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Articles from Journal of the Alabama Academy of Science (April 1, 2014)

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"Bioblitz" survey of the Calhoun County Career Technical Center property, Al. Brief article 170
4H-SiC MOSFET high mobility via implanted antimony. Abstract 287
A novel naphthalene diimide linker on AG and AU nanoparticles: synthesis and characterization S.C. Author abstract 150
Aboriginal education and citizenship: an ethnography of Australian schooling. Abstract 203
Absorption and emission properties of Sm3+ ions doped in glass. Brief article 124
Active science for active minds: a hands--on approach to educating elementary school students on the local Alabama environment. Author abstract 230
ADHD: Exploring influences of culture and biology. Abstract 228
Adsorption of crystal violet on glass examined by visible spectroscopy. Author abstract 197
Alternative electric vehicles. Abstract 548
An advanced design method of shallow foundations based on reliability analysis. Abstract 213
An elaboration on the analysis of surface effects on the optical and structural properties of GD2O3 and Gd2O3:Eu3+ sol-gel films. Abstract 127
An overview of the use of nanotechnology in the agrifood sector. Brief article 159
Analysis of a novel numerical scheme for GR-type non-linear wave equations. Abstract 244
Antiproton-impact ionization of H$_2$. Abstract 131
Application of laser induced breakdown spectroscopy to amorphous and crystalline samples. Abstract 148
Arabidopsis unfolded protein response (UPR) using comparative genomics. Brief article 260
Archaeological investigations of historic agricultural terraces constructed with loose stone risers: myth or fact. Abstract 183
Art and science observations (scientific illustration). Brief article 249
Assessment of a new training model for the reduction of non-contact ACL injuries in female athletes. Abstract 251
Attempted syntheses of aryl-substituted N-heterocyclic carbenes: difficulty in veering off the beaten synthetic path. Report 149
Back-retreat diffusion fuzzy clustering of breast cancer data for the detection of malignancy. Abstract 194
Bacterial count of discount ground beef. Abstract 132
Balancing macronutrient intake in cultured Lytechinus Variegatus. Abstract 244
Behavior changes related to compensatory growth in corn snakes (Pantherophis guttata). Abstract 210
Bertrand Isidore. Abstract 186
Beyond the 5 second rule: is the myth of blowing on food to remove bacterial contamination accurate? Abstract 110
Breeding behavior in the short-lived killifish Nothobranchius Furzeri GRZ. Abstract 254
Centella asiactica: acute effects on daphnia magna. Abstract 412
Chromium in the Mulberry Fork of the Black Warrior River. Abstract 246
Clonal selection algorithm for optimization of construction site layouts. Report 257
Co-culture system for pseudo-continuous ethanolic fermentation from lignocellulosic sugars. Author abstract 307
Color preferences of zebrafish, can they affect mating behavior and reproductive performance? Author abstract 176
Combinatorial effects of Corexit 9500a and temperature stressors on embryo development in the zebrafish Danio rerio. Author abstract 269
Commoditization and resource ownership: the political ecology of Chilean hydropower. Author abstract 201
Compact development, strategy for carbon mitigation in the transport sector? Author abstract 247
Comparing sponge and microbial symbiont speciation patterns across ocean basins. Author abstract 224
Comparison of sensitivity rates of antibiotics against common uropathogens in central Alabama between 2011 and 2012. Report 340
Conflicts of conscience: the Alabama Health Care Rights of Conscience Act and the Code of Ethics for Nurses. Author abstract 277
Converging planning and urban education: measuring the impacts of the Alabama accountability act on Litchfield middle school. Author abstract 288
Coping with parent death: the therapeutic journey of a child's healing process. Author abstract 273
Corn earworm saliva induces herbivore defense gene expression in corn. Author abstract 255
Crowdsourcing the evaluation of published scientific literature. Author abstract 263
Cybersecurity: designing solutions for mobile security and health IT. Author abstract 197
Deflation: the looming economic tsunami and how to weather the storm. Author abstract 204
