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Articles from Journal of Third World Studies (March 22, 2010)

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"Diasporas," mobility and the social imaginary: getting ahead in West Africa. Akyeampong, Emmanuel 7341
"Long shadows in development administration": a reactive memoir to a vanishing 'Greatest American' Fred W. Riggs. Jones, Garth N. 8538
Ambitious in theory but unlikely in practice: a critique of UNESCO's Model Curricula for Journalism Education for Developing Countries and Emerging Democracies. Freedman, Eric; Shafer, Richard Essay 7182
Amoah, Michael, Reconstructing the Nation in Africa: The Politics of Nationalism in Ghana. Abdul-Korah, Gariba B. Book review 1180
Analysis of poverty dynamics: Bangladesh perspective. Ali, Ershad; Talukder, Dayal Report 3404
Bassett, Thomas J.: The Peasant Cotton Revolution in West Africa: Cote d'Ivoire, 1880-1995. Makana, Nicholas E. Book review 893
Baud, Michiel and Rosanne Rutten (eds). Popular Intellectuals and Social Movements: Framing Protest in Asia, Africa and Latin America. International Review of Social History. Zentella, Yoly Book review 1156
Bauman, Chad M.: Christian Identity and Dalit Religion in Hindu India, 1868-1947. Dinero, Steven C. Book review 611
Books available for review. 6024
Coughlin, Con. Khomeini's Ghost. Biedzynski, James Book review 470
Democracy and its others. Tripathy, Jyotirmaya Report 8431
Dutton, George. The Tay Son Uprising. Biedzynski, James Book review 759
Edgington, David W., Antonio L. Fernandez and Claudia Hoshino. New Regional Development Paradigms: New Regions--Concepts, Issues, and Practices. Cheruiyot, Kenneth Koech Book review 1829
Emergent discourses of audacity and the revocation of marginality. Soyinka-Airewele, Peyi Essay 4938
Fernandes, Sujatha. Cuba Represent! Cuban Arts, State Power, and the Making of New Revolutionary Cultures. Pino, Julio Cesar Book review 876
Foreword. Isaacs, Harold Column 813
Gordon, Neve. Israel's Occupation. Abraham, A.J. Book review 251
Halman, Talat S. (author) and Jayne L. Warner (ed.). Rapture and Revolution: Essays on Turkish Literature. Vanwesenbeeck, Iclal Book review 827
Iranian identity in the West: a discursive approach. Haghighat, Seyed Sadegh Essay 8296
Jarstad, Anna K., and Timothy D. Sisk (eds). From War to Democracy: Dilemmas of Peacebuilding. Fragiskatos, Peter Book review 381
Lachenmann, Gudrun and Petra Dannecker (eds.). Negotiating Development in Muslim Societies: Gendered Spaces and Translocal Connections. Dinero, Steven C. Book review 605
Li, Huaiyin. Village China Under Socialism and Reform. Singh, Chaitram Book review 682
Medard, Henri and Shane Doyle, (eds.). Slavery in the Great Lakes Region of East Africa. Okia, Opolot Book review 1361
Melber, Henning (ed.). Transitions in Namibia. Biedzynski, James Book review 420
Natali, Denise. The Kurds and the State: Evolving National Identity in Iraq, Turkey, and Iran. Fragiskatos, Peter Book review 1199
Origins of the central dilemma in Nigeria's federal system: the wartime quasi-federalism, 1967-1970. Osadolor, Osarhieme Benson Report 8686
Pandey, Gyanendra. Remembering Partition: Violence, History and Nationalism in India. Powers, Janet M. Book review 975
Patients versus patents: Thailand and the politics of access to pharmaceutical products. Glaser, Mishka; Murphy, Ann Marie Report 8449
Payne, Leigh A.: Unsettling Accounts: Neither Truth nor Reconciliation in Confessions of State Violence. Bonner, Michelle D. Book review 1571
Peasant response to agricultural innovations: land consolidation, agrarian diversification and technical change. The case of Bungoma district in Western Kenya, 1954-1960. Makana, Nicholas E. Report 6348
Rausch, Jane M.: From Frontier Town to Metropolis: A History of Villavicencio, Colombia, since 1842. Hall, Michael R. Book review 842
Reinert, Erik S.: How Some Countries Got Rich and Why Poor Countries Stay Poor. Keita, Lansana Book review 1222
Religion, economic development and cultural change: the contradictory role of Pentecostal Christianity in Sub-Saharan Africa. Zalanga, Samuel Essay 8209
Salt, Jeremy. The Unmasking of the Middle East: A History of Western Disorder in Arab Lands. Abraham, A.J. Book review 288
Severio, Rodolfo C, and Lorraine Carlos Salazar. Whither the Philippines in the 21st Century. Onorato, Michael P. Book review 433
Shaxson, Nicholas. Poisoned Wells The Dirty Politics of African Oil. Biedzynski, James Book review 409
Singh, Daljit. Southeast Asian Affairs: 2009. Curry, Robert L., Jr. 999
Sub-Saharan ethnic attachment and civil conflict: a methodological approach to state-building and ethnicity. Saha, Santosh C. Report 6855
Third World/Global South: from development to globalization to imperial project. Litonjua, M.D. Report 10677
Torero Cullen, Maximo, and Joachim Von Braun. Information and Communication Technologies for Development and Poverty Reduction: The Potential of Tele-communications. Cheruiyot, Kenneth Koech Book review 1342
Toward a reclassification of Praetorian Rulers: lessons from the Pakistani experience. Singh, Chaitram Report 9206
Twenty-Seventh Annual ATWS Meeting. Conference notes 749
wa Muiu, Mueni and Guy Martin. A New Paradigm of the African State: Fundi wa Afrika. Senghor, Jeggan C. Book review 1572
Ziai, Aram (ed.). Exploring Post-development Theory and Practice, Problems and Perspectives. Sinha, Dipankar Book review 1448

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