroke at 21.1 T. Rosenberg, Jens T.; Shemesh, Noam; Dumez, Jean-Nicolas; Frydman, Lucio; Grant, Samuel C. Report 1029
Treatment of vascular calcification by elastin-targeted nanoparticles. Bennett, Kevin A.; Simpson, C. LaShan Report 1972
Wearable EEG system for drowsiness detection. Wang, Jenny; Spoonamore, Janet; Wang, Cliff Clinical report 1613

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