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Articles from Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (March 1, 2019)

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A Comparison of the Maximal Fat Oxidation Rates of Three Different Time Periods in The Fatmax Stage. Ozgunen, Kerem T.; Ozdemir, Cigdem; Korkmaz-Eryilmaz, Selcen; Kilci, Abdullah; Gunasti, Ozgur; Kurda Report 6038
Alteration of Autophagy Gene Expression by Different Intensity of Exercise in Gastrocnemius and Soleus Muscles of Wistar Rats. Tarawan, Vita Murniati; Gunadi, Julia Windi; Setiawan; Lesmana, Ronny; Goenawan, Hanna; Meilina, Deb Report 5363
Are IL1B, IL6 and IL6R Gene Variants Associated with Anterior Cruciate Ligament Rupture Susceptibility? Lulinska-Kuklik, Ewelina; Maculewicz, Ewelina; Moska, Waldemar; Ficek, Krzysztof; Kaczmarczyk, Mariu Report 8222
Are Linear Speed and Jumping Ability Determinants of Change of Direction Movements in Young Male Soccer Players? Popowczak, Marek; Rokita, Andrzej; Swierzko, Kamil; Szczepan, Stefan; Michalski, Ryszard; Mackala, K Report 8551
Comparison of Quadriceps and Hamstring Muscle Activity during an Isometric Squat between Strength-Matched Men and Women. Nimphius, Sophia; McBride, Jeffrey M.; Rice, Paige E.; Goodman-Capps, Courtney L.; Capps, Christophe Report 6615
Dynamic Stretching Has Sustained Effects on Range of Motion and Passive Stiffness of the Hamstring Muscles. Iwata, Masahiro; Matsuo, Ayano Yamamoto Shingo; Hatano, Genki; Miyazaki, Manabu; Fukaya, Taizan; Fuj Report 6709
Effect of Acute Dietary Nitrate Supplementation on the Post-Exercise Ambulatory Blood Pressure in Obese Males: A Randomized, Controlled, Crossover Trial. Bezerra, Agnes D. de Lima; Costa, Eduardo C.; Pacheco, Daniela A.; Souza, Daniel C.; Farias, Luiz F. Report 8552
Effects of Dynamic Stretching with Different Loads on Hip Joint Range of Motion in the Elderly. Zhou, Wen-Sheng; Lin, Jia-Huei; Chen, Shu-Chen; Chien, Kuei-Yu Report 5359
Effects of Vibration and Non-Vibration Foam Rolling on Recovery after Exercise with Induced Muscle Damage. Romero-Moraleda, Blanca; Gonzalez-Garcia, Jaime; Cuellar-Rayo, Angel; Balsalobre-Fernandez, Carlos; Report 7370
Epigenetic Status of The Human MMP11 Gene Promoter is Altered in Patellar Tendinopathy. Rickaby, Rebecca; El Khoury, Louis Y.; Samiric, Tom; Raleigh, Stuart M. Report 3960
Foam Rolling and Joint Distraction with Elastic Band Training Performed for 5-7 Weeks Respectively Improve Lower Limb Flexibility. Guillot, Aymeric; Kerautret, Yann; Queyrel, Florian; Schobb, William; Rienzo, Franck Di Report 10449
Functional Mobility and Dynamic Postural Control Predict Overhead Handball Throwing Performance in Elite Female Team Handball Players. Eriksrud, Ola; Saeland, Fredrik O.; Federolf, Peter A.; Cabri, Jan Report 7007
Influence of Perceived Physical Literacy on Coaching Efficacy and Leadership Behavior: A Cross-Sectional Study. Li, Ming-Hui; Sum, Raymond Kim Wai; Wallhead, Tristan; Ha, Amy Sau Ching; Sit, Cindy Hui Ping; Li, R Report 6783
Influence of Sex and Maximum Strength on Reactive Strength Index-Modified. Beckham, George K.; Suchomel, Timothy J.; Sole, Christopher J.; Bailey, Christopher A.; Grazer, Jaco Report 6858
Perceptual and Cardiorespiratory Responses to High-Intensity Interval Exercise in Adolescents: Does Work Intensity Matter? Malik, Adam A.; Williams, Craig A.; Weston, Kathryn L.; Barker, Alan R. Report 9285
Physiological and Psychological Responses during Low-Volume High-Intensity Interval Training Sessions with Different Work-Recovery Durations. Farias, Luiz Fernando, Junior; Macedo, Geovani Araujo Dantas; Browne, Rodrigo Alberto Vieira; Freire Report 8625
Science or Coaches' Eye?--Both! Beneficial Collaboration of Multidimensional Measurements and Coach Assessments for Efficient Talent Selection in Elite Youth Football. Sieghartsleitner, Roland; Zuber, Claudia; Conzelmann, Marc Zibung Achim Report 10882
Stretching Combined with Repetitive Small Length Changes of the Plantar Flexors Enhances Their Passive Extensibility while Not Compromising Strength. Ikeda, Naoki; Inami, Takayuki; Kawakami, Yasuo Report 5298
The 2 Minute Loaded Repeated Jump Test: Longitudinal Anaerobic Testing in Elite Alpine Ski Racers. Patterson, Carson; Platzer, Hans-Peter; Raschner, Christian Report 6181
The Proportion of Lower Limb Running Injuries by Gender, Anatomical Location and Specific Pathology: A Systematic Review. Francis, Peter; Whatman, Chris; Sheerin, Kelly; Hume, Patria; Johnson, Mark I. Report 8398
The Use of GPS Analysis to Quantify the Internal and External Match Demands of Semi-Elite Level Female Soccer Players during a Tournament. Strauss, Anita; Sparks, Martinique; Pienaar, Cindy Report 8171

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