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Articles from Journal of the Chemical Society of Pakistan (June 30, 2013)

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Acylhydrazide Schiff Bases: Synthesis and Antiglycation Activity. KHAN, KHALID MOHAMMED; TAHA, MUHAMMAD; RAHIM, FAZAL; FAKHRI, MUHAMMAD IMRAN; JAMIL, WAQAS; KHAN, MOM Report 3188
Adsorption and Desorption Characteristic of Benzimidazole Based Fungicide Carbendazim in Pakistani Soils. Ahmad, Khuram Shahzad; Rashid, Naghmana; Nazar, Muhammad Faizan; Tazaiyen, Saaida Report 3384
Adsorption Parameters Optimization for Removal of Alizarin Red-S and Brilliant Blue FCF dyes from Water using Abelmoschus esculentus Stem Powder. Rehman, Rabia; Abbas, Aadil; Murtaza, Shahzad; Anwar, Jamil; Mahmud, Tariq; Akbar, Saba Report 2740
Amaranth-Protein Interaction in Food System and its Impact on Tryptic Digestibility. Saeed, Syed Muhammad Ghufran; Sayeed, Syed Asad; Ashraf, Seema; Qureshi, Afreen; Ali, Rashida; Kausa Report 2622
Antibacterial Activities of Some Arylidene Barbiturate Derivatives. Report 1505
Calculation of Rate Constant of Dimerization of an Electrochemically Generated Species. Mohammad, Mahboob; Naz, Lubna; Rauf, Asma; Rauf, Saba Report 934
Characterization and Antioxidant Activity of the Complex of PomegranatePolyphenol Extract and Lecithin. Gang Li; Xiaohong Ge; Ruixiang Zhao Report 2326
Chemical Modification of Oryza sativa Linnaeus Husk with Urea for Removal of Brilliant Vital Red and Murexide Dyes from Water by Adsorption in Environmentally Benign Way. Rehman, Rabia; Mahmud, Tariq; Kanwal, Farah; Latif, Muhammad Naeem Aslam Rabia; Nisar, Hina Report 2985
Coagulation-Flocculation Studies of Laboratory Wastewater using Different Combinations. Butt, Muhammad Tahir; Khokar, Arshad; Iqbal, Khalid; Khan, Rauf Ahmad Report 2525
Comparative Studies on the Phytochemistry of Essential Oil from Needles and Berries of Juniperus excelsa M. Bieb. Report 2676
Comparative Study of Different Cooking Methods on Nutritional Attributes and Fatty Acid Profile of Chicken Meat. Hussain, Abdullah Ijaz; Chatha, Shahzad Ali Shahid; Iqbal, Tabassum; Arshad, Muhammad Umair; Zahoor, Report 3378
Comparative Study of Fluoride Concentration in Human Serum and Drinking Water in Fluorinated Endemic and Non Endemic Areas of Pakistan. Qayyum, Muniza; Ahmad, Bashir; Ahmad, Maqsood; Waheed-Uz-Zaman; Rehman, Rabia Report 1974
Corrosion Behavior of Coated and Uncoated Bio Implants in SBF (Simulated Body Fluid)'. Iqbal, Waqas; Zahra, Naseem; Alam, Shahzad; Habib, Farzana; Irfan, Muhammad Report 1307
Determination of Nitrite and Nitrate in Natural Waters Using Flow Injection with Spectrophotometric Detection. Yaqoob, Mohammad; Nabi, Abdul; Worsfold, Paul John Report 4079
Determination of Trace Metal and Mineral Levels in the Tobacco and Cigarette samples using by FASS. Levent, Abdulkadir; Yardim, Yavuz; Demir, Cengiz Report 3836
Development and Validation of RP-HPLC Method for Determination of Famotidine and its Application in Quality Control of Different Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms. Hassan, Syed Saeed Ul; Ahmad, Irshad; Ayub, Muhammad; Ishtiaq, Saiqa; Hayat, Muhammad Munawar; Khali Report 2377
Development of Spectrophotometric Methods for the Determination of Cefixime in Capsule and Suspension by Making Complex with Cobalt Chloride and Cobalt Nitrate. Saeed-Ul-Hassan, Syed; Ansari, Muhammad Tayyab; Sadad, Shumila; Tariq, Imran; Mahmood, Zahid Report 1819
