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Articles from Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (December 1, 2011)

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A comparison of ground reaction forces determined by portable force-plate and pressure-insole systems in alpine skiing. Nakazato, Kosuke; Scheiber, Peter; Muller, Erich Report 6398
Circadian rhythms in exercise performance: implications for hormonal and muscular adaptation. Teo, Weipeng; Newton, Michael J.; McGuigan, Michael R. Report 5813
Development of a field test for evaluating aerobic fitness in middle-aged adults: validity of a 15-m Incremental Shuttle Walk and Run Test. Mikawa, Kotaro; Senjyu, Hideaki Report 4407
Effect of dance exercise on cognitive function in elderly patients with metabolic syndrome: a pilot study. Kim, Se-Hong; Kim, Minjeong; Ahn, Yu-Bae; Lim, Hyun-Kook; Kang, Sung-Goo; Cho, Jung-hyoun; Park, Seo Report 6833
Effect of different levels of localized muscle fatigue on knee position sense. Gear, William S. Report 5029
Effect of immediate and delayed cold water immersion after a high intensity exercise session on subsequent run performance. Brophy-Williams, Ned; Landers, Grant; Wallman, Karen Report 5300
Effects of a 4-week eccentric training program on the repeated bout effect in young active women. Fernandez-Gonzalo, Rodrigo; Bresciani, Guilherme; de Souza-Teixeira, Fernanda; Hernandez-Murua, Jose Report 6847
Effects of between-set interventions on neuromuscular function during isokinetic maximal concentric contractions of the knee extensors. Cometti, Carole; Deley, Gaelle; Babault, Nicolas Report 4271
Effects of exercise and caffeic acid phenethyl ester after chronic exercise rat model. Alp, Ayse; Buyukbas, Sadik; Alp, Harun; Gergerlioglu, H. Serdar; Oz, Mehmet; Basarali, M. Kemal; Kiy Report 5425
Exercise-related bilateral leg atypical claudication in female Olympic taekwondo player: a case report. Vilas, Ramon Olive; Rodriguez, Lorenzo Alvarez; Campos, Montserrat Yeste; Moran, Antonio De la Torre Case study 1670
Fear of re-injury does not differ between those with and without chronic ankle instability. Wikstrom, Erik A. Letter to the editor 1301
Improving functional performance and muscle power 4-to-6 months after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. Souissi, Sabrine; Wong, Del P.; Dellal, Alexandre; Croisier, Jean-Louis; Ellouze, Zied; Chamari, Kar Report 8692
Injury incidence in a Spanish sub-elite professional football team: a prospective study during four consecutive seasons. Mallo, Javier; Gonzalez, Pablo; Veiga, Santiago; Navarro, Enrique Report 4662
Inversion/eversion strength dysbalance in patients with medial tibial stress syndrome. Yuksel, Oguz; Ozgurbuz, Cengizhan; Ergun, Metin; Islegen, Cetin; Tackiran, Emin; Denerel, Nevzad; Er Report 4890
Muscle strength and damage following two modes of variable resistance training. Aboodarda, Saied Jalal; George, John; Mokhtar, Abdul Halim; Thompson, Martin Report 6219
Obesity-related cardiovascular risk factors after long- term resistance training and ginger supplementation. Atashak, Sirvan; Peeri, Maghsoud; Azarbayjani, Mohammad Ali; Stannard, Stephen Robert; Haghighi, Mar Report 5514
Physiological responses of elderly recreational Alpine skiers of different fitness and skiing abilities. Krautgasser, Sabine; Scheiber, Peter; von Duvillard, Serge P.; Muller, Erich Report 4236
Posterior tibial slope as a risk factor for anterior cruciate ligament rupture in soccer players. Senisik, Seckin; Ozgurbuz, Cengizhan; Ergun, Metin; Yuksel, Oguz; Taskiran, Emin; Islegen, Cetin; Er Report 4174
Prevalence of obesity in Korean adolescents and its relationship with the weekly frequency of the physical education classes. So, Wi-Young; Sung, Dong-Jun; Swearingin, Brenda; Baek, Seong-Ik; Rhi, Soung-Yob; Webb, Daniel; Full Report 4528
Relationship of initial self-regulatory ability with changes in self-regulation and associated fruit and vegetable consumption in severely obese women initiating an exercise and nutrition treatment: moderation of mood and self-efficacy. Annesi, James J. Report 4341
The effect of mild symptomatic patellar tendinopathy on the quadriceps contractions and the Fente motion in elite fencers. Kim, Taegyu; Kim, Eunkuk; Park, Jongchul; Kang, Hyunyong Report 5517
The effect of patellar taping on some landing characteristics during counter movement jumps in healthy subjects. Camara, Jesus; Diaz, Francisco; Anza, Maria Soledad; Mejuto, Gaizka; Puente, Asier; Iturriaga, Gorka Report 3859
The influence of musical cadence into aquatic jumping jacks kinematics. Costa, Mario J.; Oliveira, Cristiana; Teixeira, Genoveva; Marinho, Daniel A.; Silva, Antonio J.; Bar Report 5047
The single match approach to strike rate adjustments in batting performance measures in cricket. Lemmer, Hermanus H. Report 5249
Tibial bone density in athletes with medial tibial stress syndrome: a controlled study. Ozgurbuz, Cengizhan; Yuksel, Oguz; Ergun, Metin; Islegen, Cetin; Taskiran, Emin; Denerel, Nevzad; Ka Report 3364
Validity of the modified Conconi test for determining ventilatory threshold during on-water rowing. Cabo, Jorge Villamil; Martinez-Camblor, Pablo; del Valle, Miguel Report 5762
Water temperature, voluntary drinking and fluid balance in dehydrated Taekwondo athletes. Khamnei, Saeed; Hosseinlou, Abdollah; Zamanlu, Masumeh Report 5380

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