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Articles from Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (March 1, 2015)

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A commentary on real-time biofeedback to augment neuromuscular training for ACL injury prevention in adolescent athletes. Kiefer, Adam W.; Kushner, Adam M.; Groene, John; Williams, Christopher; Riley, Michael A.; Myer, Gre 5611
A comparative study of students' track and field technical performance in sport education and in a direct instruction approach. Pereira, Jose; Hastie, Peter; Araujo, Rui; Farias, Claudio; Rolim, Ramiro; Mesquita, Isabel 7904
A multilevel latent growth modelling of the longitudinal changes in motivation regulations in physical education. Jaakkola, Timo; Wang, John; Yli-Piipari, Sami; Liukkonen, Jarmo Report 7686
A self-paced intermittent protocol on a non-motorised treadmill: a reliable alternative to assessing team-sport running performance. Tofari, Paul J.; McLean, Blake D.; Kemp, Justin; Cormack, Stuart Report 6112
Acute effects of whole-body vibration on trunk and neck muscle activity in consideration of different vibration loads. Perchthaler, Dennis; Hauser, Simon; Heitkamp, Hans-Christian; Hein, Tobias; Grau, Stefan Report 7745
Acute pro- and anti-inflammatory responses to resistance exercise in patients with coronary artery disease: a pilot study. Volaklis, Konstantinos A.; Smilios, Ilias; Spassis, Apostolos T.; Zois, Christos E.; Douda, Helen T. Report 5058
Clinical pathology for athletic trainers: recognizing systemic disease, third edition. Sekir, Ufuk Book review 372
Compression garments and exercise: no influence of pressure applied. Beliard, Samuel; Chauveau, Michel; Moscatiello, Timothee; Cros, Francois; Ecarnot, Fiona; Becker, Fr Report 7338
Critical velocity and anaerobic paddling capacity determined by different mathematical models and number of predictive trials in canoe slalom. Messias, Leonardo H.D.; Ferrari, Homero G.; Reis, Ivan G.M.; Scariot, Pedro P.M.; Manchado-Gobatto, 4539
Effect of acute alterations in foot strike patterns during running on sagittal plane lower limb kinematics and kinetics. Valenzuela, Kevin A.; Lynn, Scott K.; Mikelson, Lisa R.; Noffal, Guillermo J.; Judelson, Daniel A. Report 6603
Effects of oral sodium supplementation on indices of thermoregulation in trained, endurance athletes. Earhart, Elizabeth L.; Weiss, Edward P.; Rahman, Rabia; Kelly, Patrick V. Report 5210
ESSA's student manual for health, exercise and sport assessment. Sekir, Ufuk Book review 350
How to regulate the acute physiological response to "aerobic" high-intensity interval exercise. Tschakert, Gerhard; Kroepfl, Julia; Mueller, Alexander; Moser, Othmar; Groeschl, Werner; Hofmann, Pe 7396
Monitoring athletes through self-report: factors influencing implementation. Saw, Anna E.; Main, Luana C.; Gastin, Paul B. 8133
Path linearity of elite swimmers in a 400 m front crawl competition. Gatta, Giorgio; Cortesi, Matteo; Lucertini, Francesco; Benelli, Piero; Sisti, Davide; antozzi, Silvi Report 4665
Performance factors related to the different tennis backhand groundstrokes: a review. Genevois, Cyril; Reid, Machar; Rogowski, Isabelle; Crespo, Miguel Report 8172
Physical activity is related to fatty liver marker in obese youth, independently of central obesity or cardiorespiratory fitness. Martins, Clarice; Aires, Luisa; Junior, Ismael Freitas; Silva, Gustavo; Silva, Alexandre; Lemos, Lui Report 5132
Physiological responses of water-polo players under different tactical strategies. Botonis, Petros G.; Toubekis, Argyris G.; Platanou, Theodoros I. Report 4897
Pre-practice hydration status and the effects of hydration regimen on collegiate division III male athletes. Magal, Meir; Cain, Rebekah J.; Long, Josh C.; Thomas, Kathleen S. Report 4674
Prior knowledge of trial number influences the incidence of plateau at v[o.sub.2]max. Gordon, Dan; Caddy, Oliver; Merzbach, Viviane; Gernigon, Marie; Baker, James; Scruton, Adrian; Keill Report 7247
Protocol design for large-scale cross-sectional studies of sexual abuse and associated factors in individual sports: feasibility study in Swedish athletics. Timpka, Toomas; Janson, Staffan; Jacobsson, Jenny; Ekberg, Joakim; Dahlstrom, Orjan; Kowalski, Jan; Report 7603
Relative match intensities at high altitude in highly-trained young soccer players (ISA3600). Buchheit, Martin; Hammond, Kristal; Bourdon, Pitre C.; Simpson, Ben M.; Lewis, Laura A. Garvican; Sc Report 3070
Reliability and accuracy of six hand-held blood lactate analysers. Bonaventura, Jacinta M.; Sharpe, Ken; Knight, Emma; Fuller, Kate L.; Tanner, Rebecca K.; Gore, Chris 9134
Reliability and validity assessment of a linear position transducer. Garnacho-Castano, Manuel V.; Lopez-Lastra, Silvia; Mate-Munoz, Jose L. 7146
Reliability of the elliptical zone method of estimating body segment parameters of swimmers. Sanders, Ross H.; Chiu, Chuang-Yuan; Gonjo, Tomohiro; Thow, Jacki; Oliveira, Nuno; Psycharakis, Stel 7951
Repeated-sprint cycling does not induce respiratory muscle fatigue in active adults: measurements from the Powerbreathe[R] inspiratory muscle trainer. Minahan, Clare; Sheehan, Beth; Doutreband, Rachel; Kirkwood, Tom; Reeves, Daniel; Cross, Troy 4445
Seasonal strength performance and its relationship with training load on elite runners. Balsalobre-Fernandez, Carlos; Tejero-Gonzalez, Carlos M.; del Campo-Vecino, Juan 5917
Self-paced and temporally constrained throwing performance by teamhandball experts and novices without foreknowledge of target position. Rousanoglou, Elissavet N.; Noutsos, Konstantinos S.; Bayios, Ioannis A.; Boudolos, Konstantinos D. 4771
sEMG during whole-body vibration contains motion artifacts and reflex activity. Lienhard, Karin; Cabasson, Aline; Meste, Olivier; Colson, Serge S. 5856
Shaping physiological indices, swimming technique, and their influence on 200m breaststroke race in young swimmers. Strzala, Marek; Stanula, Arkadiusz; Glab, Grzegorz; Glodzik, Jacek; Ostrowski, Andrzej; Kaca, Marcin Report 6514
Stress fracture of the Ulna in an elite ice dancer. Tornese, Davide; Curci, Domenico; Nardo, Alice; Cuccia, Alessandra; Pozzi, Grazia Case study 2263
The development and validation of a golf swing and putt skill assessment for children. Barnett, Lisa M.; Hardy, Louise L.; Brian, Ali S.; Robertson, Sam Report 6263
The relative age effect and the influence on performance in youth alpine ski racing. Muller, Lisa; Hildebrandt, Carolin; Raschner, Christian Report 5730
Year book of sports medicine 2013. Sekir, Ufuk 373

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