Delayed match-to-sample: an FMRI meta-analysis. Author abstract 266
Design and optimization of photocatalytic air disinfection system. Author abstract 197
Detection of Hardware Trojans in Integrated Circuits with power gating. Author abstract 205
Determination of selected physiological responses of Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) to drought stress and evaluation of antioxidant and nutrient content. Author abstract 247
Development and analysis of sustainable bio-based and recyclable polyester resin. 279
Development of TiO2 Xwt% InVO4 photocatalytic nanocomposites for ambient light assisted water detoxification. Report 298
Dialkoxynaphthalene--naphthalenediimide linked amino acid complexes. Author abstract 176
Do geese contribute to the amount of E. coli found in treated sewage from the Cahaba Waste Water Treatment Plant? Author abstract 184
Do you want to commute to work.... Fine! Author abstract 248
Does the color of hummingbird feeders affect hummingbirds' feeding patterns in terms of amount of sugar water consumed and relative number of feeding episodes? Author abstract 284
Duration of plant damage by the tobacco budworm (Heliothis virescens) affects the attraction of a specialist and a generalist parasitoid to cotton odors. Author abstract 246
Ecology of fish assemblages of brackish pools on a northern Gulf of Mexico Barrier Island. Report 245
Effect of Native American medicinal plant extract on antibiotic resistant pathogens. Brief article 204
Effects of estrogen on learning and memoru. Author abstract 226
Effects of in utero exposure to methylmercury on predatory response in Daphnia pulex steed. Author abstract 254
Effects of rock vanes on sediment in shades creek. Brief article 243
Electrochemiluminescence quenching at a bipolar electrode: halide ions detection. Author abstract 253
Epigenetic association of the CDKN locus with cardiovascular disease. Author abstract 274
Epizootiology of columnaris disease in aquaculture and sport fishing ponds located within a bounded hydrologic system. Author abstract 262
Evaluating the role of electron donors in a novel mechanism of H2O2 decomposition by catalase-peroxidase. Report 261
Evaluation of maternal investment in eggs and hatchlings of the diamondback terrapin. Author abstract 260
Evolution & pre-service science teachers: factors influencing acceptance and rejection. Author abstract 172
Examination of the symbiotic interaction between selected virus, fungus, and tomato plant in combating drought and high temperature. Author abstract 454
Exploring critical "Student Learning Convergences" (SLC) in both introductory and intermediate level College Electricity and Magnetism (E&M) courses. Author abstract 264
Farmville Baptist Church Cemetery: a small portion of Auburn's history. Author abstract 119
Fear and religious fundamentalism: behavioral avoidance test of Taboos. Author abstract 242
Food insecurity--fact or myth in northern Alabama. Author abstract 228
Formation of AG-AU alloy gradients by bipolar electrodeposition on stainless steel and characterizations. Author abstract 154
Frog call survey from clay county, Alabama. Report 243
Genome-wide analysis of translational regulation of pathogen-mediated cellular stress signaling in Arabidopsis thaliana. Report 260
Geophysical field investigation: groundwater study at a coal mine in northwestern Bangladesh. Author abstract 261
Glucocorticoid receptor and stat3 interactions regulate transcription in triple negative breast cancer. Report 278
Grain boundary character evolution of nickel 200. Author abstract 198
Gut microbiome in the zebrafish Danio rerio fed a reference diet. Author abstract 264
Hatian cholera outbreak: a better way to respond. Author abstract 193
High throughput computing workflow for a neuro-imaging application--provenance and approaches. Author abstract 200
Histones effect plant mitochondria. Author abstract 265
Host-parasite relationships and taxonomic diversity of freshwater fish trematodes (azygiidae: Proterometra). Report 259
Hurricane risk assessment for Chatham County, Georgia. Author abstract 272
Investigating a cultural backwater: archaeology in the Opelika plateau. Author abstract 170
Investigation of AlGaN/GaN heterostructures on Si wafers via photo I-V measurement. Author abstract 154
