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Articles from Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (September 1, 2012)

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An introduction to mechanics of human movement. Sekir, Ufuk Book review 292
Bioharness[TM] multivariable monitoring device. Part I: validity. Johnstone, James A.; Ford, Paul A.; Hughes, Gerwyn; Watson, Tim; Garrett, Andrew T. Report 8046
Bioharness[TM] multivariable monitoring device. Part II: reliability. Johnstone, James A.; Ford, Paul A.; Hughes, Gerwyn; Watson, Tim; Garrett, Andrew T. Report 8278
Comparison of trunk muscle activity during bridging exercises using a sling in patients with low back pain. Kang, HyungKyu; Jung, JinHwa; Yu, JaeHo Report 3966
Cram Session in General Medical Conditions: A Handbook for Students & Clinicians. Sekir, Ufuk Book review 346
Detraining-related changes in left ventricular wall thickness and longitudinal strain in a young athlete likely to have hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. de Gregorio, Cesare; Speranza, Giampiero; Magliarditi, Alberto; Pugliatti, Pietro; Ando, Giuseppe; C Clinical report 3067
Do toning pants help to give you a better workout? Kleingartner, Alexa; Porcari, John; Doberstein, Scott; Hendrix, Charles; Foster, Carl Letter to the editor 1794
Does single intramuscular application of autologous conditioned plasma influence systemic circulating growth factors? Schippinger, Gert; Fankhauser, Florian; Oettl, Karl; Spirk, Stefan; Hofmann, Peter Report 4299
Effect of kayak ergometer elastic tension on upper limb EMG activity and 3D kinematics. Fleming, Neil; Donne, Bernard; Fletcher, David Report 5730
Effects of a combined aerobic and strength training program in youth patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Perondi, Maria Beatriz; Gualano, Bruno; Artioli, Guilherme Gianini; Painelli, Vitor de Salles; Filho Report 4353
Effects of distance specialization on the backstroke swimming kinematics. Matteo, Cortesi; Silvia, Fantozzi; Giorgio, Gatta Report 5229
Effects of high intensity training and continuous endurance training on aerobic capacity and body composition in recreationally active runners. Hottenrott, Kuno; Ludyga, Sebastian; Schulze, Stephan Report 4848
Effects of six months of combined aerobic and resistance training for elderly patients with a long history of type 2 diabetes. Tan, Sijie; Li, Wei; Wang, Jianxiong Report 6814
Evidence for a non-genomic action of testosterone in skeletal muscle which may improve athletic performance: implications for the female athlete. Dent, Jessica R.; Fletcher, Deborah K.; McGuigan, Michael R. Report 6863
Exercise intensity of recreational sport: Impacts of sex and fitness. Boyd, J. Colin; MacMillan, Norah J.; Green, Alex E.; Ross, Jon E.D.; Thorp, David B.; Gurd, Brendon Letter to the editor 1722
Field of vision influences sensory-motor control of skilled and less-skilled dart players. Rienhoff, Rebecca; Baker, Joseph; Fischer, Lennart; Strauss, Bernd; Schorer, Jorg Report 7709
Golfing skill level postural control differences: a brief report. Wrobel, James S.; Marclay, Samuel; Najafi, Bijan Report 5645
Kinematics of the typical beach flags start for young adult sprinters. Lockie, Robert G.; Vickery, William M.; Xanne, A.K.; de Jonge, Janse Report 7017
Longitudinal study of repeated sprint performance in youth soccer players of contrasting skeletal maturity status. Valente-dos-Santos, Joao; Coelho-e-Silva, Manuel J.; Severino, Vitor; Duarte, Joao; Martins, Raul S. Report 7339
Modelling the progression of competitive performance of an academy's soccer teams. Malcata, Rita M.; Hopkins, Will G.; Richardson, Scott Report 2805
Notational analysis of elite men's water polo related to specific margins of victory. Lupo, Corrado; Condello, Giancarlo; Tessitore, Antonio Report 7539
Notational analysis of European, world, and Olympic BMX cycling races. Mateo-March, Manuel; Blasco-Lafarga, Cristina; Doran, Dominic; Romero-Rodriguez, Ruben C.; Zabala, M Report 6734
Order effects of concurrent endurance and resistance training on post-exercise response of non-trained women. Di Blasio, Andrea; Gemello, Eugenio; Di Iorio, Angelo; Di Giacinto, Gabriella; Celso, Tiziana; Di Re Report 4386
Rapid hamstrings/quadriceps strength capacity in professional soccer players with different conventional isokinetic muscle strength ratios. Greco, Camila C.; Da Silva, Wendell L.; Camarda, Sergio R.A.; Denadai, Benedito S. Report 4369
Reliability and validity of the OMNI-vibration exercise scale of perceived exertion. Marin, Pedro J.; Santos-Lozano, Alejandro; Santin-Medeiros, Fernanda; Robertson, Robert J.; Garatach Report 4822
The effect of an acute bout of rubber tube running constraint on kinematics and muscle activity. Haudum, Anita; Birklbauer, Jurgen; Muller, Erich Report 6667
The effect of instability training on knee joint proprioception and core strength. Cug, Mutlu; Ak, Emre; Ozdemir, Recep Ali; Korkusuz, Feza; Behm, David G. Report 5330
The effect of regular exercise training during pregnancy on postpartum brachial-ankle pulse wave velocity, a measure of arterial stiffness. Kawabata, Ikuno; Nakai, Akihito; Sekiguchi, Atsuko; Inoue, Yuko; Takeshita, Toshiyuki Report 4576
The effects of a carbohydrate-protein gel supplement on alpine slalom ski performance. Seifert, John G.; Kipp, Ronald W.; Bacharach, David W. Report 4181
The effects of vibration during maximal graded cycling exercise: a pilot study. Filingeri, Davide; Jemni, Monem; Bianco, Antonino; Zeinstra, Edzard; Jimenez, Alfonso Report 5326
The facemask produces higher peak minute ventilation and respiratory rate measurements compared to the mouthpiece. Bell, Kirsten; Bedbrook, Megan; Nguyen, Tri-Tue; Mourtzakis, Marina Report 1830
Time-of-day effects on EMG parameters during the Wingate test in boys. Souissi, Hichem; Chtourou, Hamdi; Chaouachi, Anis; Chamari, Karim; Souissi, Nizar; Amri, Mohamed Report 5695
Water polo game-related statistics in women's International Championships: differences and discriminatory power. Escalante, Yolanda; Saavedra, Jose M.; Tella, Victor; Mansilla, Mirella; Garcia-Hermoso, Antonio; Do Report 6584

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