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Articles from Journal of the Alabama Academy of Science (April 1, 2015)

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A 3D haptic vest for the visually impaired. Benson, Sean A. Report 264
A collaboration between Alabama A&M University and high schools in preparing physics teachers: Alliance for Physics Excellence. Aggarwal, Mohan D.; Sckamschula, Marius; Edwards, Vernessa; Cady, Barbara; Kirnes, Dianne Abstract 209
A genetic screen to identify novel regulators of DNA replication during Drosophila oogenesis. Bruner, Winter; Urban, Elise; McConnell, Kristopher H. Abstract 263
A new method for growing hypoxic cells: the gradient coverslip (GCVSL) method. Wright, Brenda S.; Moriarity, Debra M. Abstract 213
A novel bioelectronic chip for noninvasive, versatile cancer detection. Macha, Venkata V. Report 240
A qualitative study of mathematical practices by pre-service mathematics teachers. Truelove, Hazel Abstract 199
Absorption and emission properties of rare earth ions doped in glass. Salimu, Kumasi; Kumar, Akshaya; Sharma, Prakash C. 132
Actin cytoskeleton in Schizophrenia. Bhambhvani, H.; Meadorwoodruff J. Report 230
Addicted or irresponsible? Hammond, Diane 145
Agenda: Alabama Academy of Science Spring 2015 Executive Committee meeting. 9671
Alcohol abuse: the impact of alcohol abuse. Myers, Beverly J.; Jemison, Sandra Abstract 168
Altered wheel running and exploratory activity in a mouse model of Tyrosinemia Type I. Macgregor, Gordon G.; Watkins, Timley; Coker, Sarah; Barnby, Beth; Mendenhall, Eric M. Brief article 260
Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) versus the court system. Ray, Austin; Kennedy, R. Bryan; Herring, Susan D.; Essary, Michael 145
An investigation on the effects of sedimentation on epilithic periphyton. Herron, Katelynne J. Report 271
Analysis of fiberglass pole breaking in pole vault event. Tan, Arjun; Edwards, Vernessa; Schamschula, Marius 120
Annual variation in fish assemblages using brackish pools on a northern Gulf of Mexico Barrier Island. Bonham, Caitlyn E.; McCall, John Author abstract 239
Applications of Laser Induced Breakdown spectroscopy. Kumar, Akshaya; Sharma, Prakash C. 143
Archaeology of the French bakery and Palisade eighteenth-century Fort Tombecbe. Dumas, Ashley Abstract 238
Are chimpanzees persons? Elfstrom, Gerard Book review 156
Ascorbic acid effects on the antibody response in Rhinella marina. Tempero, Mashika; Hagan, Krista; Ward, Chelsea Author abstract 203
Association experiment of C. G Jung: its use in identifying inner psychological processes. Werner, Melissa 270
Battle of Point Pleasant; history and archaeology of the first battle of the American revolution. Koerper, Phillip E. Abstract 238
Bio-based calcium carbonate (CACO3) nanoparticles for drug delivery applications. Rangari, Shivani; Render, Diane; Fadlalla, Khalda; Samuel, Temesgen 254
Caterpillar saliva mediates herbivore defense gene expression in maize. Harry, Brittany D.; Ray, Swayamjit; Acevedo, Flor; Jin, Shan; Peiffer, Michelle; Luthe, Dawn S.; Fel Author abstract 261
Chemical signaling in mosquito fish Gambusia holbrooki. Ryan, Emily Report 273
Comparison of the gut microbiome composition of the zebrafish (Danio rerio), fed with gluten and gluten-free diets. Koo, Hyunmin; Hakim, Joseph; Powell, Mickie; Kumar, Ranjit; Morrow, Casey; Bej, Asim; Watts, Stephen Abstract 287
Computational insights into folded protein transport by dynamic channel formation in bacteria. Nayak, Chitra; Brown, Aidan I.; Rutenberg, Andrew D. Report 149
Continued archaeological research along the Federal Road. Cottier, John W. Brief article 108
Correlation of band gap energies in visible spectrum and silicon to solar cell efficiency. Sanks, Leah S. Report 282
Crowdsourcing applications as tools for research and experiential learning in environmental science. Chandrasenan, Divya Abstract 239
Cryptosporidiosis in cotton rats (sigmadon hispidus). Altimer, John A.; West, Raymond E.; Mock, Lawrence C. Report 268
