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Articles from Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (September 1, 2011)

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A low-cost contact system to assess load displacement velocity in a resistance training machine. Busca, Bernat; Font, Anna Report 4688
A practical model of low-volume high-intensity interval training induces performance and metabolic adaptations that resemble 'all-out' sprint interval training. Bayati, Mahdi; Farzad, Babak; Gharakhanlou, Reza; Agha-Alinejad, Hamid Report 5131
Attitudes of medical students, clinicians and sports scientists towards exercise counselling. Gnanendran, Abbyrhamy; Pyne, David B.; Fallon, Kieran E.; Fricker, Peter A. Report 4941
Characteristics of maximum performance of pedaling exercise in recumbent and supine positions. Kato, Morimasa; Tsutsumi, Toshihiko; Yamaguchi, Takashi; Kurakane, Shizue; Chang, Hyukki Report 4991
Comparison of the traditional, swing, and chicken wing volleyball blocking techniques in NCAA division I female athletes. Neves, Taubi J.; Johnson, Wayne A.; Myrer, J. William; Seeley, Matthew K. Report 4380
Daily physical activity and physical fitness in 11-to 15-year-old trained and untrained Turkish boys. Guvenc, Alpay; Acikada, Caner; Aslan, Alper; Ozer, Kamil Report 13536
Does the shake weight[R] live up to its hype? Porcari, John; Hackbarth, Jennah; Kernozek, Thomas; Doberstein, Scott; Foster, Carl Report 1157
Effects of high intensity training by heart rate or power in recreational cyclists. Robinson, Michael E.; Plasschaert, Jeff; Kisaalita, Nkaku R. Report 3800
Effects of vibration training and detraining on balance and muscle strength in older adults. Marin, Pedro J.; Martin-Lopez, Aurora; Vicente-Campos, Davinia; Angulo-Carrere, M.T.; Garcia-Pastor, Report 4828
Evaluating a computer based skills acquisition trainer to classify badminton players. Huynh, Minh Vu; Bedford, Anthony Report 4421
Exercise x BCAA supplementation in young trained rats: what are their effects on body growth? de Campos-Ferraz, Patricia Lopes; Ribeiro, Sandra Maria Lima; Luz, Silmara dos Santos; Lancha, Anton Report 6106
Exploring the organizational effect of prenatal testosterone upon the sporting brain. Golby, Jim; Meggs, Jennifer Report 5817
Game location and team quality effects on performance profiles in professional soccer. Lago-Penas, Carlos; Lago-Ballesteros, Joaquin Report 5950
Influence of intramuscular application of autologous conditioned plasma on systemic circulating IGF-1. Schippinger, Gert; Oettl, Karl; Fankhauser, Florian; Spirk, Stefan; Domej, Wolfgang; Hofmann, Peter Report 4561
Influence of opposition on ball velocity in the handball jump throw. Rivilla-Garcia, Jesus; Grande, Ignacio; Sampedro, Javier; van den Tillaar, Roland Report 4332
Influence of type of muscle contraction and gender on postactivation potentiation of upper and lower limb explosive performance in elite fencers. Tsolakis, Charilaos; Bogdanis, Gregory C.; Nikolaou, Anni; Zacharogiannis, Elias Report 5735
Kinematic analysis of line-out throwing in elite international rugby union. Sayers, Mark G.L. Report 4791
Monocular and binocular vision in the performance of a complex skill. Heinen, Thomas; Vinken, Pia M. Report 6240
Oxygen uptake kinetics during incremental- and decremental-ramp cycle ergometry. Ozyener, Fadil; Rossiter, Harry B.; Ward, Susan A.; Whipp, Brian J. Report 4803
Physiological responses to on-court vs running interval training in competitive tennis players. Fernandez-Fernandez, Jaime; Sanz-Rivas, David; Sanchez-Munoz, Cristobal; Tellez, Jose Gonzalez de la Report 4828
Postural control after a prolonged treadmill run at individual ventilatory and anaerobic threshold. Guidetti, Laura; Franciosi, Emanuele; Gallotta, Maria Chiara; Emerenziani, Gian Pietro; Baldari, Car Report 3935
Pre-workout carbohydrate supplementation does not affect measures of self-assessed vitality and affect in college swimmers. Hill, Kathleen M.; Whitehead, James R.; Goodwin, Janice K. Report 3425
The acute effects of varying strength exercises bouts on 5km running. de Souza, Eduardo Oliveira; Rosa, Luis Fernando Caineli; Pires, Flavio; Wilson, Jacob; Franchini, Em Report 4340
The application of biomechanics to penalty corner drag-flick training: a case study. de Subijana, Cristina Lopez; Juarez, Daniel; Mallo, Javier; Navarro, Enrique Report 2875
The effect of omega-3 fatty acid supplementation on the inflammatory response to eccentric strength exercise. Jouris, Kelly B.; McDaniel, Jennifer L.; Weiss, Edward P. Report 5413
Treadmill exercise improves impaired spatial memory function in partial androgen deficiency rat model. Hasegawa, Noboru; Mochizuki, Miyako; Mei, Lin Letter to the editor 1254
V[O.sub.2] off transient kinetics in extreme intensity swimming. Sousa, Ana; Figueiredo, Pedro; Keskinen, Kari L.; Rodriguez, Ferran A.; Machado, Leandro; Vilas-Boas Report 5800
Why do they engage in such hard programs? The search for excellence in youth basketball. Goncalves, Carlos E.; Silva, Manuel J. Coelho e.; Carvalho, Humberto M.; Goncalves, Angela Report 5015

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