Development, in Vitro Characterization and Comparative Pharmacokinetic Evaluation of Novel Controlled Release Matrix Tablets vs. Conventional Tablets of Olanzapine in Healthy Human Volunteers. ULLAH, SAMI; SUBHAN, FAZAL; SULTAN, SYED MUHAMMAD; BADSHAH, AMIR; MUHAMMAD, AZIZ; RAUF, KHALID; ALI, Report 2389
DFT Studies of Halogen Bonding Abilities of Nitrobenzene with Halogens and Chlorofluorocarbons. Ayub, Khurshid; Mahmood, Tariq Report 2273
DNA Binding Studies of New Ferrocene based Bimetallics. Khan, Nasir; Lal, Bhajan; Badshah, Amin; Altaf, Ataf Ali; Kamal, Shafqat Ali Saqib; Zia-Ur-Rehman Report 2761
DNA interaction, Antibacterial and Antifungal studies of 3-nitrophenylferrocene. Ali, Shaqfat; Altaf, Ataf Ali; Badshah, Amin; Imtiaz-Ud-Din; Lal, Bhajan; Kamal, Saqib; Ullah, Shafi Report 3539
Effect of Metal Salts on Antibacterial Activity of Zingiber Officinale Roscoe Extract. Sohail, Tehmina; Yaqeen, Zahra; Imran, Hina; Zakir-Ur-Rehman; Fatima, Nudrat Report 2606
Effect on the Inhibitory Activity of Potential Microbes on the Complexation of Methyl Anthranilate Derived Hydrazide with Cu, Ni and Zn (II) Metal Ions. Ikram, Muhammad; Rehman, Sadia; Khan, Kamin; Saeed-Ur-Rehman Report 3730
Electrolyte Assisted Sono-Electrochemical Decomposition of Reactive Red 195. Abid, Tayyaba; Malik, Sidra Nisar; Hussain, Natasha; Siddique, Maria; Mahmood, Qaisar; Hussain, Ijaz Report 3179
Fluoride Free New Nano-Particles-Mn-Biotite Synthesis for Removal Some of Toxic Heavy Metals, Th(IV) and U(VI) from Aqueous Solutions. Elsabawy, Khaled Mohmmed; Abou-Sekkina, Morsy Masaoud; Tawfik, Ahmed Talat Report 4080
FTIR, DC Current Conduction, Ionic Conductivity, and Resistivity Studies of PEO Based Polymer Composite System. Khan, Mohammad Saleem; Sultana, Sabiha; Noor-Ul-Amin; Subhan, Mohammad Report 1905
Heat Tolerance Evaluation of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Genotypes Based on Some Potential Heat Tolerance Indicators. Khan, Sami Ullah; Jalal-Ud-Din; Gurmani, Ali Raza; Qayyum, Abdul; Khan, Hakim Report 3074
Kinetic Studies on Hydrogen Bonding in Quinone Anion Radical and the Dianion of Tetramethyl-1,4-Benzoquinone. Mohammad, Mahboob; Rauf, Saba; Rauf, Asma; Naz, Lubna Report 918
Launeugenol, a New Eugenol Derived Dimer from Launaea intybacea. Saleem, Muhammad; Parveen, Shehla; Riaz, Naheed; Ejaz, Muhammad Ashraf Syeda Abida; Waris, Hafiz Muh Report 2036
Manufacturing F-Fly Ash Based Geopolymer Mortars Using CFBC Bottom Ash as Fine Aggregates. Report 4056
Microwave Assisted Partial Synthesis of Enantiomerically Pure S-ispinesib-A case study. Rashid, Umer; Ahsanullah; Waseem, Muhammad; Ansari, Farzana Latif Report 1756
Morphological, Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Nanoclay-Filled Polyethylene Oxide Nanocomposites. Saeed, Khalid; Ishaq, Mohammad; Ahmad, Imtiaz; Shakirullah, Mohammad; Latifullah Report 2242
Nutritional and Toxicological Evaluation of Grewia asiatica (Phalsa) Powder Used as a Summer Drink. Atiq-Ur-Rahman; Fatima, Nudrat; Imran, Hina; Saleem, Nida; Sohail, Tehmina; Raif, Muhammad; Yaqeen, Report 2650
Observing Trends in the Functionalization of CNTs Using Same Oxidizing Acids under Two Different Conditions. Aftab, Sara; Nawaz, Haq; Siddiq, Mohammad Report 3342
Oligocephlate, a new a-Glucosidase inhibitory Neohopane Triterpene from Vernonia oligocephala. Riaz, Naheed; Feroze, Kanwal; Saleem, Muhammad; Misaddiq, Sara; Ashraf, Muhammad; Alam, Umber; Musta Report 1698
