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Articles from Journal of the Idaho Academy of Science (June 1, 2005)

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2001 distinguished Science communicator: Dr. Richard J. McCloskey. 500
2001 distinguished scientist: Dr. Jeanne M. Shreeve. 455
A computational model of thrombospondin-like domains in collagens. Barber, Alan E., II; Hunter, Sam; Sherpa, Tshering; Tucakovic, Ines I.; Ayers, Art R. Brief Article 179
A new species of frog for Idaho: phylogeography within the genus Ascaphus and its implications for the biogeography and conservation in the Pacific Northwest. Nielson, Marilyn; Lohman, Kirk; Sullivan, Jack; Daugherty, Charles; Allendorf, Fred; Knudsen, Kathy Brief Article 328
Academic service-learning: building bridges from chemists to the Native American community. Natale, Nicholas R.; Brejna, Przemyslaw R.; Holland, Ryan; Keller, Rose; Nelson Jared K.; Szabon-Wat Brief Article 185
Alcohol Dehydrogenase IV: ethanols effects on the kinetics and control of retinol oxidation. Bowen, Kara B.; Chase, Jennifer R. Brief Article 166
Anthraquinone substrates of carbonyl reductase. Slupe, Andrew M.; Lee, Laura M.; Charlier, Henry A., Jr. Brief Article 219
Aziridinomitosene synthesis and analyzing this compounds effect on DNA alkylation interactions. Liby, Christopher J.; Warner, Don L. Brief Article 163
Biodiversity of desert ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) at Big Bend National Park, Brewster County, Texas, a preliminary assessment. Clark, William H. Brief Article 217
Black bear hair snares, DNA and population management in unit 39. Johnson, Neil Brief Article 172
Blastomyces dermatitidis lysate antigens: stability studies on different preparations. Scalarone, Anne R.; Scalarone, Gene M. Brief Article 217
Carbon sequestration in the Big Sky Partnership. Ruark, Javan H.; Coots, Emily; McLing, Travis Brief Article 221
Cardiovascular aging and anthracycline metabolism. Isackson, Dorthyann; Hadjokas, Nick; Cusack, Barry Brief Article 113
CCD observations and analysis of variable star SZ Lyn. Weeks, Austin D.; Truksa, Scott V.; Dull, James D.; Jurcevic, John S. Brief Article 114
Characterization of the BAD1 gene in ten different strains of blastomyces dermatitidis. Sestero, Christine M.; Chester, E. Michael; Scalarone, Gene M. Brief Article 215
Chemical analysis of natural waters of the Yellowstone caldera. Fisher, Michael D.; Rosentreter, Jeffery J. Brief Article 207
Chemical analysis of the constituents of Qaws-Qaws. Natale, Nicholas R.; Villalobos, Trinidad J.; Taylor, Jacob; Knerr, Gary; Greene, Solo Brief Article 191
Chronic Wasting Disease: what Idaho is doing for its elk and deer. Mamer, Phil 106
Comparisons of the sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium channel in male and female rabbits. Haidle, Joy M.; Yoder, Kendall A.; Olson, Richard D.; Kapicka, Chris L. Brief Article 182
Construction and use of mechanical lips to determine the acoustical properties of trumpets. Tunnell, Andrew J.; Lawrence, M. Dan. Brief Article 106
Digital astrophotography using ART: preliminary results. Weeks, Austin; Truksa, Scott V.; Dull, James; Jurcevic, John Brief Article 128
Efforts toward electrocyclization of vinyl azomethine ylides generated via electrocyclic ring-opening of 4-oxazolines. Burleson, Jessica; Hibberd, Amber; Warner, Don 145
Enzymatic synthesis of daunorubicinol. Fitch, Jannah; Nogales, Daniel Brief Article 107
Ethanolamine derived cadmium chelating agents. Blanksma, Megan K.; Craig, Peter R. Brief Article 169
Evaluation of methods for the localization of cytoskeletal and nuclear proteins in plant cells. Fife, Brian F.; Chao, Wun S.; Serpe, Marcelo D. Brief Article 178
First equine clone: connection to human health. Woods, Gordon L.; White, Kenneth L.; Vanderwall, Dirk K. 345
Gender differences in cardiac energy metabolism apply to the rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). Winder, Nathan T. Brief Article 155
Genetics of virulence in bacteria. Pierce, Ann E.; Gray, Beulah H.; Weiser, Glen C. 346
Groundwater arsenic levels in Idaho: preparation for new maximal concentration limit. Toobian, Rachelle; Bacus, Kenneth; Ellis, Robert; McCurry, Marie 195
Hydration behavior of Uranium trioxide. Modak, Nabanita; Tanner, John Brief Article 175
IAS award program: nominations now being accepted for the 2006 awards. 966
Increased bronchoconstriction occurs with bronchial artery infusion of methacholine. Sullivan, Rachel D.; Charan, Nirmal B. Brief Article 136
