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Articles from Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (September 1, 2013)

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Biomechanics of Sport and Exercise. Sekir, Ufuk Book review 378
Can a specific neck strengthening program decrease cervical spine injuries in a men's professional Rugby union team? A retrospective analysis. Naish, Robert; Burnett, Angus; Burrows, Sally; Andrews, Warren; Appleby, Brendyn Report 6850
Cardiorespiratory responses to stationary running in water and on land. Kruel, Luiz Fernando M.; Beilke, Debora D.; Kanitz, Ana C.; Alberton, Cristine L.; Antunes, Amanda H Report 6896
Challenges in maintaining emotion regulation in a sleep and energy deprived state induced by the 4800km ultra-endurance bicycle race; the race across AMerica (RAAM). Lahart, Ian M.; Lane, Andrew M.; Hulton, Andrew; Williams, Karen; Godfrey, Richard; Pedlar, Charles; Report 6024
Clinical Mechanics and Kinesiology. Sekir, Ufuk Book review 355
Comparison of live high: train low altitude and intermittent hypoxic exposure. Humberstone-Gough, Clare E.; Saunders, Philo U.; Bonetti, Darrell L.; Stephens, Shaun; Bullock, Nico Report 7101
Concentric and eccentric: muscle contraction or exercise? Padulo, Johnny; Laffaye, Guillaume; Chamari, Karim Letter to the editor 904
Cram Session in Evaluation of Sports Concussion: A Handbook for Students & Clinicians. Sekir, Ufuk Book review 303
Differential response of heat shock proteins to uphill and downhill exercise in heart, skeletal muscle, lung and kidney tissues. Lollo, Pablo C.B.; Moura, Carolina S.; Morato, Priscila N.; Amaya-Farfan, Jaime Report 4310
Effect of adaptive paced cardiolocomotor synchronization during running: a preliminary study. Phillips, Bill; Jin, Yi Clinical report 5329
Effect of pre-cooling on repeat-sprint performance in seasonally acclimatised males during an outdoor simulated team-sport protocol in warm conditions. Brade, Carly J.; Dawson, Brian T.; Wallman, Karen E. Report 5648
Effects of different contextual interference training programs on straight sprinting and agility performance of primary school students. Yanci, Javier; Reina, Raul; Arcos, Asier Los; Camara, Jesus Report 6207
Effects of Nordic walking compared to conventional walking and band-based resistance exercise on fitness in older adults. Takeshima, Nobuo; Islam, Mohammod M.; Rogers, Michael E.; Rogers, Nicole L.; Sengoku, Naoko; Koizumi Report 7589
Effects of stabilization exercise using a ball on mutifidus cross-sectional area in patients with chronic low back pain. Chung, SinHo; Lee, JuSang Lee; Yoon, JangSoon Clinical report 6675
Effects of the 11+ and HarmoKnee warm-up programs on physical performance measures in professional soccer players. Daneshjoo, Abdolhamid; Mokhtar, Abdul Halim; Rahnama, Nader; Yusof, Ashril Report 7208
Energy system contributions during incremental exercise test. Bertuzzi, Romulo; Nascimento, Eduardo M.F.; Urso, Rodrigo P.; Damasceno, Mayara; Lima-Silva, Adriano Report 5560
Exercise intensity and energy expenditure of a Tabata workout. Emberts, Talisa; Porcari, John; Doberstein, Scott; Steffen, Jeff; Foster, Carl Report 1194
Familiarization effects of an elliptical all-out test and the Wingate test based on mechanical power indices. Ozkaya, Ozgur Report 4213
Functional and neuromuscular changes in the hamstrings after drop jumps and leg curls. Sarabon, Nejc; Panjan, Andrej; Rosker, Jernej; Fonda, Borut Report 6725
In vivo motion of femoral condyles during weight-bearing flexion after anterior cruciate ligament rupture using biplane radiography. Chen, Kaining; Yin, Li; Cheng, Liangjun; Li, Chuan; Chen, Cheng; Yang, Liu Report 6358