Production of Biodiesel from Pinus Roxburghii Oil and its Evaluation. Ishaq, Mohammad; Saeed, Khalid; Ahmad, Imtiaz; Shakirullah, Mohammad; Salma, Bushra Report 3080
Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment of Fatty Acids of Buddleja asiatica by GC-MS. Ali, Farman; Ali, Irshad; Bibi, Hafsa; Malik, Abdul; Stern, Ben; Maitland, Derek James Report 2565
Removal of Basic Dye from Aqueous Solutions Using Nano Scale Zero Valent Iron (NZVI) as Adsorbent. KHAN, MUHAMMAD SUFAID Report 2148
Short Term Influence of Gypsum, Farm Manure and Commercial Humic Acid on Physical Properties of Salt Affected Soil in Rice Paddy System. Shaaban, Muhammad; Abid, Muhammad; Pengi Qi-An Report 2964
Simple Growth and Characterization of a-Sb2O4:Evaluation of their Photo-catalytic and Chemical Sensing Applications. Jamal, Aslam; Rahman, Mohammed Muzibur; Khan, Sher Bahadar; Abdullah, Mohammed Margub; Faisal, Mohd; Report 3310
Statistical Analysis of Fluoride Levels in Human Urine and Drinking Water Samples of Fluorinated Area of Punjab (Pakistan). Qayyum, Muniza; Waheed-Uz-Zaman; Rehman, Rabia; Ahmad, Bashir; Ahmad, Maqsood; Ali, Sara; Murtaza, S Report 2559
Studies in Accelerated (Predicted) Versus Observed Anticorrosive Performance for Coastal Industrialized Location. Bano, Humaira; Khan, Mazher Islam; Kazmi, Syed Arif Report 4224
Study on the Thermal Properties of Some Inorganically Modified Pre- Baked Clay Samples. Ahmad, Imtiaz; Ullah, Hameed Report 2435
Synthesis of Acyl Analogues of Coniferyl Alcohol and their Antimycobacterial Activity. Bhatti, Huma Aslam; Uddin, Nizam; Begum, Sabira; Siddiqui, Bina Shaheen Report 2287
Synthesis, Characterization, X-ray Structure and Biological Screenings of Silver(I) and Copper(I) Complexes of Triphenylphosphine Dithiocarboxylate. Abbas, Syed Mustansar; Sirajuddin, Muhammad; Ali, Saqib; Hussain, Syed Tajammul; Shah, Farooq Ali; M Report 3719
Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Fungicidal Activity of 3-(((4-Cyclopropyl-5-Methyl- 4H-1,2,4-Triazol-3-yl)Thio)Methyl)Benzonitrile H2O (1:1) Solvent. Jian-Zhong Jin; Na-Bo Sun Report 3042
Thermal Behavior, Non-Isothermal Decomposition Reaction Kinetics and Thermal-Safety Evaluation on 3-Amino-4-chloroximidofurazan. Report 2645
Use of Rice Husk Ash for Adsorptive Removal of Cobalt (II) ions along with Kinetic, Isothermal and Thermodynamical Modelling. Zafar, Uzma; Naeem, Sumra; Rehman, Rabia; Zia-Ul-Haq, Muhammad; Ahmad, Nazir Report 3301
Utilization of Chemically Modified Citrus reticulata Peels for Biosorptive Removal of Acid Yellow-73 Dye from Water. Rehman, Rabia; Salman, Muhammad; Mahmud, Tariq; Kanwal, Farah; Waheed-Uz-Zaman Report 2190
Water Quality Assessment of Haleji Lake (Sindh, Pakistan) A Ramsar Recognized Site. Jahangirr, Taj Muhammad; Khuhawar, Muhammad Yar; Leghari, Sultan Mehmood; Mahar, Mukhtiar Ahmed; Bal Report 3545
Xanthine Oxidase Inhibition by 5-aryledene N,N'-dimethylbarbituric Acid Derivatives. Khan, Khalid Mohammed; Khan, Momin; Karim, Aneela; Taha, Muhammad; Ambreen, Nida; Gojayev, Anar; Per Report 2392
Zinc Dependent Acid Phosphatases from Camel Liver: Purificaion and Chracterization. Sherazi, Mehrin; Saeed, Asma; Naz, Rubina; Abbas, Shakil; Ameen, Aisha Siddiqua Shazia; Zaman, Amber Report 2303
Zirconium Phosphate-Methylene Blue Composite Immobilized at Room-Temperature Ionic Liquid Matrix for Electrochemical Detection of NADH. Xiaoying Zeng; Juxing Jiang; Haiyun Zhang Report 2382

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