Induced deexictation of Hafnium 178m2 with low energy x-rays: real or imaginary? Rios, Raymond Brief Article 158
Inhibitors of human carbonyl reductase. Williams, Berea; Larson, Corianton; Charlier, Henry A., Jr. Brief Article 213
Manganese induced toxic effects in human U87 & SK-N-SH neurotumor cells: accentuation by buthionine sulfoximine. Hugus, Jeremy J.; Lai, James C.K. Brief Article 160
Mid-Snake River listed snails: results from summer 2004 sampling. Clark, William H. Brief Article 215
Monitoring drinking water for protection against terrorist cyanide contamination. Timofeyenko, Yegor G.; Rosentreter, Jeffrey J. Brief Article 215
Near space exploration using high-altitude balloons. Gould, Michael R.; Wheatley, Brooks M; Lawrence, M. Dan. Brief Article 120
Neuroprogesterone regulation of female reproductive behavior. Martinez, Derek; Mills, Richard; Sinchak, Kevin; Mann, David; Wright, Roger; Micevych, Paul Brief Article 235
New catalyst precursors for carbon nanotube growth. Benjamin, Joshua A.; Harris, Jerry D. Brief Article 177
Past and future milestones in the genetic improvement of alfalfa, "The Queen of Forages". Miller, Donald R. 495
Photopharmacology: toward a controllable physiological nitrosyl delivery system. Jeitler, James R.; Bitterwolf, Thomas Brief Article 124
Protein purification and ELISA evaluation of a blastomyces dermatitidis isolate from the Eagle River, WI outbreak. Shurley, Jack F.; Scalarone, Gene M. Brief Article 242
Regulatory science: safety studies on commercial GM (genetically modified) crops. Warnick, Debi Brief Article 270
Response of the near-field Aquifer to changes in the level of Lake Coeur d'Alene. Moore, Shane; Fruth, Ingrid; Carpenter, Chase; Douglas, Stacey; Marcy, Dale Brief Article 140
Rock selection of the Great Basin collared lizard (Crotaphytus bicinctores): assessing resource competition between miners and lizards. Young, Susan; Hildebrand, Dietrich von; Cossel, John, Jr. Brief Article 114
Sarcoplasmic reticulum and caveolae proteins in the aged rat myocardium. Gurney, Lynn; Rencher, Logan; Cusack, Barry; Olson, Richard; Gambliel, Herve Brief Article 230
Self-navigating robot for industrial applications. Russell, Guy; Packard, William E. Brief Article 177
Sex differences in anxiety during ethanol withdrawal. Holm, Michael; Elele, Paul; Devaud, Leslie Brief Article 146
Sex differences in anxiety following chronic mild stress. Kidd, Tami; Chadda, Ritu; Devaud, Leslie Brief Article 142
Soil hydrocarbon concentrations in the South First Street Storm water runoff basin, Pocatello, Idaho. Reale-Munroe, K.; Inouye, R.S. 2737
Structural basis for glutamate recognition: can small molecules which bind selectively be developed? Natale, Nicholas R.; Nelson, Jared K.; Burkhart, David J.; Magnusson, Kathy R.; Zhao, Xue; Bridges, Brief Article 244
Student awards at the 47th Annual Meeting of the Idaho Academy of Science. Illustration 189
Synthesis and characterization of a rotaxane-based molecular switch. Smith, Natalie; Baldwin, Brent; Anstine, Timothy Brief Article 156
The 24th Chromosome. Davis, Raymond Brief Article 241
The application of GIS in determining the spatial distribution of the resistance of the Lycopersicon peruvianum to Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus in Peru and Northern Chile. Millard, Mark A.; Gordillo, Luis Brief Article 180
The design and construction of the Autonomously-Driven Roving-Adaptive Hazardous Material Sampler (A-DRAHMS). Enes, Aaron R.; Packard, William E. Brief Article 197
The effects of cadmium on apoptosis in cultured human osteosarcoma cells. Romero, Kimberly D.; Coonse, Kendra G.; Coonts, Allyson J.; Morrison, Elizabeth V.; Heggland, Sara J Brief Article 225
The evaluation of an In Vitro model for the study of cadmium toxicity in rainbow trout. Gerdes, Michelle A.; Frost, Shalimar T.; Harvey, Wendy; Lenz, Ryan; Heggland, Sara J. Brief Article 198
The heparan sulfate zone of monolayer chondrocytes. Sherpa, Tshering; Weller, Sara; Hunter, Sam; Davis, Chad W.; Tucakovic, Ines Brief Article 148
Validation of the use of endoscopy for field determination of sexual maturity of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). Swenson, Erica A.; Rosenberger, Amanda A. 226
Virulent Streptococcus infections: the role of genetics in host-parasite relationships. Stevens, Dennis 496
What is Idaho doing about Chronic Wasting Disease? Mamer, Phil Brief Article 248
What's that in my microwave pizza, I think I smell a VOC? Timofeyenko, Christina N.; Rosentreter, Jeffrey J. Brief Article 184

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