Investigation of the effects of an exit pipe on the calculation of drainage time of water from a tank using Bernoulli's equation. Author abstract 249
Laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy of emeralds. Author abstract 156
Lepidoptera abundance in the southeastern suburban landscape: are fewer caterpillar species feeding on non-native ornamental Plants? Author abstract 260
Life, love and death in ye Olde Central America: miscellaneous observations based on Costa Rican vital statistics 1888-1931. Report 133
Metallization of poly(dimethylsiloxane) via cupric acetate and silver nitrate. Author abstract 232
Methane biological conversion: a comprehensive review. Report 275
Microwave microplasma source for micropropulsion. Author abstract 249
Minerals from Antarctica are in the ancient sediments of Indian subcontinent. Author abstract 263
Mitochondrial replacement therapy: a slippery slope to eugenic germ-line enhancement and reproductive cloning? Author abstract 174
Molecular characterization of an invasive novel cydippid ctenophore. Report 271
Molecular weight analysis of polymer samples via gel permeation chromatography. Author abstract 154
Monitoring trace elements in water using laser induced breakdown spectroscopy. Report 213
Moral implications of inequality on the personal, social, and global scale. Author abstract 237
Nanoparticulates affect pelagic microalgae and aquatic macrofauna. Author abstract 249
National origin discrimination: whom does it affect? Author abstract 130
Neem plant: a survey of the biologically active chemicals. Author abstract 217
Observations of the sun using the very small telescope. Author abstract 160
Paleomentes sp. abundance, size, and parasitic rate in Santa Rosa Island, Fl. Seagrass beds and adjacent tidal pools. Author abstract 245
Parasitic amoebae of the ctenophore Mnemiopsis leidyi. Report 237
Patterns in antipredation behavior in a neotropical snake community. Report 144
Perspective on two recently discovered, locally existing natural enemies on controlling the invasive bean plataspid in agricultural and urban ecosystems. Report 181
Phylogenetic classification of octopus species from Antarctica. Author abstract 230
Phylogenetic, molecular evolutionary and functional genomic studies of Marshallia (compositae) utilizing next generation sequencing technology. Author abstract 227
Phylogeny of vertebrate blood flukes (platyhelminthes: digenea; schistosomatoidea), with emphasis on "fish blood flukes" (Aporocotylidae). Author abstract 257
Phylogeographic investigations of the Blacknose Dace, Rhinichthys atratulus, in Alabama (Cyprinformes: Cyprinidae). Author abstract 270
Plant cell nuclear, mitochondrial and chloroplast isolation: procedures and pitfalls. Author abstract 264
Planted species richness affect growth and diversity in tropical Forest restoration. 261
Population genetic structure in walleye: management implications. Author abstract 249
Preliminary characterization of the microbial community in the Bonneville salt flats. Report 259
Priestly pots at Ebert-Canebrake: why here? Author abstract 151
Probabilistic modeling based Hardware Trojan detection in Integrated Circuits under the influence of transient errors. Author abstract 163
Reduction in color shift of LEDs in solid state luminaires. Brief article 265
Religious fundamentalism and fear: preliminary investigation using behavioral avoidance tests. Author abstract 246
Rigorous control conditions diminish treatment effects in weight loss randomized controlled trials. Author abstract 221
Road-kill survey of Alabama red-bellied turtles on the mobile bay causeway--XIII. Author abstract 255
Role of symbiotic endophytes on crop production. Author abstract 252
Self-efficacy, locus of control and entrepreneurial intentions an exploratory study of black Americans. Author abstract 269
Solomon's-seal (Polygonatum biflorum): an investigation into the bioactive compounds of the medicinal plant in the Southeastern United States. Report 278
Spectral analysis of argon emission in the ALEXIS plasma column. Author abstract 172
Spectrophotometric determination of the ATP-dependent steady-state kinetic parameters of Escherichia coli caseinolytic peptidase B. Author abstract 263
Stabilizing plasmas for fusion energy production. Author abstract 228