Cultivating Sommerstorffia spinosa (oomycota), an obligate predator of loricate rotifers. Hunter, Maisey E.; Lane, Caleb G.; Thompson, D. Brian; Davison, Paul G. Brief article 202
Decreasing the defects density at the Silicon Carbide interface through plasma annealing. McGee, Maurice; Chen, Zengjun; Sharma, Prakash C. Abstract 253
Design Science Research to assess cyber threat impacts and situational awareness. Dawson, Maurice Report 139
Design serves as society's response to the practical challenges of the age. Lundell, Clark E. Brief article 103
Determining the electrical surface resistivity of multiwall and single-wall carbon nanotube doped Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) thin films. Polius, Jemilia R.; Edwards, Matthew Report 175
Development of husbandry protocols for the turquois killifish an emerging model organism. Powell, Mickie L.; White, Lindsay; Austad, Stephen N.; Allison, David B.; Watts, Stephen A. Brief article 257
Dietary macronutrients affect gonad composition in cultured sea urchins, Lytechinus variegatus. Yuan, Yuan; Heflin, Laura E.; Powell, Mickie L.; Watts, Stephen A. Brief article 255
Dietary protein source and quantity affects growth and body composition of juvenile Danio rerio. Williams, Michael B.; Dennis, Lacey N.; Berry, Jeff R.; Powell, Mickie L.; Watts, Stephen A.; Smith, Brief article 246
Differentiated instruction: characteristics of teachers who differntiate reading instruction. Wilchcombe, Dana L. Report 166
Digitization of fungal herbarium at the University of South Alabama. Carr, Stacie L.; Carr, Hank T.; Mata, Juan L. Report 240
Discourse analysis: studying nurse-nurse communication at bedside handoffs. Pope, Charlene A.; Hays, Mary M.; North-Lee, Bertha; Davis, Boyd H. Report 259
Discovering the reason for information technology project failure. Ramaswamy, Gokulakrishnan; Dawson, Maurice Abstract 255
Documentary films: using film to enhance writing skills and biological concepts in a general science classroom. Jordan, Diann; Bonds, Timetria; Saldhana, Sabita; Jordan, Shirley M. Abstract 243
Does inter-age class competition influence habitat use in a territorial lizard? Delaney, David M.; Warner, Daniel A. Author abstract 214
Early Soviet anti-satellite tests - success and failure. Tan, Arjun; Edwards, Vernessa; Schamschula, Marius Abstract 134
Eating disorders: an overview of two eating disorders. Myers, Beverly J.; Jemison, Sandra Disease/Disorder overview 172
Effects of chemical treatments on reducing compounds causing Channel catfish off-flavor. Williams, Truman, Jr.; Harvey, Zachary S.; Liu, Shaoyang Report 255
Effects of dietary compounds sulforaphane and withaferin a on MCF-7 breast cancer cells. Royston, Kendra J.; Tollefsbol, Trygve O. 284
Elucidating the role of the pro-survival to pro-death molecular switch in the Ire1a signaling pathway in arabidopsis Thaliana. Vollmer, Marie E.; Koerner, Camilla J.; Mukhtar, Karolina M. Report 245
Emergence pattern of hatchling Kemp's Ridley (Lepidochelys kempii) sea turtles at their natural nesting beach. Bonka, Amy N.; Wibbels, Thane Author abstract 268
Establishment of a new anatomical donation program in Alabama for medical education and research. Wood, Krissy L.; Foster, James D.; Carter, Melinda Report 184
Evaluation of a polyculture system containing the variegated sea urchin lytechinus variegatus and the pacific whiteleg shrimp litopenaeus vannamei. Jensen, Karen E.; Taylor, J. Chris; Powell, Mickie L.; Barry, Robert J.; Davis, D. Allen; Watts, Ste Brief article 258
Evaluation of Ctenus hibernalis (aranea: ctenidae) fitness in ecosystem undergoing restoration. Cole, T. Jeffrey; Hataway, Robert A. Report 186
Evaluation of municipal wastewater in the vicinity of Birmingham, Alabama for estrogens using vitellogenin gene expression in largescale stonerollers (campostoma oligolepis). Legg, Shara B.; Angus, Robert A. Author abstract 283
Examining acquisition education and training: a case study. Roberts, Charles R.; Herring, Susan D.; Kennedy, R. Bryan 108
Excavation of the French barracks at Fort Tombecbe. Mooney, Natalie Brief article 188
Exposure to Candida in a college environment. Smoot, Tamara C.; Bunres, Brian Report 151