Interactive effects of visual and auditory intervention on physical performance and perceived effort. Lin, Ju-Han; Lu, Frank Jing-Horng Report 4581
Landing techniques in beach volleyball. Tilp, Markus; Rindler, Michael Report 6236
Loading and concurrent synchronous whole-body vibration interaction increases oxygen consumption during resistance exercise. Serravite, Daniel H.; Edwards, David; Edwards, Elizabeth S.; Gallo, Sara E.; Signorile, Joseph F. Report 4945
Microcirculation under an Elastic bandage during rest and exercise--preliminary experience with the laser-Doppler spectrophotometry system O2C. Sommer, Bjorn; Berschin, Gereon; Sommer, Hans-Martin Report 6202
Monitoring external and internal loads of Brazilian soccer referees during official matches. Costa, Eduardo C.; Vieira, Caio M.A.; Moreira, Alexandre; Ugrinowitsch, Carlos; Castagna, Carlo; Aok Report 4975
Motivational profiles in physical education and their relation to the theory of planned behavior. Moreno-Murcia, Juan Antonio; Gimeno, Eduardo Cervello Cervello; Hernandez, Elisa Huescar; Pedreno, N Report 6904
Nutritional Coaching Strategy to Modulate Training Efficiency. Sekir, Ufuk Book review 326
Psychological preparation of competitive judokas--a review. Ziv, Gal; Lidor, Ronnie Report 8557
Qualitative Diagnosis of Human Movement, Third Edition. Sekir, Ufuk Book review 383
Reliability of the talk test as a surrogate of ventilatory and respiratory compensation thresholds. Ballweg, Jaimie; Foster, Carl; Porcari, John; Haible, Stephanie; Aminaka, Naoko; Mikat, Richard P. Report 1346
Resistance training for explosive and maximal strength: effects on early and late rate of force development. Oliveira, Felipe B.D.; Oliveira, Anderson S.C.; Rizatto, Guilherme F.; Denadai, Benedito S. Report 3828
Sagittal spinal morphology in highly trained adolescent tennis players. Muyor, Jose M.; Sanchez-Sanchez, Estefania; Sanz-Rivas, David; Lopez-Minarro, Pedro A. Report 3923
Sports Emergency Care: A Team Approach. Sekir, Ufuk Book review 309
The association between physical activity and sex-specific oxidative stress in older adults. Takahashi, Masaki; Miyashita, Masashi; Park, Jong-Hwan; Kim, Hyun-Shik; Nakamura, Yoshio; Sakamoto, Report 5700
The effect of acute vibration exercise on short-distance sprinting and reactive agility. Cochrane, Darryl J. Report 4541
The effect of landing surface on the plantar kinetics of chinese paratroopers using half-squat landing. Li, Yi; Wu, Ji; Zheng, Chao; Huang, Rong Rong; Na, Yuhong; Yang, Fan; Wang, Zengshun; Wu, Di Report 3043
The effectiveness of electromyographic biofeedback as part of a meniscal repair rehabilitation programme. Oravitan, Mihaela; Avram, Claudiu Report 5037
The effects of aerobic exercise intensity and duration on levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor in healthy men. Schmolesky, Matthew T.; Webb, David L.; Hansen, Rodney A. Report 8023
The effects of surface-induced loads on forearm muscle activity during steering a bicycle. Arpinar-Avsar, Pinar; Birlik, Gulin; Sezgin, Onder C.; Soylu, Abdullah R. Report 7189
The physiological demands of table tennis: a review. Kondric, Miran; Zagatto, Alessandro Moura; Sekulic, Damir Report 7001
Trunk muscle activities during abdominal bracing: comparison among muscles and exercises. Maeo, Sumiaki; Takahashi, Takumi; Takai, Yohei; Kanehisa, Hiroaki Report 5286
Variations in neuromuscular activity of thigh muscles during whole-body vibration in consideration of different biomechanical variables. Perchthaler, Dennis; Horstmann, Thomas; Grau, Stefan Report 6258

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