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Articles from Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (September 1, 2014)

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Automated identification and evaluation of subtechniques in classical-style roller skiing. Sakurai, Yoshihisa; Fujita, Zenya; Ishige, Yusuke Report 4263
Biochemical and hematological changes following the 120-km open-water marathon swim. Drygas, Wojciech; Rebowska, Ewa; Stepien, Ewa; Golanski, Jacek; Kwasniewska, Magdalena Case study 5011
Comparison of oxygen consumption in rats during uphill (concentric) and downhill (eccentric) treadmill exercise tests. Chavanelle, Vivien; Sirvent, Pascal; Ennequin, Gael; Caillaud, Kevin; Montaurier, Christophe; Morio, Report 4246
DeLee & Drez's Orthopaedic Sports Medicine: Principles and Practice, 4th edition. Sekir, Ufuk Book review 414
Development and validity of a scale of perception of velocity in resistance exercise. Bautista, Iker J.; Chirosa, Ignacio J.; Chirosa, Luis J.; Martin, Ignacio; Gonzalez, Andres; Roberts Report 5686
Do changes in muscle architecture affect post-activation potentiation? Reardon, Danielle; Hoffman, Jay R.; Mangine, Gerald T.; Wells, Adam J.; Gonzalez, Adam M.; Jajtner, Report 8786
Do parents' exercise habits predict 13-18-year-old adolescents' involvement in sport? Sukys, Saulius; Majauskiene, Daiva; Cesnaitiene, Vida J.; Karanauskiene, Diana Report 5874
Early adaptations to six weeks of non-periodized and periodized strength training regimens in recreational males. Souza, Eduardo O.; Ugrinowitsch, Carlos; Tricoli, Valmor; Roschel, Hamilton; Lowery, Ryan P.; Aihara Report 4412
Effect of load on peak power of the bar, body and system during the deadlift. Blatnik, Justin A.; Goodman, Courtney L.; Capps, Christopher R.; Awelewa, Olumide O.; Triplett, Trav Report 3670
Effect of sodium phosphate supplementation on cycling time trial performance and V[O.sub.2] 1 and 8 days post loading. Brewer, Cameron P.; Dawson, Brian; Wallman, Karen E.; Guelfi, Kym J. Report 5913
Effects of instability versus traditional resistance training on strength, power and velocity in untrained men. Mate-Munoz, Jose Luis; Anton, Antonio J. Monroy; Jimenez, Pablo Jodra; Garnacho-Castano, Manuel V. Report 7522
Effects of resistance training on muscle strength, endurance, and motor unit according to ciliary neurotrophic factor polymorphism in male college students. Hong, Ae-Rim; Hong, Sang-Min; Shin, Yun-A Report 8963
Is moderate intensity exercise training combined with high intensity interval training more effective at improving cardiorespiratory fitness than moderate intensity exercise training alone? Roxburgh, Brendon H.; Nolan, Paul B.; Weatherwax, Ryan M.; Dalleck, Lance C. Report 5447
Kinematical analysis along maximal lactate steady state swimming intensity. Figueiredo, Pedro; Nazario, Rafael; Sousa, Marisa; Pelarigo, Jailton Gregorio; Vilas-Boas, Joao Paul Report 5163
Kinesio taping in young healthy subjects does not affect postural reflex reactions and anticipatory postural adjustments of the trunk: A pilot study. Voglar, Matej; Sarabon, Nejc Report 4683
Low-volume walking program improves cardiovascular-related health in older adults. Park, Jong-Hwan; Miyashita, Masashi; Takahashi, Masaki; Kawanishi, Noriaki; Hayashida, Harumi; Kim, Report 6166
Momentum and kinetic energy before the tackle in rugby union. Hendricks, Sharief; Karpul, David; Lambert, Mike Report 6040
Muscle activation during push-ups with different suspension training systems. Calatayud, Joaquin; Borreani, Sebastien; Colado, Juan C.; Martin, Fernando; Rogers, Michael E.; Behm Report 5325
Muscle fiber characteristics, satellite cells and soccer performance in young athletes. Metaxas, Thomas I.; Mandroukas, Athanasios; Vamvakoudis, Efstratios; Kotoglou, Kostas; Ekblom, Bjorn Report 6811
Parental activity as influence on children's BMI percentiles and physical activity. Erkelenz, Nanette; Kobel, Susanne; Kettner, Sarah; Drenowatz, Clemens; Steinacker, Jurgen M. Report 5302
