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Articles from Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (March 1, 2012)

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A biomechanical assessment of ergometer task specificity in elite flatwater kayakers. Fleming, Neil; Donne, Bernard; Fletcher, David; Mahony, Nick Report 7573
A comparison of pairs figure skaters in repeated jumps. Sands, William A.; Kimmel, Wendy L.; McNeal, Jeni R.; Murray, Steven Ross; Stone, Michael H. Report 4857
A gender-based kinematic and kinetic analysis of the snatch lift in elite weightlifters in 69-kg category. Harbili, Erbil Report 6123
Acute effects of three different stretching protocols on the Wingate test performance. Franco, Bruno L.; Signorelli, Gabriel R.; Trajano, Gabriel S.; Costa, Pablo B.; de Oliveira, Carlos Report 5094
Candidate gene analysis in Israeli soldiers with stress fractures. Yanovich, Ran; Friedman, Eitan; Milgrom, Roni; Oberman, Bernice; Freedman, Laurence; Moran, Daniel S Report 6482
Cervical spine anomalies: a contraindication to sports? Steyaert, Adelheid Letter to the editor 744
Comparison of pathway and center of gravity of the calcaneus on non-involved and involved sides according to eccentric and concentric strengthening in patients with Achilles tendinopathy. Yu, JaeHo; Lee, GyuChang Report 3831
Confirmation of the Basic Psychological Needs in Exercise Scale (BPNES) with a sample of people who do healthy exercise. Moreno-Murcia, Juan Antonio; Martinez-Galindo, Celestina; Moreno-Perez, Victor; Marcos, Pablo Jorge; Report 4621
Constraint-led changes in internal variability in running. Haudum, Anita; Birklbauer, Jurgen; Kroll, Josef; Muller, Erich Report 6187
Different circulating brain-derived neurotrophic factor responses to acute exercise between physically active and sedentary subjects. Nofuji, Yu; Suwa, Masataka; Sasaki, Haruka; Ichimiya, Atsushi; Nishichi, Reiko; Kumagai, Shuzo Report 4587
Effects of motorized vs non-motorized treadmill training on hamstring/quadriceps strength ratios. Franks, Kelly A.; Brown, Lee E.; Coburn, Jared W.; Kersey, Robert D.; Bottaro, Martim Report 4630
High prevalence of patellar and Achilles tendinopathies in futsal athletes. Abate, Michele; Schiavone, Cosima; Salini, Vincenzo Report 1550
High-volume resistance training session acutely diminishes respiratory muscle strength. Hackett, Daniel A.; Johnson, Nathan A.; Chow, Chin-Moi Report 4031
Is the critical running speed related to the intermittent maximal lactate steady state? de Lucas, Ricardo D.; Dittrich, Naiandra; Junior, Rubens B.; de Souza, Kristopher M.; Guglielmo, Lui Report 5104
Kinematic changes during a marathon for fast and slow runners. Chan-Roper, Maggie; Hunter, Iain; Myrer, Joseph William; Eggett, Dennis L.; Seeley, Matthew K. Report 4188
Metabolic demands of match performance in young soccer players. Aslan, Alper; Acikada, Caner; Guvenc, Alpay; Goren, Hasan; Hazir, Tahir; Ozkara, Asaf Report 8066
Parental predictors of physical inactivity in Spanish adolescents. Sanz-Arazuri, Eva; Ponce-de-Leon-Elizondo, Ana; Valdemoros-San-Emeterio, Maria Angeles Report 4768
Reliability and validity of a wireless microelectromechanicals based system (Keimove[TM]) for measuring vertical jumping performance. Requena, Bernardo; Requena, Francisco; Garcia, Inmaculada; de Villarreal, Eduardo Saez-Saez; Paasuke Report 5177
Rotator Cuff Tear. Sekir, Ufuk Book review 392
Short-term jump activity on bone metabolism in female college-aged non-athletes. Kishimoto, Kohei; Lynch, Ryan P.; Reiger, Jamie; Yingling, Vanessa R. Report 5866
Tactical determinants of setting zone in elite men's volleyball. Afonso, Jose; Esteves, Francisca; Araujo, Rui; Thomas, Luke; Mesquita, Isabel Report 5946
The effect of a silicone swim cap on swimming performance in tropical conditions in pre-adolescents. Hue, Olivier; Galy, Olivier Report 5183
The effect of tele-monitoring on exercise training adherence, functional capacity, quality of life and glycemic control in patients with type II diabetes. Marios, Tracy; Dalton, Sara; Smart, Neil A. Report 5330
The effects of man-marking on work intensity in small-sided soccer games. Ngo, Jake K.; Tsui, Man-Chung; Smith, Andrew W.; Carling, Christopher; Chan, Gar-Sun; Wong, Del P. Report 4880
The relationship between teaching styles and motivation to teach among physical education teachers. Hein, Vello; Ries, Francis; Pires, Francisco; Caune, Agnese; Emeljanovas, Arunas; Ekler, Judit Heszt Report 6739
Validation of the MyWellness key in walking and running speeds. Bergamin, Marco; Ermolao, Andrea; Sieverdes, John C.; Zaccaria, Marco; Zanuso, Silvano Report 5327
Validation of the Oxycon Mobile metabolic system in healthy subjects. Akkermans, Marco A.; Sillen, Maurice J.H.; Wouters, Emiel F.M.; Spruit, Martijn A. Letter to the editor 1137
Validity of the Brunei mood scale for use with Malaysian athletes. Lan, Mohamad Faizal; Lane, Andrew M.; Roy, Jolly; Hanin, Nik Azma 4075
Views of adolescent female youth on physical activity during early adolescence. Yungblut, Hope E.; Schinke, Robert J.; McGannon, Kerry R. Report 10364

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