Strategy of reducing double layer capacitance of DNA modified Au electrode. Author abstract 260
Structural basis for Fas-mediated apoptosis and mechanism of inhibition. Author abstract 260
Studies toward the convergent synthesis of motualevic acid analogues. Author abstract 101
Suman Silwal interdisciplinary engineering. 122
Sustained release of anti-ocular glaucoma therapeutics from silicone hydrogel contact lens. Author abstract 259
Synergistic effects of nanotubes and nanoparticles for reversible hydrogen storage. Author abstract 276
Synthesis of 2,3-bis(hydroxymethyl) butane-1,2,3,4-tetraol. Author abstract 104
Synthesis of concentrated AG colloids. Author abstract 162
Synthetic biology approach for development of a monosodium glutamate detector. Author abstract 268
System identification based framework for metabolic network analysis and its application to genome scale models of Scheffersomyces stipitis. Report 261
Temperature dependent measures of surface resistivity and dielectric constant of pure and multiwall carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) doped Polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) films. Brief article 243
Termination and due process: a case study. Case study 145
The downstream influence of abandoned mine drainage on water Chemistry in Black Creek, Jefferson County, Al. Author abstract 186
The effects of fluctuating incubation temperature on the sex of the red-eared slider, Trachemys scripta. Report 350
The evaluation of the properties of alkylammonium carboxylates and their effects on the atmospheric aerosol. Author abstract 207
The exploration of non-model plants in the genus Marshallia via high throughput sequencing and computational techniques. Author abstract 211
The gut microbiome of sea urchin, lytechinus variegatus. Author abstract 265
The history, archaeology and reconstruction of Fort Foster, 2nd Seminole War Fort. Author abstract 193
The legalization of marijuana in the United States. Brief article 207
The plot thickens: a virus improves production of tomato harboring a fungal endophyte Katlyn Knight. Author abstract 319
The sciences and the humanities. Author abstract 122
The use of local and non-local lithic materials at the Ebert-Canebrake site (1MC25). Author abstract 131
Thermodynamic predictions of amine salts and their influences on aerosol properties using E-AIM model. Author abstract 227
Three-dimensional cardiac tissue production using human induced pluripotent stem cells. Author abstract 262
Three-dimensional tissue-engineered models to simulate the cancer microenvironment. Author abstract 263
TiO2 photocatalytic reduction for the electro-fuel generation. Author abstract 260
Tolerance as an anti-herbivory trait: effects of artificial damage to the nickel hyperaccumulator Streptanthus polygaloides. Report 254
Transfer of S.aureus and MRSA from gym equipment to hands. Author abstract 188
Transportation of supplies "cannot be effected at this time, if it ever can by means of the river": the Coosa River and the Creek Indian War. Author abstract 150
Upward communication and arbitration testimony: why do workers speak up or stay silent? Author abstract 126
Use of virtualization in engineering and computer science courses. Author abstract 185
Variable selection methods comparison for PLS soft sensor development. Author abstract 284
Velocity perturbations analysis of the ASAT fragmentation of Fengyun-1C satellite. Author abstract 181
Velocity perturbations analysis of the explosive fragmentation of Briz-M rocket body (28944). Author abstract 201
Velocity perturbations analysis of the explosive fragmentation of Briz-M rocket body (38746). Author abstract 198
Violence in America: our latest great plague and public health wound. Author abstract 189
Visualization of TE inclusions in CdZnTe crystals using interactive data language development environment (IDL-DE). Author abstract 285
Volunteerism in student run free clinics and working with vulnerable populations. Author abstract 262
War, health, and politics: a case study on the 1944 U.S. presidential election. Author abstract 116
What do the three major nuclear power plant accidents have in common and what can we learn from them? Author abstract 251
Winter canola production: opportunities and challenges for Alabama farmers. Author abstract 171

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