Physical and temporal characteristics of under 19, under 21 and senior male beach volleyball players. Medeiros, Alexandre; Marcelino, Rui; Mesquita, Isabel; Palao, Jose Manuel Report 6754
Physical fitness measures as potential markers of low cognitive function in Japanese community-dwelling older adults without apparent cognitive problems. Narazaki, Kenji; Matsuo, Eri; Honda, Takanori; Nofuji, Yu; Yonemoto, Koji; Kumagai, Shuzo Report 5325
Predicting changes in high-intensity intermittent running performance with acute responses to short jump rope workouts in children. Buchheit, Martin; Rabbani, Alireza; Beigi, Hamid Taghi Report 5077
Progress in Neurological Surgery: Concussion. Sekir, Ufuk Book review 309
Reduction of environmental temperature mitigates local anesthetic cytotoxicity in bovine articular chondrocytes. Onur, Tarik; Dang, Alexis Report 4873
Relationship between sprint performance of front crawl swimming and muscle fascicle length in young swimmers. Nasirzade, Alireza; Ehsanbakhsh, Alireza; Ilbeygi, Saeed; Sobhkhiz, Azadeh; Argavani, Hamed; Aliakba Report 5166
Resistance training with instability in multiple system atrophy: a case report. Silva-Batista, Carla; Kanegusuku, Helcio; Roschel, Hamilton; Souza, Eduardo O.; Cunha, Telma F.; Lau Clinical report 5588
Return-to-play criteria after hamstring injury: actual medicine practice in professional soccer teams. Delvaux, Francois; Rochcongar, Pierre; Bruyere, Olivier; Bourlet, Guillaume; Daniel, Christophe; Div Letter to the editor 1116
Sensitivity of physiological and psychological markers to training load intensification in volleyball players. Freitas, Victor H.; Nakamura, Fabio Y.; Miloski, Bernardo; Samulski, Dietmar; Bara-Filho, Mauricio G Report 8040
Sex-based effects on immune changes induced by a maximal incremental exercise test in well-trained swimmers. Morgado, Jose P.; Monteiro, Cristina P.; Matias, Catarina N.; Alves, Francisco; Pessoa, Pedro; Reis, Report 5082
Sodium phosphate supplementation and time trial performance in female cyclists. Buck, Christopher L.; Dawson, Brian; Guelfi, Kym J.; McNaughton, Lars; Wallman, Karen E. Report 6075
Sport psychology service provision: preferences for consultant characteristics and mode of delivery among elite malaysian athletes. Ponnusamy, Vellapandian; Grove, J. Robert Report 5840
Sports Nutrition for Paralympic Athletes. Sekir, Ufuk Book review 336
Temperature control of hypertensive rats during moderate exercise in warm environment. Campos, Helton O.; Leite, Laura H.R.; Drummond, Lucas R.; Cunha, Daise N.Q.; Coimbra, Candido C.; Na Report 5040
The acute effects of unilateral ankle plantar flexors static--stretching on postural sway and gastrocnemius muscle activity during single-leg balance tasks. Lima, Braulio N.; Lucareli, Paulo R.G.; Gomes, Willy A.; Silva, Josinaldo J.; Bley, Andre S.; Hartig Report 4999
The effects of cold water immersion after rugby training on muscle power and biochemical markers. Takeda, Masaki; Sato, Takashi; Hasegawa, Tatsushi; Shintaku, Hiroto; Kato, Hisashi; Yamaguchi, Yoshi Report 6486
The effects of transmeridian travel and altitude on sleep: preparation for football competition. Lastella, Michele; Roach, Gregory D.; Halson, Shona L.; Gore, Christopher J.; Garvican-Lewis, Laura Letter to the editor 1637
Theoretical model describing the relationship between the number of tackles in which a player engages, tackle injury risk and tackle performance. Hendricks, Sharief; Lambert, Mike I. Letter to the editor 1879
Training diaries during altitude training camp in two Olympic champions: an observational case study. Pugliese, Lorenzo; Serpiello, Fabio R.; Millet, Gregoire P.; La Torre, Antonio Case study 5677
Ultra-short-term heart rate variability indexes at rest and post-exercise in athletes: evaluating the agreement with accepted recommendations. Esco, Michael R.; Flatt, Andrew A. Report 5391
Whole body vibration exercise protocol versus a standard exercise protocol after ACL reconstruction: a clinical randomized controlled trial with short term follow-up. Berschin, Gereon; Sommer, Bjorn; Behrens, Antje; Sommer, Hans-Martin Report 8655

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