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Articles from Journal of the Colorado-Wyoming Academy of Science (April 1, 2001)

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A comparative study of the aerodynamic efficiency of newer and older body styles in pick up trucks. Grass, Ben Brief Article 99
A comparison of ethanol teratogenesis in outbred CD-1 and inbred C57BL/6J mice. Hart, Jeremy; Bensaadon, Reut; Roupe, Katie; Zook, Nancy; Gilliam, David Brief Article 245
A comparison of the growth of plants in soil vs. hydroponic medium. Leiser, Wendy Brief Article 92
A monograph of Cytospera species. Swan, Wendi Brief Article 195
A sensory integration technique for autism. Green, Jennifer Brief Article 165
Aerodynamics. Huang, Samuel Brief Article 132
Alfred Packer: a search for 127 year old evidence. Dujay, Richard C. Brief Article 241
An analysis of fecal pellet size in meadow voles: better food during more austere conditions? Dunn, Michael T.; Marefat, A. Marie; Unangst, Edward, T., Jr. Brief Article 243
Antioxidants. Yi, John S. Brief Article 120
Applying Teflon to windshields. Berkowitz, Henry I. Brief Article 211
Catalyzation. Robinson, Courtney Brief Article 109
Cheating. Zneimer, Lia Brief Article 102
Chilean copper mines. Dutcher, Cheyenne; Vogt, Jessica Brief Article 122
Colorado's space programs: student and university satellites. Bille, Matt; Lishock, Erika Brief Article 115
Comparative resistance of airfoils in a self-designed wind tunnel. Miller, Mark Brief Article 186
Cooperative learning in large general astronomy classes. Christensen, Thomas M. Brief Article 123
Corrosion, resistance & degradation of nails. Douglass, Kyle Brief Article 129
Dandelions-the medicinal weed? Canham, Stephen Brief Article 177
Decreasing paralysis in hornworms. Sessions, Renae Brief Article 128
Desert remediation: selecting for salt tolerant native grasses. George, Shannon Brief Article 205
Design and testing of micro thermal actuators. Villar, Carlos Brief Article 130
Deuterium-hydrogen ratios in stars. Knoche, Phil Brief Article 198
Development of a new setting for studying chemically-guided behaviours of brown treesnakes (Bioga irregularis). Chiszar, David; Stiles, Kathryn; Stark, Patrick; Smith, Hobart M. Brief Article 152
Development of high frequency ferromagnetic resonance systems at UCCS. Hutchison, Andrew; O'Keevan, Tammy; Celinski, Zbigniew Brief Article 193
Diet of the painted turtle (Chrysemys picta) from southwestern Colorado. Cooley, Christopher R.; Dolinger, Amy; Tucker, Paul Brief Article 161
Differential effects of deception on midline EEG activity. Donley, L.D.; Pratarelli, M.E.; Lawson, A.L. Brief Article 222
Domed - not doomed. Gartin, Skyler Brief Article 103
Double replacement reactions. Anscher, Daniel Brief Article 183
Effects of age on stairclimbing performance. Nash, Donald J. Brief Article 274
Effects of annealing on explosive bond. Caver, Jessica Brief Article 125
Effects of body composition on isoflurane anesthesia efficacy in Microtus pennsylvanicus (meadow vole). Thompson, Kristen D.; Moeller, Christopher L.; Southard, Teresa L.; Unangst, Edward, T., Jr. Brief Article 212
Effects of daytime sleepiness and Sleep Onset Rems Period (SORP) on reported dream recall. Chacon, P.; Pagel, J.F.; Pratarelli, M.E. Brief Article 243
Effects of watching videos on attitudes toward homosexuals. Franson, A.; Thompson, S.; Pratarelli, M.E. Brief Article 227
Environmental adaptation. Spitz, Josh Brief Article 181
Evaluating an aspen-based diet for llamas. Atencio, Elizabeth Brief Article 198
Ferromagnetic resonance in metal films and its application in microwave devices. Cramer, Nick; Celinski, Zbigniew; Camley, Robert E. Brief Article 235
Foot fables fact or fiction. Junge, Jamie L. Brief Article 153
From where do A, B, and RH anti-bodies come? Dickerson, Amelia Brief Article 178
Fuel vs. RPM. Whipp, Garrett J. Brief Article 86
Getting a bang out of [H.sub.2]O. Moore, Shannon; Bowers, Janice Brief Article 186
Glucosamine/chondroitin sulfate. Behrens, Dusty Brief Article 205
Glutaminase expression in a transfectant rat proximal tubule cell line. McPhee, Christopher S. Brief Article 236
Glutamine supplementation in dogs. Iske, Lauren M. Brief Article 205
Goldenseal-antibiotic or immune stimulant? Miller, Genevieve Brief Article 86
Gorillas in the concrete jungle. Stephens, Laurel Brief Article 210
Herbal teas: bane or palliative. Haller, Kelly Brief Article 197
High resolution magnetic susceptibility measurements of a sediment core from Northern Iceland. Wojciak, Amy Brief Article 144
Higher dimensions. Hall, Nicholas M. Brief Article 192
Inhibition of UDP-glucose dehydrogenase by analogs of 6-thiopurine. Esquibel, Victoria L.; Hyslop, Richard M. Brief Article 213
Interference fringes of double stars. Liu, Thomas Brief Article 178
Isometric hip muscle strength of subjects with residual symptoms following inversion ankle sprain. Chock, Kelii; Ross, Michael Brief Article 216
