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Articles from Journal of the Colorado-Wyoming Academy of Science (April 1, 2002)

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2001-2002 Colorado-Wyoming Academy of Science. Brief Article 90
A brief history of doves and pigeons in Colorado and Wyoming. Ryder, Ronald A. Brief Article 206
A longitudinal study of the circadian phase delay/advance of high school students. (Senior Division). King, Eric Brief Article 206
A river runs through it: a study of the South Platte River. (Junior Division). Michel, Chris Brief Article 156
Achy breaky heart should you look at water for a start? (Junior Division). Montgomery, Jaecie Brief Article 204
Adverse effects of iron plus vitamin C. (Senior Division). Liu, Amy Brief Article 210
An investigation of antimicrobial detergents. (Senior Division). Huang, Sam; Lin, Andy Brief Article 172
Analysis of regional distribution of rough-legged hawks. (Senior Division). Woods, Gwen Brief Article 185
Are chaotic rhythms ordinarily present in the heart rate of healthy individuals? (Junior Division). Saccomano, Lisa Brief Article 153
Are you done with the paper yet, dear? (Senior Division). Barnes, Natalie Brief Article 182
Bacteria mediated denitrification. (Senior Division). Miller, Genevieve Brief Article 85
Ballistics of load variance. (Senior Division). Beal, Robert Brief Article 108
Breaking the constraints of the Gregorian time system. (Senior Division). Herrera, Bryan; Klausner, Luke Brief Article 204
Cattle with Brisket Disease. (Senior Division). Moore, Shannon; Bowers, Janice Brief Article 190
Cloning carrots. (Junior Division). Krehmeyer, Kayla; Kukus, Kindra Brief Article 114
Clostridium perfringens. (Junior Division). Tagtmeyer, Kori Brief Article 148
Colorado-Wyoming Junior Academy of Science. Brief Article 208
Communication towers and their effects on birds. (Senior Division). Lopez, Daniel S. Brief Article 119
Comparing air welds to underwater welds. (Senior Division). Caver, Jessica Brief Article 105
Computer modeling of the dependence of traffic flow on traffic load. (Senior Division). Sanford, David Brief Article 177
Conclusion of the Alferd Packer project. Dujay, Richard C.; Bailey, David; Williams, Chad; Marvin, Matt Brief Article 150
Conditions affecting bacterial growth. (Junior Division). Wright, Lindsay H Brief Article 133
Creating a procedural control for the detection of methicillin--resistance in S. aureus. (Senior Division). Grimes, Alex Brief Article 222
Differences in temperature of D-76 on photographic film. (Junior Division). Line, Benton A. Brief Article 106
Does Prozac affect the way a crayfish learns? (Senior Division). Green, Jennifer Brief Article 156
Early exposure to illness and later response to stress and drug reward. (Senior Division). Ledbetter, Alicea Brief Article 107
Effect of varied amounts of sunlight on population levels of the marine rotifer B. pilicatus. (Senior Division). Marlow, Jeffrey Brief Article 208
Effects of steroids and dioxin (2,3,7,8-TCDD) on the developing wolffian ducts of the tiger salamander Ambystoma tigrinum. Vajda, Alan M.; Norris, David O. Brief Article 226
Equine heel contraction. (Junior Division). Bancroft, Naomi Brief Article 111
Examining the effects of pestcentro on insects. (Senior Division). Kim, Timothy Brief Article 199
Food for thought. (Senior Division). Smith, Emily; Nielsen, Katy Brief Article 192
Forensic entomology. (Junior Division). Henry, Amber Brief Article 157
Forensic investigation of cannibal Alferd Packer by scanning electron microscopy/energy dispersive spectroscopy. Dujay, Richard C.; Williams Chad; Marvin Matthew J.; Kosanke, Ken Brief Article 117
Fuse survey. (Senior Division). Figoski, Laura Brief Article 145
Gaseous emissions from char particle combustion in a fluidized bed. (Senior Division). Coughlin, Andrew M; Eakin, Virginia B Brief Article 310
Gene prints-do genetics influence fingerprints? (Junior Division). Bartlett, Stacey Brief Article 143
Get a grip. (Junior Division). Ohr, Darrick R. Brief Article 195
Gone with the wind: predicting wind erosion. (Junior Division). Wright, Craig Brief Article 194
How effective is ethanol-enriched gasoline? (Senior Division). Van Wagener, David Brief Article 213
Human growth hormone hype. (Junior Division). Bowers, Brittelle Brief Article 191
Interactive Web page design. (Senior Division). Maerz, Adam H Brief Article 160
Investigations of capricious gene expression in drosophila wing development. (Senior Division). Itano, Michelle S. Brief Article 186
Laminar air flow. (Junior Division). Dykstra, Grant Brief Article 133
Learned helplessness. (Senior Division). Chaney, Marissa Brief Article 202
Learning modalities. (Senior Division). Seibert, Kristel L. Brief Article 185
Light curves of short period eclipsing binary stars. (Senior Division). Fawcett, Stephanie M. Brief Article 184
Limited ethanol teratogenic effects in NSA mice. Deganhart, Nick; Hart, Jeremy; Gilliam, David Brief Article 151