Extraction from Zanthoxylum clava-herculis bark: N-(n anisyk)ethyl-N-Methylcinnamamide. Kim, Yun Ho; Riley, Zachary L.; Moon, Kwangyul Report 148
Family history or history of a nation? The strange case of the Elizondo Monge family in Costa Rica. Sewastynowicz, James Book review 219
Feeding habits of early juvenile sciaenid fishes of Santa Rosa Sound, FL. Millwood, Joshua D.; McCall, John Abstract 182
Fhallon Ware-Gilmore. Ware-Gilmore, Fhallon; Peiffer, Michelle; Shumaker, Ketia; Luthe, Dawn; Felton, Gary Author abstract 255
Focus Diabetic: a patient centered, interdisciplinary process to improve self management of diabetes. Winters, Shelly; Mestas, Lisa; Salas, Sheri; Bolton, Wilburn Abstract 255
Fosmid clonal library used to screen for a novel variant of FCGR2B. Howton, T.C.; Ptacek, Travis; Redden, David T.; Li, Xinrui; Ji, Chuanyi; Edberg, Jeffrey C.; Mukhtar Abstract 260
Frontier process in eighteenth century Georgia: an archaeological approach. Cottier, John W.; White, Emily J. Book review 141
Frontline engagement: a quantitative analysis of workforce development factors. Riley, Bettina H.; Buckner, Ellen B.; Mestas, Lisa; Dearmon, Valorie 271
Functionalizing glass surfaces for micro-fluidic flow channels. Maharanwar, Aniket; Weimer, Jeffrey Report 190
Game notifications: you are doing great!--Effect of performance analysis on player retention. Chen, Shao-yu 191
Gendered language in Darija and French: the case of gender attitudes and sexual violence in Morocco. Bowman, Katherine; Cormier, Loretta A. Book review 130
Gene expression in hardwood trees species exposed to ozone. Carroll, Rebecca A.; Jones, Chicko; Best, Teodora; shumaker, Ketia; Carlson, John Brief article 214
Geologic effects on montane longleaf pine (Pinus palustris) ecosystems. Buford, Dre'Shun; Duncan, R. Scot; Fincher, Malia; Huie, Nicole; Willson, Kevin; Gousse, Hannah Abstract 314
GMO containment via synthetic biology. Bradley, James T. Book review 198
Growth of lead iodide single crystals synthesized using low temperature solution technique. Surabhi, Raja; Bhat, Kamala; Batra, Ashok; Aggarwal, Mohan Report 162
Hepatic uptake of free fatty acids and the increase in fatty liver disease. Bradbury, Michael W. Report 259
Host origin analysis of fecal microbes. Burnes, Brian S. Brief article 117
Hydrothermal synthesis of CdO nano particles. Daggarwal, M.; Batra, A.K.; Bhatt, Kamala Report 294
Ichnology of horseshoe crabs (Limuloidea) in modern and ancient environments. Rindsberg, Andrew K.; Martin, Anthony J. Report 205
Impact of adult density on juvenile growth and survival in brown Anoles. Dhawan, Agam; Delaney, David; Warner, Daniel Abstract 247
Infection transmission risk posed by heating appliances used to fabricate thermoplastic immobilization devices. Brewer, Patricia A.; Ravine, Terrence J.; Bru, Sarah Report 260
Inspiring medicine through human touch: a history of the Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine. Reynolds, Philip D.; Carter, Melinda L.; Senn, Sarah; Goodson, Linda Report 258
Integration of DNA replication, chromatin modification, and development during drosophila oogenesis. McConnell, Kristopher H. Author abstract 261
Interdisciplinary approach to environmental education. Burns, Shuntele N. 167
Investigating Cardano's irreducible case. Edwards, Alex; Beaver, Micheal; Stovall, Jessica Report 212
IRE1-Dependent MRNA turn-over during biotic stress in Arabidopsis Thaliana. Koerner, Camilla J.; Vollmer, Marie E.; Mukhtar, Karolina Report 265
Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy for identification of rare earth ions in glass. Ojegba, Eduvie; Kumar, Akshaya; Sharma, Prakash C. Abstract 146
Least snout bean (Rhynchosia minima (Linnaeus) A.P. de Candolle; Fabaceae) rediscovered in Alabama. Diamond, Alvin R., Jr. Report 170
Magnetized Dusty Plasma Experiment (MDPX)--initial results. Thomas, Edward, Jr.; Lynch, Brian; Leblanc, Spencer; Konopka, Uwe Abstract 235
Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) propulsion: using MHD propulsion to propel a vessel. Pannell, William Report 251
