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Articles from Journal of the Idaho Academy of Science (December 1, 2014)

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A review of research on student learning with implications for teaching college science in Idaho. Lysne, Steven J.; Miller, Brant G. 4585
A review of research on student learning with implications for teaching college science. Lysne, Steven J. Author abstract 168
A single ZnO coated nanospring chemiresistor. Bakharev, Pavel V.; McIlroy, David N. Author abstract 167
A specific HPLC-UV and fluorescence method for the detection of three anti-depressant drugs in various water systems. Sharma, Gaurav "G"; Bigelow, James C. Brief article 222
A teaching approach at the biology-organic chemistry interface. Storfer, Dinara Brief article 168
Advances in film characterization with QCM devices. Wilkerson, Nathan "G"; Roll, Mark Author abstract 212
Anatomy in clay, a new approach for teaching anatomy to undergraduate students. Riding, Corey Author abstract 134
Applications of core-shell Fe magnetic nanoparticles from used nuclear fuel recycling to groundwater remediation. Kaur, Maninder; Qiang, You Author abstract 210
Bio-jet fuel: environmental implications of woody biomass harvest. Austin, Gary; Laninga, Tammi Author abstract 165
Certain field measures of characteristics affecting wetted Biorefuges in the Steppe/ Montane altitudinal zones of the Sawtooth National Forest, Idaho. Amundsen, Clif Report 4810
CFD analysis of wind turbine blade tower interaction. Quallen, Sean; Xing, Tao Author abstract 213
Chemical analysis of historic artifacts from the market street Chinatown in San Jose. Hunter, Sidney; von Wandruszka, Ray Brief article 130
Chronic mitochondrial DNA-deletion induces change in aconitase expression and production of ROS in DRG neurons. Neti, Aishwarya; Idikuda, Vinay K.; Balaraju, Anurag K.; Bhushan, Alok; Lai, James C.K. 199
Co-culturing novel euglena with environmental microbes. Deobald, Kelly; Mecham, Shannon; Miller, Mark; Cole, Douglas Author abstract 194
Collective buckling behavior of CNT turfs. Torabi, Hamid; Radhkrishnan, Harish; Mesarovic, Sinisa Dj. Author abstract 183
Creating new light emission in the UV via alloying. Bergman, Leah Author abstract 186
Cytotoxic effects of silver and gold nanoparticles in human glioblastoma U87 cells. Gao, Wenjuan; Leung, Solomon W.; Bhushan, Alok; Lai, James C.K. Report 253
Detection of cancer biomarker EGFR using modified electrodes. Assan, David; Lai, James C.K.; Leung, Solomon W. Author abstract 303
Effect of desferrioxamine B on uranyl(VI) speciation in the presence of amidoxime ligands. Mustapha, Adetayo M.; Pasilis, Sofie P. Author abstract 232
Effect of yttria and alumina on the microstructure and mechanical properties of nickel-chromium based alloys. Pasebani, Somayeh; Dutt, Aniket; Charit, Indrajit; Mishra, Rajiv S. Report 314
Enhancement of the UV photoluminescence of ZnO and MgZnO films via annealing. Thapa, Dinesh; Huso, Jesse; Che, Hui; Bergman, Leah Author abstract 214
Experiences in online teaching and research with undergrad engineering students. Hunter, Stevan 181
Fe-based nanoparticles and their applications in Nano-Nuclear Technology. Sundararajan, Jennifer A.; Kaur, Maninder; Armour, William; Ytsma, Cory; Jiang, W.; McCloy, John S.; Report 228
Flipping a non-majors' biology class: using video lectures, online resources, and a student response system to facilitate deeper learning. Lloyd, Jayson; Ebener, Bill 253
How will we power the future? The case for more nuclear energy. Nash, Kenneth L. 190
IAS Award Program. 2183
IC bond pad structures for simulation using finite element method. Whitaker, Dustin; Hill, Levi; Rodrigues, Tiago; Woodland, Megan; Andrews, Derek; Hunter, Stevan Author abstract 514
Idaho's rejuvenation of the nuclear industry. Blacker, Paul 191
In-situ TEM observation inspired material designing concept for rechargeable battery. Wang, Chong-Min Abstract 187
Influence of Ni dopant on structural, vibrational and tribological characteristics of synthetic magnesium hydrosilicate. Rudenko, Pavlo; Frik, Nikolay; Chang, Qiuying Abstract 132