Living with volcanic hazards: Mount Ranier case study. Hains, Tiffany Brief Article 177
Microbial C[O.sub.2] respiration. (Junior Division). Benton, Tyler Brief Article 171
Mycobacterium BCG. (Senior Division). Pickard, Erin Brief Article 163
Neural networks and isomaps: a comparison of dimensionality reduction frameworks. (Senior Division). Christopher, Kevin Brief Article 205
Nitrogen quanitfication. (Senior Division). Mills, Andy Brief Article 145
Nutritional treatment for arthritic dogs. (Senior Division). Haller, Kelly Brief Article 169
Organic opposition. (Senior Division). Klausner, Levi Brief Article 144
Origin of late pleistocene alluvium in the Lower Mississippi Valley: is it glacial outwash? Aslan, Andres; Campbell, Angie; Carrier, Jean; Garhart, Alex; McClain, Rick; Rodriguez, Clem; Rudolf Brief Article 192
Osmotic inducement to cryopreserved clones. (Senior Division). George, Shannon R. Brief Article 140
Photo-induced absorption effects in photorefractive polymer materials. Christensen, Thomas M.; Ghebremichael, F. Brief Article 177
Plant biomass conversion. (Senior Division). Graeber, Daniel Brief Article 203
Port problems-when cold can you flow. (Junior Division). Mertens, Karl Brief Article 188
PPA help or hurt? (Junior Division). Amen, Coby Brief Article 138
Put your water to the test. (Junior Division). Mcgilvray, Megan Brief Article 128
Rattlesnake responses to domesticated house mice, Mus musculus, of different strains. Ackermann, Gail; Chiszar, David Brief Article 154
Reexamination of forensic documents relating to the Alferd Packer murder case. Bailey, David P. Brief Article 148
Refining the kokanee salmon model of vertebrate brain aging and Alzheimer's Disease: progress in cloning the presenilin-1 gene. Hobbs, Steven L.; Tsai, Pei-San; Norris, David O. Brief Article 225
Robotics. (Senior Division). Megel, Anthony Brief Article 130
Sam coatings for microelectromechanical systems. (Senior Division). Poot, Sayab L. Brief Article 244
Seats and feet--a look at the hospital fomite. (Junior Division). Lebsock, Lindi Brief Article 199
Secondary melt characteristics: evidence supporting an extraterrestrial provenance for Westwater, Utah, microspherules. Fandrich, J.W.; Dujay, Richard C. Brief Article 218
Seismic loading and single plate shear connection survivability. Crocker, Joseph Brief Article 201
SEM/EDS preperation and investigation into the Colorado cannibal of 1874. Williams, Chad; Dujay, Richard; Marvin, Mathew, Kosanke, Ken Brief Article 152
Semi-trucks: what a drag! (Senior Division). Kamber, Robert Brief Article 224
Some theoretical issues associated with fence, prairie and plateau lizards, Sceloporus undulatus. Chiszar, David; Smith, Hobart M. Brief Article 172
Sound production in rocks. (Senior Division). Stoesz, Erin A. Brief Article 190
Speed of sound. (Junior Division). Graham, Charlie Brief Article 197
Stability of a small planet's orbit in a 3 body system. (Senior Division). Ginsburg, Adam Brief Article 130
Suckers. (Junior Division). Quick, Kate; McCracken, Amy Brief Article 142
Television violence on adolescents. (Junior Division). Sayles, Morgan Brief Article 97
The actions of methoprene acid on a developing urodele. Lopez, Elena M.; Norris, David O. Brief Article 231
The biodegradation of detergents. (Junior Division). Ferguson, Josh; Abbott, Brad Brief Article 123
The Colorado-Wyoming Academy of Science. Brief Article 386
The effect location has on the efficiency of an electron precipitator. (Senior Division). Gilbride, Lucas Brief Article 210
The effect of C[O.sub.2] on plants. (Junior Division). Thorne, James C. Brief Article 81
The effects of electromagnetic radiation on ant pheromones. (Senior Division). Wang, Ko-Chun Brief Article 171
The effects of genetic engineering on antibiotic resistance. (Senior Division). Mertens, April Brief Article 206
The effects of wood smoke on the germination of seeds. (Senior Division). Cudlip, Courtney; Kay, Elissa Brief Article 191
The forensic identification of pyrotechnic reaction residue particles by SEM/EDS. Kosanke, K.L.; Dujay, R.C.; Kosanke, B.J. Brief Article 235
The hypocrisy of antibacterial hand gels. (Junior Division). Moore, Eris P. Brief Article 134
The production of glutathione by inducing MRP expression. (Senior Division). Propst, Keri Brief Article 224
The propitious effects of antioxidants in preventing free-radical cell damage. (Senior Division). Yi, John Brief Article 171
The PV-92 Alu element. (Senior Division). McGuire, Holly Brief Article 202
Trigger point injections. (Senior Division). Stone, Stephy Brief Article 154
Using GIS to estimate the age of paleo-glaciers. (Senior Division). Burgess, Evan W Brief Article 203
Will poisonous plastics take you to the undertaker? (Junior Division). Schmidt, Nathan Brief Article 208
Year two: from where do the A, B and Rh antigens come? (Senior Division). Dickerson, Amelia 203

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