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Articles from Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (September 1, 2016)

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A comparison of stride length and lower extremity kinematics during barefoot and shod running in well trained distance runners. Francis, Peter; Ledingham, James; Clarke, Sarah; Collins, D.J.; Jakeman, Philip Report 4793
Assessment of technical skills in young soccer goalkeepers: reliability and validity of two goalkeeper-specific tests. Rebelo-Goncalves, Ricardo; Figueiredo, Antonio J.; Coelho-e-Silva, Manuel J.; Tessitore, Antonio Report 6956
Body fat and physical activity modulate the association between sarcopenia and osteoporosis in elderly Korean women. Lee, Inhwan; Cho, Jinkyung; Jin, Youngyun; Ha, Changduk; Kim, Taehee; Kang, Hyunsik Report 5135
Discriminating talent identified junior Australian footballers using a fundamental gross athletic movement assessment. Woods, Carl T.; Banyard, Harry G.; McKeown, Ian; Fransen, Job; Robertson, Sam Report 4479
Effect of 3 different applications of Kinesio Taping Denko[R] on electromyographic activity: inhibition or facilitation of the quadriceps of males during squat exercise. Serrao, Julio C.; Mezencio, Bruno; Claudino, Joao G.; Soncin, Rafael; Miyashiro, Pedro L. Sampaio; S Report 4859
Effect of autonomy support on self-determined motivation in elementary physical education. Chang, Yu-Kai; Chen, Senlin; Tu, Kun-Wei; Chi, Li-Kang Report 5520
Effect of different seat heights during an incremental sit-to-stand exercise test on peak oxygen uptake in young, healthy women. Nakamura, Keisuke; Nagasawa, Yuya; Sawaki, Shoji; Yokokawa, Yoshiharu; Ohira, Masayoshi Report 5890
Effects of different intensities of endurance exercise in morning and evening on the lipid metabolism response. Kim, Hyeon-Ki; Ando, Karina; Tabata, Hiroki; Konishi, Masayuki; Takahashi, Masaki; Nishimaki, Mio; X Report 6535
Effects of mental imagery on muscular strength in healthy and patient participants: a systematic review. Slimani, Maamer; Tod, David; Chaabene, Helmi; Miarka, Bianca; Chamari, Karim Report 14329
Eight weeks of phosphatidic acid supplementation in conjunction with resistance training does not differentially affect body composition and muscle strength in resistance-trained men. Andre, Thomas L.; Gann, Joshua J.; McKinley-Barnard, Sarah K.; Song, Joon J.; Willoughby, Darryn S. Report 6702
Improved maximum strength, vertical jump and sprint performance after 8 weeks of jump squat training with individualized loads. Marian, Vanderka; Katarina, Longova; David, Olasz; Matus, Krcmar; Simon, Walker Report 7310
Mean blood pressure assessment during post-exercise: result from two different methods of calculation. Sainas, Gianmarco; Milia, Raffaele; Palazzolo, Girolamo; Ibba, Gianfranco; Marongiu, Elisabetta; Rob Report 7125
Muscle contraction velocity: a suitable approach to analyze the functional adaptations in elite soccer players. Loturco, Irineu; Pereira, Lucas A.; Kobal, Ronaldo; Kitamura, Katia; Ramirez-Campillo, Rodrigo; Zane Report 6886
Psycho-physiological effects of television viewing during exercise. Rider, Brian C.; Bassett, David R.; Strohacker, Kelley; Overstreet, Brittany S.; Fitzhugh, Eugene C. Report 6148
Psycho-physiological responses of obese adolescents to an intermittent run test compared with a 20-m shuttle run. Rey, Olivier; Maiano, Christophe; Nicol, Caroline; Mercier, Charles-Symphorien; Vallier, Jean-Marc Report 7215
Reliability and validity of the inline skating skill test. Radman, Ivan; Ruzic, Lana; Padovan, Viktoria; Cigrovski, Vjekoslav; Podnar, Hrvoje Report 5773
Skills associated with line breaks in elite rugby union. Hollander, Steve den; Brown, James; Lambert, Michael; Treu, Paul; Hendricks, Sharief Report 5322
The relationship of practice exposure and injury rate on game performance and season success in professional male basketball. Caparros, Toni; Alentorn-Geli, Eduard; Myer, Gregory D.; Capdevila, Lluis; Samuelsson, Kristian; Ham Report 4908
The supplementation of branched-chain amino acids, arginine, and citrulline improves endurance exercise performance in two consecutive days. Cheng, I-Shiung; Wang, Yi-Wen; Chen, I-Fan; Hsu, Gi-Sheng; Hsueh, Chun-Fang; Chang, Chen-Kang Report 4672
Validation of biofeedback wearables for photoplethysmographic heart rate tracking. Jo, Edward; Lewis, Kiana; Directo, Dean; Kim, Michael J.; Dolezal, Brett A. Report 5676

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