MGLU4 As a possible therapeutic target for neuroprotection and anti-inflammation in Parkinson's disease. Ponnazhagan, Ranjani; Harms, Ashley S.; Standaert, Dr. David G. Report 251
MIR1-CP protein responses to herbivore feeding and jasmonic-acid pathway disruption. Cook, Maisa; Shumaker, Ketia; Castano-Duque, Lina; Luthe, Dawn; Felton, Gary Report 264
Modulation of macrophage phenotype using nanoparticle-delivered gene therapy for treatment of inflammatory diseases. Rastogi, Ruchir; Tran, Huyen; Amiji, Mansoor Report 248
Monitored growth and ovary condition of grass shrimp kept under laboratory conditions. Humphries, Kirsten N.; Rayburn, James R. Report 289
Most likely path to the shortfall risk under the optimal hedging. Wu, Zhijian; Jiaotong, Xian Abstract 140
Multiscale simulation of tumor growth and angiogenesis: a model for pharmacotherapy assessment and drug discovery. Abreo, Joshua Report 212
Natural thermal environments experienced by eggs affect morphology and performance of hatchling lizards (Anolis sagrei). Pearson, Phillip R.; Warner, Daniel A. Report 245
Negative or crippling results of multiple-choice test question on effective teaching and learning. Edwards, Matthew E. 265
No idling: Alabama Asthma Program intervention evaluation report. Hodges, Debra; Buckner, Ellen B. Abstract 264
Norcantharidin derivatives as inhibitors in the development of breast cancer drugs. Patel, Darshil M. Report 519
Novel genomic target for specific & sensitive identification of salmonella serovars from retail meat samples. Aldahami, Khaled; Afroj, Sayma; Adesiyun, Abiodun; Samuel, Temesgen; Abdel, Woubit Report 260
Photoluminescence R-line spectral parameters of emeralds from Colombia, Zambia, and Afghanistan. Morgan, Matthew B.; Bayens, Christian J.; Yara, Tomoyuki; Kidd, Joshua D.; Thompson, D. Brian Abstract 209
Photoluminescence R-Line spectral parameters of emeralds, a comparison with emeralds' chemical composition. Bayens, Christian J.; Morgan, Matthew B.; Yara, Tomoyuki; Kidd, Joshua D.; Thompson, D. Brian Abstract 171
Phototaxis in Sommerstorffia spinosa (oomycota) zoospores. Lane, Caleb G.; Hunter, Maisey E.; Davison, Paul G.; thompson, D. Brian Author abstract 194
Preventing transmission of infectious agents in healthcare setting: clearing isolation precautions with a history of MRSA. Massey, Erica; Wright, Theresa; Toris, Amanda Abstract 652
Prophylactic surgery for breast cancer and alternative treatments. Cleveland, Donna Report 302
Prostate cancer epithelial cells (murine tramp-C) growth affected by ganoderma mushroom extract. Ghazwani, Laila; Beaird, Janis; Merida, Jeffery Report 290
Prostate cancer epithelial cells (Murine Tramp-C) growth affected by omega-3 fatty acids. Alhassan, Fatimah; Beaird, Janis; Merida, Jeffery Report 247
Prostate cancer epithelial cells (Murine Tramp-C) growth affected by orange extract. Alonazi, Laila; Beaird, Janis; Merida, Jeffery Report 205
Prostate cancer epithelial cells (Murine Tramp-C) growth affected by pomegranate extract. Smoot, Tamara; Beaird, Janis; Merida, Jeffery Report 237
Protocol development of a student-friendly dehydration procedure for imaging marine decapods using scanning electron microscopy. Morris, Lora M.; Cline, Sara G. Report 104
Quantum dot Langmuir film vs. spin-casting films. Whitfield, Zachary Report 193
Reconstructing the cultural landscape of the Middle Coosa: Creek and Cherokee mythology. Holstein, Harry O.; Perry, Robert E. Book review 105
Sacred stone structure sites in Alabama: thirty years of archaeological research coupled with changing public awareness as to stone structure sites importance for native American cosmology. Holstein, Harry O. Book review 250
Seasonal changes in fish communities in near-shore habitats in Santa Rosa Sound, FL. Shirley, Hannah R.; McCall, John N. Brief article 237
Social stress as an indicator of crime: evaluating the spatial distribution of crime using proximate locations at the block level. Morgan, L.J.; Ross, Jessica Book review 207
Spatio-temporal investigation of E-coli contamination of tributary creeks: from Tallaseehatchee to the Coosa. Brown, Kaila; Morgan, Larry J. Book review 288
