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Articles from Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (March 1, 2014)

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A comparison of jump height, takeoff velocities, and blocking coverage in the swing and traditional volleyball blocking techniques. Ficklin, Travis; Lund, Robin; Schipper, Megan Report 4497
A multilevel approach to the path to expertise in three different competitive settings. Goncalves, Carlos Eduardo; Diogo, Frederico Lemos; Carvalho, Humberto Moreira Report 3776
A three-dimensional kinematic and kinetic study of the college-level female softball swing. Milanovich, Monica; Nesbit, Steven M. Report 8317
Acceleration kinematics in cricketers: implications for performance in the field. Lockie, Robert G.; Callaghan, Samuel J.; Jeffriess, Matthew D. Report 8229
Acoustic analysis of breath sounds as a surrogate for gas exchange thresholds. Peterson, Amanda J.; Foster, Carl; Yee, Nirinjan B.; Stamatopolous, Charalampos C.; Giotis, Panos; W Letter to the editor 1104
Acute whole-body vibration does not facilitate peak torque and stretch reflex in healthy adults. Yeung, Ella W.; Lau, Cheuk C.; Kwong, Ada P.K.; Sze, Yan M.; Zhang, Wei Y.; Yeung, Simon S. Report 4803
Attitudes and motivations of competitive cyclists regarding use of banned and legal performance enhancers. Kisaalita, Nkaku R.; Robinson, Michael E. Report 5220
Comparing fat oxidation in an exercise test with moderate-intensity interval training. Alkahtani, Shaea Report 7142
Comparison of the effects of local cryotherapy and passive cross-body stretch on extensibility in subjects with posterior shoulder tightness. Park, Kyue-nam; Kwon, Oh-yun; Weon, Jong-hyuck; Choung, Sung-dae; Kim, Si-hyun Report 5012
Criterion-related validity of sit-and-reach tests for estimating hamstring and lumbar extensibility: a meta-analysis. Mayorga-Vega, Daniel; Merino-Marban, Rafael; Viciana, Jesus Report 11808
Does a non-circular chainring improve performance in the bicycle motocross cycling start sprint? Mateo-March, Manuel; Fernandez-Pena, Eneko; Blasco-Lafarga, Cristina; Morente-Sanchez, Jaime; Zabala Report 6100
Does the timing of measurement alter session-RPE in boxers? Uchida, Marco C.; Teixeira, Luis F.M.; Godoi, Vladmir J.; Marchetti, Paulo H.; Conte, Marcelo; Coutt Report 4868
Effect of uncertainty during the lunge in fencing. Gutierrez-Davila, Marcos; Zingsem, Carlos; Gutierrez-Cruz, Carmen; Giles, F. Javier; Rojas, F. Javie Report 5816
Effects of baseline levels of flexibility and vertical jump ability on performance following different volumes of static stretching and potentiating exercises in elite gymnasts. Donti, Olyvia; Tsolakis, Charilaos; Bogdanis, Gregory C. Report 6816
Effects of cadence on aerobic capacity following a prolonged, varied intensity cycling trial. Stebbins, Charles L.; Moore, Jesse L.; Casazza, Gretchen A. Report 5063
Effects of heat stress on ocular blood flow during exhaustive exercise. Ikemura, Tsukasa; Hayashi, Naoyuki Report 5365
Evidence of a non-linear dose-response relationship between training load and stress markers in elite female futsal players. Milanez, Vinicius F.; Ramos, Solange P.; Okuno, Nilo M.; Boullosa, Daniel A.; Nakamura, Fabio Y. Report 6189
Factorial validity and internal consistency of the motivational climate in physical education scale. Soini, Markus; Liukkonen, Jarmo; Watt, Anthony; Yli-Piipari, Sami; Jaakkola, Timo Report 6426
Heavy resistance training and supplementation with the alleged testosterone booster NMDA has no effect on body composition, muscle performance, and serum hormones associated with the hypothalamo-pituitary-gonadal axis in resistance-trained males. Willoughby, Darryn S.; Spillane, Mike; Schwarz, Neil Report 6720
Hormone responses to an acute bout of low intensity blood flow restricted resistance exercise in college-aged females. Kim, Eonho; Gregg, Lee D.; Kim, Daeyeol; Sherk, Vanessa D.; Bemben, Michael G.; Bemben, Debra A. Clinical report 4782
Influence of omega-3 (N3) index on performance and wellbeing in young adults after heavy eccentric exercise. Lembke, Peter; Capodice, Jillian; Hebert, Kathleen; Swenson, Thomas Clinical report 4628
Is muscular activity level during abdominal bracing trainable? a comparison study between bodybuilders and non-athletes. Maeo, Sumiaki; Takahashi, Takumi; Takai, Yohei; Kanehisa, Hiroaki Letter to the editor 1352
Lactate kinetics during multiple set resistance exercise. Wirtz Nicolas; Wahl, Patrick; Kleinoder, Heinz; Mester, Joachim Report 3492
Leg strength and lean mass symmetry influences kicking performance in Australian football. Hart, Nicolas H.; Nimphius, Sophia; Spiteri, Tania; Newton, Robert U. Report 7259
Maximal voluntary co-contraction training may not always be effective for some leg muscles. Maeo, Sumiaki; Kanehisa, Hiroaki Letter to the editor 1635
Neuromuscular fatigue during 200 m breaststroke. Conceicao, Ana; Silva, Antonio J.; Barbosa, Tiago; Karsai, Istvan; Louro, Hugo Report 7588
Optimum projection angle for attaining maximum distance in a rugby place kick. Linthorne, Nicholas P.; Stokes, Thomas G. Report 4673
Reliability of the Dynavision[TM] D2 for assessing reaction time performance. Wells, Adam J.; Beyer, Jay R. Hoffman Kyle S.; Jajtner, Adam R.; Gonzalez, Adam M.; Townsend, Jeremy Report 5062
Research methods in biomechanics. Sekir, Ufuk Book review 348
Sports psychiatry: strategies for life balance and peak performance. Sekir, Ufuk Book review 296
The effect of additional dead space on respiratory exchange ratio and carbon dioxide production due to training. Smolka, Lukasz; Borkowski, Jacek; Zaton, Marek Report 6820
The effectiveness of shin guards used by football players. Tatar, Yasar; Ramazanoglu, Nusret; Camliguney, Asiye Filiz; Saygi, Evrim Karadag; Cotuk, Hasan Birol Report 5156
VEGF and bFGF expression and histological characteristics of the bone-tendon junction during acute injury healing. Wang, Lin; Gao, Weiwei; Xiong, Kaiyu; Hu, Kuan; Liu, Xincun; He, Hui Report 5331

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