It's not magic, it's math. Scott, Paul Brief Article 199
Laser bioeffects: genetic induction of cultured human melanocytes by picosecond pulse laser-light exposure. Lykins, Daniel R.; Obringer, John W.; Johnson, Martin D. Brief Article 206
Magnetic and gaseous behavior in the sun. Day, Amelia L. Brief Article 110
Manure marvels. Fritzler, Andrew Brief Article 204
Microchiroptera community structure across an urbanization gradient. Christensen, Alicia; McIlwee, Allen; Miller, Zoe; Lenncevi, Terese; Bauer, Kate; Newton, Kelly; Hort Brief Article 191
Music to your ears. McGilvray, Megan Brief Article 116
Neural networks for constellation Jidentmcation. Christopher, Kevin Brief Article 272
NIH "bridge to the future" grant emaphasizes research internships for participants. Stranahan, Patricia L.; Walker, Rosie; Bergren, Todd; Wardle, Karen; Sullivan, Frank Brief Article 237
Observing black hole candidates. Garver, Diane Brief Article 141
Occurrence of fore-limb malformations in several captive populations of amphibians. Carr, Ryan J.; Smith, Jeramiah; Nash, Donald J.; Anderson, Sheri Brief Article 221
Online measurement of nasal NO. Muchnik, Jane Brief Article 234
Oscar the grouch's fine wine. Barnes, Natalie C. Brief Article 139
Patterns in distribution and characteristics of diffuse interstellar bands. Zukowski, Daniel E. Brief Article 133
Perceptions of intelligence based on writing skills. Paul, K.; Skube, N. Brief Article 218
Peristence of the grizzly bear Ursus arctos horribilis in Colorado: likelihood and implications. Bille, Matt; McCollouth, Cherie Brief Article 154
Photocurable polyanhydrides engineered for orthopedic applications. Harris, Brianna C. Brief Article 161
Phytoremediation. Sekhar, Pavan Brief Article 177
Plant cells in fecal samples. Webster, Kerry Brief Article 82
Population ecology of the painted turtle (Chrysemys picta) from southwestern Colorado. Cooley, Christopher R.; Floyd, Aaron O.; Groce, Chad E. Brief Article 193
Predicting avalanche risk. Burgess, Evan Brief Article 127
Protection against E. coli infection. Dermer, Janessa Brief Article 188
Random orentations of wire. Klausner, Levi; Klausner, Luke Brief Article 208
Recent issues in neutrino studies. Watkins, Sallie A. Brief Article 131
Reducing malondialdehyde with ascorbic acid. Propst, Ked Brief Article 218
Second hand smoke. Schmidt, Nissa L. Brief Article 163
Sensory neuropeptides in allergic airway inflammation. Grewal, Preetraj S. Brief Article 217
Sex determination in nubian people. Youmans, Andrea Brief Article 87
Silver dental amalgams. Wright, Heather Brief Article 111
Stereochemical study of the reduction of Acetophenone. Bailey, Alden; Schreck, James; Pringle, David Brief Article 122
Structure of the Male Tree Swallow pleasure call. Cohen, Robert R. Brief Article 246
The caries question. Timko, Melissa Brief Article 187
The Colorado-Wyoming Academy of Science. Brief Article 482
The effect of edta on protist cysts and trophozoites. Dickerson, Elliot Brief Article 175
The effect of hurricane shields on the burn time and flame intensity of candles. Aragon, Nate D. Brief Article 153
The effectiveness of Anacharis in phytoremediation of aqueous copper pollution. Cudlip, Courtney; Horgan, Carys Brief Article 151
The effects of lead dioxide on E. coli. McGuire, Holly Brief Article 180
The firefly effect. Wright, Craig Brief Article 189
The herpetology of American medical symbolism. Chiszar, David; Smith, Hobart M. Brief Article 107
The preparation of various 6-thiopurine analogs using a modified traube synthesis. Piquette, Jeff; Hyslop, Richard M. Brief Article 209
The subfamily Leptogastrinae (Diptera: Asilidae) in Colorado and Wyoming, USA. Carr, Ryan J.; Kondratieff, B.C. Brief Article 275
The trend in introns among eukaryotes. King, Eric Brief Article 150
The viability of bacteria under extreme environmental conditions. Sanford, David Brief Article 177
The vomeronasal system and predatory behavior in rattlesnakes. Stark, C.P.; Chiszar, David; Stiles, Kathryn; Smith, Hobart M. Brief Article 144
Thermal degradation. Migacz, Justin V. Brief Article 91
Thyrotropin releasing hormone does not condition taste aversion. Alvarado, Karen A.; Kulkosky, Paul J. Brief Article 221
Tiger Muskie. Atwater, Kyle Brief Article 216
Tracking foot print pheromones in honey bees. Shapiro, Annie Brief Article 91
Use of chromosomal markers for distinguishing common deer mice and white-footed mice on the U.S. Air Force Academy reservation. Hall, Zachary G.; Hendrickson, John D.; Unangst, Edward, T., Jr.; Hale, David W. Brief Article 191
Using GPS to quantify the relative lightning risk of ridges and mesas. Burgess, Aaron Brief Article 146
Video gamies and their effect on reaction time. Wu, James; Yandel, Christopher Brief Article 152
Wildlife on three Colorado energy stations. Ryder, Ronald A. Brief Article 233

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