Structure-function investigation of the C-terminal HDS domains of the SEC7 guanine nucleotide exchange factor GBF1. Bhatt, Jay M.; Sztul, Elizabeth Report 295
Teaching human anatomy and physiology: a comparison of student response system quizzes to conventional paper tests (multiple choice) at Jacksonville State University. Rayburn, James R. Report 249
Tetracycline testing in Grave's Creek downstream of a Tyson Foods chicken processing plant in Blount County, Alabama. Ingram, Trey; Ancona, Chandler; Dobbins, Elizabeth Abstract 219
The adaptive significance of developmental plasticity in the wild: an experimental test using the brown anole lizard (Anolis sagrei). Cates, Corey Dale; Warner, Daniel Brief article 261
The Alabama Asthma Coalition: history, structure, and initiatives. Buckner, Ellen B.; Lyerly, Ashley Abstract 287
The Alabama Health Action Coalition (AL-HAC): transforming health workforce for improved health in Alabama. Buckner, Ellen B.; Ladner, Kathleen A.; Ratcliffe, Carol J. Abstract 271
The challenges and progress of a novel method for measuring dietary intake in the zebrafish Danio rerio. Taylor, J. Christopher; Powell, Mickie L.; Watts, Stephen A. Brief article 213
The channel mobility problem in SiC metal-oxide-semiconductor technology. Dhar, Sarit Abstract 321
The General Manager's dilemma: a perfect storm of ethics violations: a case study. Kennedy, R. Bryan; Herring, Susan D.; Pieplow, Thomas Abstract 199
The multifaceted role of Arabidopsis thaliana GCN2 (ATGCN2) kinase in plant hormone signaling and immune responses. Liu, Xiaoyu; McCormack, Maggie E.; Merchant, Azim; Rockett, Kristin Schwarzauer; Pajerowska-Mukhtar, Author abstract 259
The sea urchin, Lytechinus variegatus, gut microbiome manifests selective attribute following feeding with a formulated standard reference diet. Hakim, Joseph; Koo, Hyunmin; Dennis, Lacey; Kumar, Ranjit; Ptacek, Travis; Morrow, Casey; Lefkowitz, Abstract 261
Thermal exposure influences food intake in a sedentary office setting. Richardson, Molly C. Bernhard; Allison, David B.; Li, Peng; Gohlke, Julia M. Report 294
Thinking outside the box: the effect of an informal setting on student. Kim, Yun Ho; Moore, Carey L.; McCall, John N. 151
Toxic effects of acetaminophen by caffeine using FETAX. Blair, Kameron N.; Rayburn, James Abstract 232
Transfer of staphylococcus aureus from gym equipment to hands. Parrish, Essence; Burnes, Brian Report 166
Transportable hybrid solar and wind energy system for education and public awareness. Rose, Kyle D., Sr.; Aggarwal, Mohan; Batra, Ashok Report 195
Treason or professional responsibility? Kennedy, R. Bryan; Herring, Susan D.; Roberts, Charles R. Abstract 167
Understanding life through death: first patient encounter in gross anatomy. Wong, Daphne L.; Silver, William; Rifai, Faysal; McCurdy, Matthew; Manne, Kanika; Joy, Ryan; Hanson, Report 175
Urbanization process in the Huntsville MSA: a micro and macro analysis. Bernard, Kevin; Davis, Adriauna; Wilson, Constance; Gabre, Teshome Abstract 250
Use of confocal Raman spectroscopy to investigate interaction of encapsulated butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) with phospholipid liposomes. Janen, Afef Report 238
Using spotted salamander embryos as models for assessing environmental toxicity of hexavalent chromium. Gardner, Steven T. Abstract 258
Variability of HA, HB, and H[GAMMA] equivalent widths in Delta Scorpius between 2001 and 2014. McDaniel, Mary; Blake, Ronald M. Report 139
Vertebrate road-kill survey of the Mobile Bay Causeway (2000-2012). Nelson, David H.; Scardamalia-Nelson, Cynthia Abstract 271
Water quality assessment of rural water supplies in Alabama: temporal and spatial trends. Wedgworth, Jessica C.; Brown, Joe; Olson, Julie B.; Johnson, Pauline; Elliott, Mark; Grammer, Philli Abstract 337
Xinpeng Liao, Pradip Chitrakar, Chengcui Zhang, Gary Warner, Dept. of Computer And Informational Sciences. Chitrakar, Pradip; Zhang, Chengcui; Warner, Gary Report 205

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