Investigating the role of lysosomal membrane permeabilization in cadmium-induced apoptosis in osteoblast-like cells. Holt, Danielle N.; Heggland, Sara J. Abstract 194
Magnetic separation nanotechnology for water remediation and spent nuclear fuel recycling. Zhang, Huijin; Xie, Qian; Xing, Tao; Qiang, You Abstract 341
Magnetic watermelon: Cr-doped core-shell Fe nanocluster. Kaur, Maninder; Qiang, You Abstract 203
Nanotoxicity of CdSe quantum dots on peripheral nerve cells. Lindberg, Briana M.; Gao, Wenjuan; Lai, James C.K.; Leung, Solomon W. Report 245
Neutral homoaromaticity--the synthesis and study of some annelated semibullvalenes. Aring, Andrew J.; Williams, Richard V. Abstract 191
Optical phonon properties of MgxZn1-xO thin film alloys. Che, Hui "G"; Huso, Jesse; Thapa, Dinesh; Morrison, John; Bergman, Leah 143
PECVD-deposited germanium chalcogenide films for use in memory devices. Rodriguez, Rene; Lundell, Sandra; Davis, Quinn; Lau, Lisa; Poulter, Benjamin; Campbell, Kris Abstract 247
Polyoxometalate cores in hybrid nano-building blocks for extreme ultra violet photoresists. Fischer, Jeff; Roll, Mark Abstract 211
Positrons in microtraps with long aspect ratios: Trap simulation and fabrication. Narimannezhad, Alireza; Jennings, Joshah; Weber, Marc H.; Lynn, Kelvin G. Abstract 197
Regulation of and spatial variation in biomarkers indicative of contaminant exposure in signal crayfish (Pacifastacus leniusculus) inhabiting the Boise River, Idaho. Cervantes, Juan uan; Holden, Laura L.; Lineberger, Connor; Colvis, Collin H.; Latta, Alicia M.; Erst Brief article 251
Regulation of inflammatory cytokine-promoted tumorigenesis and metastasis. Leggett-Lidgard, Jennifer R.; Hedeen, Danielle S.; Jorcyk, Cheryl L. Brief article 254
Schwann cells modulate manganese-induced oxidative stress in DRG neurons and impart cytoprotection. Balaraju, Anurag K.; Neti, Aishwarya; Idikuda, Vinay K.; Leung, Solomon W.; Bhushan, Alok; Lai, Jame Abstract 230
Silsesquioxane hybrid nano-building blocks for improved photoresists in semiconductor technology. Hardie, Brandon; Roll, Mark 211
Six of one, a half-dozen of the other: does a student-centered instructional model positively influence course satisfaction and content knowledge? Lysne, Steven J. Abstract 198
Stroop effect and emergent readers. Gehring, Kaleigh; Weeks, Samuel Abstract 190
Synthesis and electrochemical properties of guitar: a breakthrough material for energy storage. Cheng, I. Francis; Gyan, Isaiah; Zhu, Haoyu; Wojcik, Peter; McIlroy, David 157
Synthesis of polymeric precursors for refractory carbides and borides. Kirch, Natalie; Roll, Mark Brief article 206
Targeting of DNA by invader probes: tools for exposing and manipulating the genome. Guenther, Dale; Karmakar, Saswata; Anderson, Brooke; Hrdlicka, Patrick J. Abstract 197
The effect of proline cistrans isomerization on p53MDM2 binding. Zhan, Yingqian Ada; Ytreberg, F. Marty Abstract 137
The effects of cadmium on type I collagen in the extracellular matrix of osteoblast-like Saos-2 cells. Wright, Dannen D.; Heggland, Sara J. Abstract 184
The known distribution of dragonflies and damselflies in the state of Idaho. Sims, George G. Report 1097
The known distribution of dragonflies and damselflies in the state of Idaho. Sims, George G. Report 2587
Thermally stimulated luminescence study in preheated and X-irradiated polyether ether ketone. Adhikari, D.; Jahan, M.S.; Walters, B. Abstract 269
Title: XPS study of a Fischer-Tropsch cobalt catalyst supported on silica nanosprings during reduction. Kengne, Blaise-Alexis Fouetio; McIlroy, David; McDonald, Armando G. Abstract 215
Use of GT-suite to study performance differences between Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) and Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) powertrains. Asfoor, M. Sh.; Beyerlein, S. Abstract 199
Utilization of Cu6Sn5 nanoparticles as anodes in sodium-ion batteries. Parrish, Riley Brief article 196
Van de Graaff based positron source production. Lund, K.R.; Lynn, K.G.; Webber, M.H.; Khamechi, M.A.; Eilers, J. Jennings. J.K.; Minimal, C.; Riley, Brief article 198
Water quality testing in rural Idaho. Horrocks, Fallon; Snodderly, Jeremy Abstract 156

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