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Articles from Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts (January 1, 2019)

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"Orc Talk": Soviet Linguistics in Middle-Earth. Ashford, David Critical essay 6443
Ambiguous Villains and Fairy-Tale Monsters in Kelly Link's "The Cinderella Game". Williams, Christy Critical essay 8110
Amendt-Raduege, Amy. "The Sweet and the Bitter": Death and Dying in J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. Scroggins, Mark Book review 1691
An Account of a Lost Geography: "Of Beleriand and Its Realms". Agan, Cami D. Critical essay 8025
Clasen, Mathias. Why Horror Seduces. Moreland, Sean Book review 1417
Edward James: An Introduction. Easterbrook, Neil 916
Epics in Three Parts. James, Edward Lecture 5105
Fioretti, Daniele. Utopia and Dystopia in Postwar Italian Literature: Pasolini, Calvino, Sanguined, Volponi. Gawronski, Sarah M. Book review 1376
Fraser, Lucy. The Pleasures of Metamorphosis: Japanese and English Fairy Tales Transformations of "The Little Mermaid. Morin, Sylvia Veronica Book review 1568
Fred Botting: An Introduction. Heise-von der Lippe, Anya 649
Gifford, James. A Modernist Fantasy: Modernism, Anarchism, and the Radical Fantastic. Robertson, Benjamin J. Book review 1313
Guynes, Sean, and Dan Hassler-Forest, eds.: Star Wars and the History of Transmedia Storytelling. Ellis, Jason W. Book review 1407
Haber, Erika. Oz Behind the Iron Curtain: Aleksandr Volkov and His Magic Land Series. Ferrier-Watson, Sean Book review 1333
Hantke, Steffen. Monsters in the Machine: Science Fiction and the Militarization of America After World War II. Latham, Rob Book review 1731
Heise-von der Lippe, Anya, ed. Posthuman Gothic. Farris, Anelise Book review 1418
Hepp, Oliver. Der Bekannte Fremde: Der Vampir in der Literatur des 19. Jahrhunderts. Lenhardt, Corinna Book review 1263
Infinite Monstrosity: Justice, Terror, and Trauma in Frankenstein in Baghdad. Botting, Fred Critical essay 8574
Introduction: Epic Fantasy. Attebery, Brian 1364
Introduction: Happy Anniversaries. Attebery, Brian 1315
James Gunn. Paratexts: Introductions to Science Fiction and Fantasy. Bishop, Katharine E. Book review 1410
John Kessel: A Biased Introduction. Duncan, Andy Essay 1584
Kee, Chera. Not Your Average Zombie: Rehumanizing the Undead from Voodoo to Zombie Walks. Stone, T. May Book review 1492
Latham, Rob, ed. Science Fiction Criticism: An Anthology of Essential Writings. Coker, Cait Book review 1441
Lauro, Sarah Juliet, ed. Zombie Theory, A Reader. Alkassim, Samirah Book review 1520
Lobdell, Jared, Eight Children in Narnia: The Making of a Children's Story. Farris, Anelise Book review 1394
Mary, Jane, and Me. Kessel, John Essay 4165
McCort, Jessica R., ed.: Reading in the Dark: Horror in Children's Literature and Culture. Farris, Anelise Book review 1482
Misty Urban, Deva F. Kemmis, and Melissa R. Elmes, eds.: Melusine's Footprint: Tracing the Legacy of a Medieval Myth. Morin, Sylvia Veronica Book review 1821
Nike Sulway: An Introduction. Attebery, Brian 769
Pursuit, Willfulness, and the Strangeness of Strangers. Sulway, Nike Essay 3982
Refusing to Smile for the Patriarchy: Jessica Jones as Feminist Killjoy. MacDonald, Shana Critical essay 7900
Rhone, Zachary A.: The Great Tower of Elfland: The Mythopoeic Worldview of J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, G. K. Chesterton, and George MacDonald. Hamby, James Book review 1262
Schoenenberger, Petra. Transformations of the Supernatural: Problems of Representation in the Work of Daniel Defoe. Hamby, James Book review 1251
Shershow, Scott Cutler, and Scott Michaelsen. The Love of Ruins: Letters on Lovecraft. Conley, Greg Book review 1501
Spooner, Catherine. Post-Millennial Gothic: Comedy, Romance and the Rise of Happy Gothic. Flint, Stephanie Book review 1529
Stand Fast. Erikson, Steven Speech 2071
Steven Erikson: More Than Meets the Eye. Canavan, A.P. 1133
The Future is Fey: Toward a Posthuman Dramaturgy with Caryl Churchill's The Skriker. Shermeyer, Kelli Critical essay 6829
The Ontological Task of the Hero In Philip K. Dick's The Cosmic Puppets. Sims, Christopher Critical essay 12889

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