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Articles from Journal of Third World Studies (March 22, 2007)

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Alakeson, V, T. Aldrich, J. Goodman, and B. Jorgensen. Making The Net Work: Sustainable Development in a Digital Society. Ruggunan, Shaun Book review 799
Andrews, Walter G. and Mehmet Kalpakh. The Age of Beloveds: Love and the Beloved in Early-Modern Ottoman and European Culture and Society. Biedzynski, James Brief article 254
Baer, Eva. The Human Figure in Islamic Art: Inheritances and Islamic Transformations. Teipen, Alfons H. Book review 928
Books available for review *. Bibliography 4953
Cross-cultural environmental lessons: an indigenous case-study. Raj, Selva J.; Madhok, Bindu 6304
Davidson, Christopher M.. The United Arab Emirates: A Study in Survival. Allen, Calvin H., Jr. Book review 841
Death squads as parallel forces: Uruguay, Operation Condor, and the United States. McSherry, J. Patrice 17030
Diaz, Arlene J. Female Citizens, Patriarchs, and the Law in Venezuela, 1786-1904. Overturf, Charlene T. Book review 764
Dor, Daniel. Intifada Hits The Headlines. Hossain, Ishtiaq Book review 1652
Egypt and the war on Iraq: implications for domestic politics. Benantar, Abdennour 8386
Erlick, June Carolyn. Disappeared, A Journalist Silenced; The Irma Flaquer Story. Kruckewitt, Joan Book review 900
Falk, Avner. Fratricide in the Holy Land: A Psychoanalytic View of the Arab-Israeli Conflict. Haque, Muhammad M. Book review 1510
Fonge, Fuabeh P., Modernization Without Development in Africa: Patterns of Change and Continuity in Post-Independence Cameroonian Public Service. Kamalu, Ngozi Caleb Book review 933
Foreword. Isaacs, Harold International organization overv 894
Gomez, Michael A. Black Crescent: The Experience and Legacy of African Muslims in the Americas. Leslie, La Vonne Jackson Book review 880
Gooptu, Nandini. The Politics of the Urban Poor in Early Twentieth-Century India. Dinero, Steven C. Book review 569
Government size, political freedom and economic growth in Nigeria, 1960-2000. Guseh, James S.; Oritsejafor, Emmanuel 10106
Hart, Armando. Aldabonazo: Inside the Cuban Revolutionary Underground, 1952-1958, A Participant's Account. Overturf, Charlene T. Book review 628
Hilley, John. Malysia: Mahathirism, Hegemony and the New Opposition. Biedzynski, James Book review 472
Irele, Abiola F. and Simon Gikandi (eds). The Cambridge History of African and Caribbean Literature. Ilieva, Emilia Book review 2327
Jayasuriya, Taksiri. The Changing Face of Electoral Politics in Sri Lanka, 1994-2004. Alam, Mohammed Badrul Book review 828
Kurtz, Marcus J. Free Market Democracy and the Chilean and Mexican Countryside. O'Sako, Lazarus F. Book review 803
Low grades for Petro-States in the former Soviet Union. Crandall, Maureen S. 7700
Oxhorn, Philip, Joseph S. Tulchin and Andrew D. Selee (eds.). Decentralization, Democratic Governance, and Civil Society in Comparative Perspective--Africa. Asia and Latin America. Jones, Garth N. Book review 1028
Palacios, Marco. Between Legitimacy and Violence: A History of Colombia, 1875-2002. Hall, Michael R. Book review 852
Perez, Louis A, Jr. To Die in Cuba: Suicide and Society. Hall, Michael R. Book review 894
Perthes, Volker (ed.). Arab Elites: Negotiating the Politics of Change. Abraham, A.J. Book review 531
Political economy of political power of the Islamic regime in Iran. Abghari, Siavash 8514
Quigley, John. The Case for Palestine: An International Perspective. Abraham, A.J. Book review 649
Reining in the military: re-democratization in Suriname. Singh, Chaitram 10374
Robinson, William I. Transnational Conflicts: Central America, Social Change, and Globalization. Hall, Michael R. Book review 843
Saha, Santosh C. (ed.), Perspectives on Contemporary Ethnic Conflict. Udogu, E. Ike Book review 2574
Sarte, Maurice. The Middle East Under Rome. Biedzynski, James Book review 350
Serajuddin, Alamgir Muhammad. Shari' a Law and Society, Tradition and Change in South Asia. Islam, Syed Serajul Book review 772
Taussig, Michael. My Cocaine Museum. Bentley, Derek A. Book review 840
The failure of the modern Aesop (1) in anglophone Cameroonian drama: the example of Hansel Ndumbe Eyoh's The Inheritance (2). Besong, Bate 8071
The impact of the U.S. Peace Corps at home and abroad. Hall, Michael R. 2072
The mystery of Andre Louis Marty. Currey, Cecil B. 5108
The Twenty-Fourth annual ATWS meeting. Conference news 724
The US-Saudi relationship and the Iraq war: the dialectics of a dependent alliance. Dris-Ait-Hamadouche, Louisa; Zoubir, Yahia H. 11669
Understanding and fighting corruption in Sierra Leone: a metaphorical linguistic approach. Bangura, Abdul Karim 5035

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